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The Best Tablet PC's & More

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The Best Tablet PCs & More

Top row: Samsung Q, Xplore, HP Touchsmart, Lenovo W700, Toshiba M750 Middle row: Toshiba R400, TabletKiosk 4010D, HP TouchSmart Tx2, Toshiba Qosmio 305-Q708. Bottom Row: Toshiba R600, Lenovo x200, Fujitsu T5010, Fujitsu P1630


The Tablet PC has come along way since its launch on November 7th, 2002
As we move towards the release of Windows 7 the evolution of Tablet PC and touch computing continues.

Several years have past and I have gotten countless emails asking me to update "The Best Tablet PC" 
so I have done my best to provide you with honest answers to your questions and to provide you with as much incite
and information as I can to help you in your quest for "The Best Tablet PC"

For the past year the OEM's have been waiting for for the launch of windows 7 to release new machine so its been quiet with not much to report on in the Tablet Space.   During that time has expanded its scope to include a notebooks, Desktop replacement, netbook's and All-in-ones because I actually use all of them. You will see some of these below and more will be added in the future.    I will begin adding things after the launch of Windows 7. October.   For now I will give you a run down of my favorite machines form the last year.   

Something's do not change, I still maintain that choosing a Tablet PC and building an arsenal with the the right accessories is a mater of personal preference and needs.   So the answer to the question "What is the best Tablet remains the same.  The best Tablet is which ever Tablet suits your needs and your budget best is the best Tablet PC for you.   

However, since readers new and old continue wanting answers to these questions, I have answered your questions the best I can.     Like everyone else I have my favorites, but they may or may not be the right machines for you so I still don't like answering that question. 

Which tablet PC is my favorite?  Which do I use most often?  Has my Tablet of choice changed since 2003?  What accessories can’t I live without?  What is my favorite Tablet PC software? Keep reading and you will have your answers


Fujitsu T5010 Tablet PC Mobile Demand Rugged Tablet PC Toshiba R600 TabletKiosk i440D
Fujitsu T5010
Tablet PC
Mobile Demand
Rugged XTablet T8700
Toshiba R600
Ultra light Laptop
TabletKiosk i440D
Slate Tablet pc

Lenovo X200
Tablet PC


Question: What Tablet or Computer do I use most often?

I use different machines for different scenarios - The machines I used the most for the past year are not all Tablet PC's that day.  I match my computer for any given day to where I am, what I am doing and whom I'm meeting with that day.   

You also have to keep in mind that I use what is here and what is available for me to use.   At the moment I'm writing this on the Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q708 and my new kitten is napping on the Fujitsu t5010 Tablet PC,   The HP TouchSmart is in my living room, if i need a slate its the TabletKiosk 1440D, Your most likely to find me traveling with the Toshiba R600 but if i had to pick the single machine that I used the most in the past 9 months I would  with the have to say it's the Lenovo W700.

Toshiba Qosmio
Toshiba Qosmio
Toshiba Qosmio
Lenovo W700
Tablet PC
HP TouchSmart


Here is a brief rundown of the Tablets and computers I've been using:

Fujitsu t5010: Beautiful styling, a fabulous 13.1 inch wide screen display, built in optical drive, a hinge that rotates in both directions makes this tablet a pleasure to use at home, in the office or on the road.

Mobile Demand XTablet T8700:  The rugged Tablet PC with a screen that's 100% viewable in full sun is the Tablet PC that controls the sound at the famous Hollywood Bowl.   This was a machine that I was sad to see go because I could take it anywhere without having to worry about it being bumped or dropped.

Tablet Kiosk i440D :  With a a dual mode indoor/outdoor input screen that switches between a Wacom® pressure and tilt-sensitive active digitizer and a passive resistive touch screen at the push of a button my trusty Sahara i440D slate style Tablet PC is a machine that I can count on indoors and out.

