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The TEGA v2 Multi-touch Tablet PC in the Chanel Grand Shopper

The Best Tablet PC, Computer Products & Accessories of 2010


Linda A. Epstein - December 2010

Before we all get caught up in the whirlwind of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) its time to announce's "Best of 2010".    I will save you the trouble of emailing me to ask why the iPad is not on the list.   The iPad is nice, but its not a computer its a companion device that needs to be connected to a computer before you can use it.  It's a device that can not run Microsoft Outlook, Dreamweaver or Flash.  A device that does not have USB ports and you can't connect a external optical drive or install your own content on the iPad so it's not on the list.   

1.  At the top of the list for the Best of 2010 is the TEGA v2 Multi-touch Tablet PC.   A truly impressive Tablet PC that can be go TEGA v2 Multi-touch Tablet PCanywhere you go and be used for work, travel or play, the TEGA v2 can do it all.   It's sleek, it's sexy, it runs Windows 7, fits easily in Chanel bag and I can install everything I need for work or travel on it, which a which makes the TegaV2 Tablet my personal favorite of the new "slate" style Tablet PCs.   

My suggestion for those of you who are heading over to Tega to place an order - The more you use it the more you want to use it so order the 64GB SSD drive the first time around so you don't kick your self in the backside for not spending the extra money for the larger drive a few months later.  

From the TegaV2 Web site: 

Let's face it, few offices use something other than Windows. For better or worse, Windows is most companies' Operating System of choice, and it's easier to have all machines, even tablets, running the same platform. The TEGA v2 (870g including battery) is almost as thin as the iPad (14mm vs. iPad 12mm), it's a full-bodied PC with USB ports, front cameras, Adobe Flash capability, and memory card slots galore. The inclusion of accelerometers (for easy rotation) and capacitive touchscreen for silky navigation means the TEGA v2 is a true contender.

Tega v2 Tablet PC

2. The Tablet PC 2's Editors Choice Convertible Tablet PC for 2010 is the The Lenovo Thinkpad X201 Tablet PC

Faster processors, more memory, larger hard drives and longer battery life, are features that we expect from new generations of Tablet PCs, but those things alone are not impressive or exciting enough to put a Tablet into the running for the "Editors Choice" Tablet PC.   The Editors Choice Tablet PC needs a feature set that appeals to a wide variety of people and professions and provide those people with the best computing experience possible.   

Cutting edge technology, powerful and easy to use the The Lenovo x201 Tablet PC is the perfect Tablet PC for those those who want it all.    Add multiple connectivity options and a screen that rotates and tilts for a perfect viewing angle in every situation and the X201 tablet PC is suitable for anyone.   Lenovo x201 Tablet PC is the perfect excellent choice for students, doctors, field workers, road warriors and home users alike.

Lenovo X201 Tablet PC

3. The Toshiba Qosmio x500 is a fabulous entertainment machine - its Stunning HD display and exceptional sound quality make this the best desktop replacement and entertainment PC around

Truly Brilliant HD Toshiba Qosmio x500

Equipped with a Blur-ay® disc player (select models), the Qosmio® X500 is your ticket to truly brilliant HD movies on the go, or on a home theater. An extra-large 18.4” HD TruBrite® LCD display delivers stunning visuals for whatever you’re viewing, with color, contrast and clarity you’ll have to see to believe. And its 16:9 aspect ratio offers the best results for today’s widescreen entertainment. Some models even come with full HD screens for 1080p video enjoyment.

Truly Stunning Sound

Booming harman/kardon® stereo speakers on this laptop lend an added dimension to music, movies and gaming. And Dolby Home Theater® puts you right in the middle of the performance with more realistic dialogue and explosions, along with deeper, fatter bass and brighter treble tones.

Toshiba Resolution+™ Upconvert Technology

Make older movies, photos and clips look a lot better on this laptop’s high-def screen, or your HDTV. Our exclusive Resolution+™ upconverts standard-definition DVD movies to improve sharpness and tone. Environmental and character colors—sky, grass, leaves and skin—instantly look more natural. So you’ll get a truly vibrant picture that looks and feels more like HD. It’s like giving your old entertainment a makeover.

4. My favorite Computer bag for 2010 is the Chanel Grand Shopper Pictured at the top of the page.  The "Grand Shopper" is divided into three sections and is the perfect computer bag for any woman who does not want to sacrifice fashion for technology.  When traveling the Cocoon innovations Neoprene Laptop Sleeves are indispensable -the NoLita is perfect for the Toshiba r600 which is discontinued but is still the machine I travel with most often & the TEGA v2 Multi-touch Tablet PC which very well may replace my R600 for travel once I have the time to install everything i need on it.


5. I travel across the country between California & NYC on a regular basis, which means flights between 5 & 7 hours at a stretch and Altec Lancing Muzx Ultra Headphones have excellent sound quality and equally important, they don't leave me with sore ears after long flights.   Altec Lancing Muzx Ultra Headphones

Patterned after the professional standard, Muzx Ultra earphones deliver supreme sound and block out outside noise, giving your music the attention it truly deserves. In tune with your body, the highly flexible SnugFit™ silicone dual flange eartips adapt to the contours of your ear ensuring superior noise isolation and exceptional comfort. No pushing the volume, no harsh distortion, just a flood of rich, high-definition sound. Essentially full-range miniaturized speaker with built-in amplifiers, the balanced armature speakers are professionally tuned for musician-grade sound. And with the convenient inline remote with built-in mic, you can stay in control of your iPhone and iPod without even pulling it out of your pocket.

