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"The List"  Faq


"The List"

Our Top Ten Tablet PC Products All on One Easy to Find List

pin Why is "The List" limited to 10 items.

Lets be honest, If every time you try a new product it becomes your favorite, and is added to the list, and nothing is ever removed from the the list, then the list would be meaningless. 

By limiting the list to 10 items you can be sure that the items on the list are there because they stand out from the pack.  (Not because they were sent for us to use and review and we got to keep them). 

pin Do we own everything on the list?

No.   While we have used every thing on the list, we do not have everything on the list in our possession.    Its not a want list, if we havent tried it, used it and loved it,  you won't find it on The List.


Tablet Pc2 always welcomes suggestions from both Tablet PC end users and manufacturers.    


If you have a product or know of a product that you use with your Tablet PC and think it would be of interest to other Tablet users please let us know.  We will be happy to consider, use and review products that can enhance the Tablet PC user experience    Tablet PC2 email

pin How often with the items on the list change

There is no set schedule for changes to the list.  Products will be added or removed from when something comes along that we feel deserves to be added.


Why are there are items with  the "TabletPc2 favorites" logo the that are not on the list ? Tablet PC Favorite


Items with the "TabletPc2 favorites" logo are all items worth taking a look at, but there can only be 10 items on the list.  They are not on the list, but they are still products we favor.


You can't buy your way onto "The List".  You can't apply for it.  You have to earn it.....

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Our Top Ten Tablet PC Products All on One Easy to Find List !

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