Lenovo W700 : A 17 inch mobile workstation with a beautiful screen that can be used indoors or out the Lenovo W700 is power users dream come true.  As big as it is this powerful dream machine even made it into my travel bag on more than one occasion because I knew I could work for 18 hours without straining my eyes or needing glasses. And because power is a good thing!    Returning this one was heart breaking.

Toshiba R600 :  The Ultra light that is "dressed to Impress".   Sleek, slim with solid state drives up to 512 GB, a 12.1 indoor/outdoor display, build in optical drive, long battery life is not a Tablet PC not a but it is earth-friendly and definitely one of my favorite machines.

HP 2730p Tablet PC: Ease of use, an exceptional screens..... There is no question that HP paid careful attention to detail when designing the HP 2730p Elite Book Tablet PC. The listened to users    It's sleek, sturdy and powerful, the case is fingerprint resistant, it has a great pen and ink experience,a built in webcam and a light to illuminate the keys.. Those are just some of the features that made the HP Tablet PC stand out from the crowd.

HP 2730p Tablet PC
Xplore Rugged Tablet PC
HP tx2tablet pc Toshiba M750 Tablrt PC
HP 2730p

Rugged Tablet PC

HP tx2
Notebook -Tablet pc
Toshiba M750

Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q708:  Fun Fun! Fun!   Turning on this ultimate gaming machine and seeing the glowing red lights come on, always makes me smile.  With flames on the lid, 128GB solid state drive + 320GB hard drive, Dual Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, Harmon Kardon stereo with built in subwoffer this powerful PC is designed for fun and has the best sound i've ever heard from a laptop.   For the record, I'm a lot of things but a gamer isn't one of them. 

HP Touchsmart:  The leader of the pack for multi touch computing, the HP touchsmart series are ready for Windows 7 and a great multi media and family PC and it's The only computer that has ever been allowed to stay in my living room.   HP stands head and shoulders above the pack when it comes to Touch computing

HP Tx2 :  The first multi touch notebook on the market, the TX2 is does it all well.   You can use it as a notebook, a Tablet pc, or entertainment PC.   From where I'm sitting the future looks exceptionally bright for HP and when windows 7 launches this star will get even brighter.

Lenovo X200 : The Tablet PC that I can recommend to anyone from the stay at home mom to the road warrior always on the go

Toshiba M750 : 12.1 inch indoor outdoor display with integrated optical drive, webcam. A good solid tablet PC at a reasonable price point.


Question: Why have I not updated the Editors Choice Tablet PC - How does a product become the TabletPc2 Editors Choice or Favorite.....

The upgrade to the Lenovo x60 is the Lenovo x200 which is an excellent all around Tablet PC and give users great value for the money.   While the OEM's have upgraded their Tablets during In the two years since I posted the Lenovo x60 as the Editors choice I have not come across anything with significant enough changes to warrant the Editors Choice award.    Hopefully with the release of Windows 7 that will change.    

"WOW" factor alone does not make a product an "Editors Choice" or a TabletPc2 Favorite".  It has to function properly and significantly improve the computing experience from the prior Editors Choice Tablet PC.  Price point is also a factor editors choice Tablet PC.  

So on those rare occasions when I find a product that has not only "WOW" factor but it fits a specific need better than anything thing else I have seen or used and I feel its a tablet that will appeal to a wide majority of users Its in the running for Editors Choice.

Question: is my personal favorite Tablet PC the editors choice Tablet PC?

Good question.  The answer is still no. 

My favorite Tablet PC is the Tablet PC that best suits my personal needs and that I most enjoy using.  That machine may or may not necessarily the best Table PC  for most people.  My all time favorite Tablet PC is still my Toshiba R400 and it was never the Editors choice because of the price point. 

Price point aside, this was the best Tablet PC for me because I absolutely love the screen which is as close to a high definition screen as there is on a Tablet PC. In addition to the screen, the unique styling of the suited my both my personality and my needs.    My R400 is currently running Windows 7 and I do still use it on occasion.