6.  Canon PowerShot SX210 IS Digital Camera

It goes without saying that we all have or personal likes & dislikes in a digital camera.  With its 14x Optical Zoom with Image Stabilizer and compact size The Canon PowerShot SX210 IS suits all of my needs.    Canon PowerShot SX210 IS Digital Camera

Feature-rich for All Around Value.
Decidedly slim and sleekly refined, the PowerShot SX210 IS packs a feature set that reads like a wish list. The 14.1 Megapixel CCD joins a 14x 28mm Wide-Angle Zoom for imaging power to spare. Frame your shots in the bright 3.0-inch widescreen PureColor System LCD, with the Low Light mode for sharp images in dimly-lit situations. It also captures stunning HD movies with Dynamic mode for enhanced image stabilization when shooting movies using wide-angle settings. Capture smooth HD video (720p) with stereo sound for a truly natural, high-quality HD experience. The PowerShot SX210 IS not only goes wherever you do, but takes your photography and video to a whole new place, too.

7. Gasbar Leather TouchTec Gloves

If you You a iphone, iPad or any other touch phone and live in or travel to areas where the weather is cold Gaspar touch tech gloves allow you answer your phone and use any touch enabled device without taking off your gloves so you don't miss calls and your hands don't freeze. Gaspar Gloves

TouchTec is a patented nano-technology that gives new functionality to a variety of textiles and leather. It enables the wearer of TouchTec Gloves to operate any touch screen devices, with your gloves on and with greater accuracy than your bare fingers.

TouchTec technology mimics the human body, it is invisible and possesses antimicrobial qualities. Leather and other textiles fully retain their characteristics, thus affording the wearer of the TouchTec gloves maximum comfort and dexterity just like any other glove.

8. I never leave home with out USB Drives & SSD cards from Kingston Technology

Ultimate Performance expands new worlds.Kingston 32 GB SDHC Class 10

Kingston 32 GB SDHC Class 10

With a 64GB capacity & performance that is compliant with Ultra High Speed bus (UHS-1) and Class 10 rating Kingston’s SDHC product allows users to easily capture sequential shots that used to be a challenge due to the speed limitations of memory cards.

Kingston's Data Traveler Ultimate 3.0 (DTU30) features the latest technology for USB Flash drives, making it ideal Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0for early adopters who want to take advantage of all the performance improvements offered by USB 3.0 right away.

The DTU30 is the perfect solution for easily storing and quickly transferring all your documents, high resolution photos, HD video, and more. It’s exceptionally fast and easy to let you keep data with you wherever you go.

USB 3.0 offers the same ease-of-use and plug and play capabilities as previous generations of USB technologies but with a performance increase and better power management. This USB 3.0 drive is backwards compatible with USB 2.0***.


9.   The Beatles Rock Band & Rock Band 3    I may not be much of a game player, but the Beatles Rock Band is more fun than I ever imagined a game could be.   New for 2010 is Rock Band 3 with new instruments that include a wireless Keyboard and six-string Fender Squier Stratocaster guitar for more realistic play.

rockband 3 guitar and wirelesskeyboardExperience The Beatles’ music and legacy like never before, using the core Rock Band game play. You won’t just watch Rock Band 3and listen as The Beatles make rock history, create landmark records, and conquer the world – for the first time, you’ll be part of the band! For more information visit

Rock Band™3 is the next generation of the ultimate social and interactive music gaming platform developed by the category's leading pioneers, Harmonix Music Systems. Featuring innovative game modes and instruments, Rock Band 3 will change the way fans think about and play music games.

This next iteration in the Rock Band platform has something for everyone. Master an instrument through the game play fun of "Rock Band Pro," add another member to your band with a keyboard controller, or experience 83 new hits from 83 unique bands, along with your current library of songs from the over 2,000 songs available to date and counting.

10.   Blue Ant S4 The First True Hands Free Voice Controlled Car speakerphone  I never text and drive but i do need to be able to answer my phone and make callers while i'm sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the 405 freeway.    With the BlueAnt S4 Blue Ant S4clipped to Visor I can take car of business on the phone with out getting a ticket.

With the BlueAnt S4, there is no longer any need to touch your phone or car speakerphone while driving.

For the first time, drivers can make and receive calls on the road using only their voice. Use Your Voice to Make and Receive Calls To activate the S4, all you have to do is say the hands-free trigger phrase "BlueAnt Speak to Me" and the S4 will be ready for your voice commands. To make a call, just say "Phone Commands" and the S4 will activate your phone's voice dialing feature. * When the phone rings you won't need to take your eyes off the road to know who is calling because the S4 will read out the caller's name or number and ask you if you want to take the call. All you have to do is say "Answer" or "Ignore".

Hear Your Messages on the Go The S4 integrates with Vlingo SafeReader so that you can hear incoming text messages read aloud. Once the Vlingo SafeReader application is installed on your BlackBerry® or Android™ 2.x smartphone, your incoming messages will be read out automatically as they come in.



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