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Convertible, Slate and Hybrid, they all have their good points and their not so good points. That said it really is a matter of personal preference. The thing to remember is to pick the Tablet best suited to your needs. You can view information on the different models from the links at the top of the home page and the Hardware page of this site . Don't forget to take into account the Screen size and the amount of time you will be using it. Take a look at the specs on the machines that you are interested in and compare the features of the Tablets that best meet you needs.
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Can I write directly into a cell in Excel?
Yes, using the write anywhere feature you can write directly into the excel cells.
How do I use ink in e-mail messages?
Open Microsoft Word /Help "Microsoft Office XP Pack for Tablet PC Help"
Select Microsoft Outlook / Word as Your E-mail Editor then click "About using ink in e-mail messages"
G - H - I
Can I create my own gestures for the Tablet PC ?
You will be able to create your own custom pen gestures with a program called inDirect. I will post the info when it becomes available.
Is the Tablet PC capable of running intense graphic games?
While the Tablet PC's can run games, the Tablet PC is not considered as a "gamer" machine. Graphic intensive programs and games intended to be used with high end graphics cards don't run especially well on the Tablet PC as the amount of video ram is 8 Mb -16MB
Is handwriting trainable?
No. Currently it is not possible to train handwriting on the Tablet PC
Will handwriting be trainable in the future?
While it is possible that handwriting will be trainable in the future, there is no time frame as of yet.
I - J
Can I view view files that were created in Journal on a Tablet PC on a computer that is not a Tablet PC?
Yes, Click here to Download the Free Windows Journal Viewer to view
Can I select more than one page to copy in Windows Journal?
Unfortunately converting multiple Journal pages is not possible at this time. As this has been brought up many times we hope that somewhere down the line converting multiple Journal pages will become become possible.
How Do I customize the toolbar in Windows Journal?
Currently it is not possible to customize the toolbar in Windows Journal.
K - L - M
What Languages are available on the Tablet PC?
English, French, German , Korean, Japanese and Chinese (simplified and complex)
Can I change the Language that came on my Tablet Pc to another one?
Not at the current time. A Multilingual User Interface & Recognizer Pack (MUIRP) is under development, the target for its release is July 2003. For more detailed Information on the " MUIRP" CLICK HERE
Will the MUIRP be available to the general public?
Unfortunately not, , it will be available for OEM's and volume licensing only
How Do I Move the "TIP" to another place on my screen?
Which Tablet's Has the best screen for using outside in daylight?
Tablet PC with indoor- outdoor view anywhere screens are becoming more common, you will find this option on many of the new Tablets including those from Fujitsu and Motion with more to come in the near future.   in addition, the ruggedize Tablet Pcs from Xplore, Walkabout and Panasonic offer outdoor viewable screens.  Click here for Outdoor screen comparison photos
Where do I find the settings for the Language bar?
Control Panel, Regional and Language options.
N - O
Is Norton AntiVirus 2003 compatible with the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system?
After extensive testing, Symantec has determined that NAV is compatible with the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system.
Norton SystemWorks 2003 compatibility with the Tablet PC edition of Windows
Norton SystemWorks 2003 is not supported on the Tablet PC operating system
Synchronizing Outlook on Two Machines

Microsoft MVP Sue Mosher has the Step By Step instructions on syncronizing Outlook on two machines posted here:

Can I use the Tablet PCs pen and ink technology with any version of Microsoft Office or Only Office XP ?
Pen and Ink technology is only available in conjunction with Office XP Pack for Tablet PC and Office XP
Where Can I find the Free Office XP Pack for Tablet PC
You can download the Free Office XP Pack for Tablet PC by clicking on the link above
Since Installing the Office XP Tablet Pack a Dialog box keeps popping up how do I make it go away permanently?
The only way to stop the pop up is to check the box that says "always trust Microsoft" when the box pops up. Even though it says "always" this selection will only apply to the Office XP Tablet Pack, not to other Microsoft software
P- Q - R
How do I make the Pen pressure sensitive?
Open Journal / click Tools / Options / Note Format / Pen Settings Button and make sure "pressure- sensitive" box is checked.
Do I need to use a screen protector on my Tablet PC to protect it from damage?
The general consensus on screen protectors is that they are not needed.
Where can I purchase the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition software?
Because Windows XP Tablet PC Edition has specific hardware requirements, it can only be obtained pre-installed on a Tablet PC computer. You cannot buy Windows XP Tablet PC Edition separately.
Can I run the software I use in Windows XP on my Tablet PC?

Yes. Because Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is a superset of Windows XP Professional, programs that are compatible with Windows XP Professional also run on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

What does the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition software include that Microsoft Windows XP Professional does not?
Pen Input: Tablet PCs include digital pens that you use to control the computer and to write text in your own handwriting.
Tablet PC Input Panel: Input Panel is an on-screen keyboard and writing pad. With Input Panel, you can type text without your standard keyboard.

Microsoft Windows Journal: Windows Journal turns your Tablet PC into a writing pad.
Microsoft Sticky Notes: You can use Sticky Notes to create and manage short handwritten or voice notes in the same way you would keep a stack of paper sticky notes.
Handwriting Recognition and Conversion: You can write in your own handwriting, and then convert it to typed text.
Speech Recognition: Tablet PCs have built-in speech-recognition capabilities.
Document Annotation: You can annotate imported documents with a Tablet PC pen.
Reading: Your Tablet PC uses Microsoft ClearType technology and a high-resolution display.
Screen Rotation: You can quickly rotate your screen for landscape or portrait viewing.
Gestures: You can use your Tablet PC pen to make "gestures", which are movements with the pen that complete common tasks.
Do I need to install Windows XP Service Pack 1 on my Tablet PC?
No. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition has Service Pack 1 already integrated into the operating system.
Is there software that was developed specifically for the Tablet PC?
Yes, you will find links to Tablet PC software on the Software page of this site
Are there other free software programs that we can download?
Yes. You will find several free downloads and trial programs from Corel, Franklin Planner, Alias and others by Clicking Here and you will find the Tablet PC Powertoys HERE
T - U - V
What Does "TIP" Stand for?
Tablet Input Panel
How do I keep the TIP from inserting spaces if I pause?
For now the only way to avoid this problem is to use the keyboard input panel
How do I Move the "TIP" to a different location on my screen?
You can move the Tip to a different location on your screen by holding the pen on the top panel and dragging the tip to the location of your choice.
Can I upgrade my existing laptop computer to Windows XP Tablet PC Edition?
No. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is only available pre-installed on Tablet PC hardware. Because there are specific hardware requirements to run Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, upgrading non-Tablet hardware is not supported

Can I use Windows Update with my Tablet PC ?

Yes. Because Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is a superset of Windows XP Professional, updates are released and available on the Microsoft Windows Update Web site. This includes both Windows XP and Tablet PC Edition-specific updates.
Should I install the Critical Updates listed at Windows Update?
Yes. the Critical Updates protect your computer from known security vulnerabilities.
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How do I Activate Write Anywhere?
In the TIP, go to Tools/Options/Write Anywhere tab and check the "Show the Turn on Write Anywhere button on the title bar

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The Tablet PC is a fully functioning mobile computer that runs Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition which includes new, advanced handwriting and speech recognition capabilities that enable the creation, storage, and transmission of handwritten notes and voice input. Tablet PCs come in three styles, Convertible, Slate and Hybrid.


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