Question: Do I ever use a Slate style Tablet PC

Yes, I use the TabletKiosk i440D Slate.  There is a TabletKiosk Slate controlling the sound at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.     I've also used the the Mobile Demand Rugged XTablet T8700 that is currently controlling the sound at the Hollywood Bowl. 


Question:  How Many Tablets do I have?

The number of Tablets I have around varies from day to day and counting Tablets is something that I feel the need to do.

Question:   How many Tablets do I actually use.

Since I am fortunate enough to have so many choices, this question is hard to answer.   What I use is dependant on which Tablets are here as well as the situation at hand.   I tend to use what ever Tablet suits my needs on any given day.

Question: Are the rugged Tablet PC's really rugged?

Definitely.  If your interested in a Rugged Tablet PC  take a look at the Mobile Demand® xTablet® Rugged Tablet PC.  The Mobile Demand Xtablet is the only Rugged Tablet PC in the world with an integrated numeric keypad. The Xplore iX104C4 Series is another option for those who need a truly rugged tablet pc.   Keep in mind that the truly rugged Tablet PC are designed to military standards so they are heaver and more expensive than the average Tablet pc.  As you can see from the photos below they have amazing outdoor screens.

Mobile Demand xTablet T8700Xplore iX104C4 Series

Mobile Demand xTablet T8700 & Xplore iX104C4 Rugged Tablet PC outdoors

You seem to change machines a lot, have you ever gotten attached to an particular Tablet PC?

Machines come in and out on a regular basis, so I try not to get overly attached to any of them, but it happens.  This year the machines I became most attached to were the Lenovo M700 & Toshiba R600 


Question:  Which Tablet PC has the best outdoor screen?

A picture is worth a thousand words......

It's been a while since I've compared the screens so I will be back to answer this question soon


Question: How much memory do I really need?

Think of memory like the engine in a car,  the bigger the engine the faster the car.  A computer with 4 gigs of memory runs faster than a computer with 1 gig of memory.   When I add memory to a computer it's from Kingston Technology

Question:What happened to Tablets with 14 inch or larger screens ?

They were better suited to sitting on a desktop than being mobile so they were not very useful as Tablet PCs. 


Question: Should I buy now or wait for or Windows 7? 

That is up to you.  If you purchase a new Tablet PC between now and October 22 you will qualify for free upgrade to Windows 7.  

What you need to know is that just because computer can be upgraded to Windows 7 does not mean that it will have the touch features that Windows 7 offers.  Touch is dependant on the hardware your using. 

Currently the HP tx 2, HP TouchSmart's, and the Dell Tablet PC are the only machines that are ready for Windows 7 with Touch.

When Windows 7 launches in October there will be may more Tablets and Laptops optimized for touch computing. 


Question:  What happened to the HP TC1100  Tablet PC & Have I ever asked HP why they discontinued the TC1100 or told them how much people want it?

This is the question that never goes away.... the answers remains the same.

  Much to users disappointment and dismay,  HP decided to switch to a convertible form factor. The HP TC 1100 is Still the most sought after Tablet on the secondary market.       

Yes to both questions.  

I have mentioned this to HP more times than I can count, and I will continue to HP TC 1100brining it up to HP as along as readers of, blog's and other forums keep asking for it.  Just about every Tablet PC MVP I know that has contact with HP gives them this same information.  We all tried or best to convincing HP to market the HP TC 1100 to the consumers as well as business.

As for why they discontinued it, the best answer I have gotten is because it was designed, developed and distributed as business machine and it didn't do well in that area.  

Had they marketed the TC1100 to the general public I believe we would still have the hybrid Tablet PC as a form factor, but the fact is until recently HP only considered the Tablet PC part of their business division and did not market their Tablets outside that division. 

There are no plans that I am aware of to update or bring back the HP TC 1100 - but I promise I will continue to bring it to HP.   In the mean time check out the new HP Compact 2710P Tablet PC.


Question: A what software do you install in your own machines?

It varies from machine to machine depending on how I am using it it and how long it's here but in general   Diskeeper Pro 2009 , Snagit and AVG free are installed on every machine I use.  While these may not be Tablet PC specific programs, they are the programs I can not imagine being without.

And you will find an assortment of the following on my machines: Bluebeam PDF review, PDF Annotator, JumpingMinds software, Acronis Disk Director, Trillian,  NTI Media Maker 8, , Microsoft Digital Image Suite, Microsoft Office 2007.

Bluebeam PDF Revu v7

My favorite Tablet PC software to demonstrate are still Jumping Minds Math Practice and the Ink Crossword
from the Microsoft Experience Pack for Windows Vista.

Question:  If I could only have one Tablet PC which one would I choose?

Thankfully, that still not a decision I have to make.

Question: If I could build the perfect Tablet PC what would it be?

It would be the weight and style of the the Toshiba R600 laptop with a HD screen with 8 hours of battery life dual graphics cards and and plenty of processing power.  

Happy Are Those Who Dream Dreams........

Tablet PC’s continue to evolve and with each generation they get better and better. With Windows 7 on the horizon the future of the Tablet PC looks bright.


Question: What else in my personal arsenal?  What are the accessories that I can’t be without? 
That is another article in itself but here are a few of my favorites.

  • Canon Powershot SX200 IS Digital Camera - this is the Digital Camera I use to take the photos that you see on on - capture close-up, wide-angle shots with stunning 12x optical zoom. Experience the unprecedented image quality and point-and-shoot convenience of Smart AUTO, along with enhanced operability and an intuitive new menu. HD shooting at 1280 x 720 pixels with HDMI output lets you see all the beauty of your HD images and movies on your HDTV.

    The Canon Powershot SX200 IS Digital Camera is not the tinniest or the smallest digital camera around but its small enough to fit in a pocket poor small purse and the with the quality of the photos along with the 12x zoom make it the best compact digital camera I've ever used.

  • In my Office (and sometimes on the road as well) I use a Logitech trackmman wheel and on the road I usually have the Targus Mini Kaleidoscope Optical Retractable Mouse with me.


  • A good cleaning cloth individually wrapped disposable screen wipes from Klear Screen, especially important using a machine with touch.


Some things remain the same..........

So there it is, now you know my preferences, what I use and what I can't imagine being without.   My guess is the answers have you more confused than when you started....  I tried to tell you.

If your considering a Tablet PC that I haven't mentioned, keep in mind that since these are just my preferences and they only include the tablets I have used and I am most familiar with. 

If you are wondering why any particular Tablet PC was not included in this article, it is not because I don't like them or because I am trying to snub anyone.  If it's not not mentioned it's because the manufacturer did not send there machine for me to use or review and I can not comment on machines I have no experience with.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have experience on multiple machines have our own favorites for our own reasons.   Ultimately the individual who will be using the Tablet is the only one who can decide which Tablet PC model is best suited to their individual needs.   If you purchase a Tablet that does not suit your personal needs your not going going to be happy.

Make a list of what you want to do and where you need to do it. Chose the features that are most important for you to have. Then you can choose the Tablet that best suited to you and your needs.  Take a look at my Comparisons pages Then take a deep breath and order a Tablet of your own.  


Lenovo X60 Tablet PCHP-2710P Tablet PCToshiba R400Fujitsu 2710 Tablet PCHP TX1000 Tablet PC


For those of you who came to expect at lease one photo of my cat in my articles and reviews and are wondering why there are none in this one I'm sad to say that my beloved Thunders Storm who had his own favorite Tablet Pcs is no longer with me.   


Linda A. Epstein
Microsoft MVP -Microsoft MVP Windows Touch & Tablet PC
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