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Tablet and Touch Technology on display in Bill Gates Keynote at WinHEC 2007

Bill Gates WinHec 2007

by Linda A. Epstein
May 2007

WinHEC 2007 Keynote: Mobile devices are the fast growing area and Windows tablet and touch technology is a big part of that.
 Bill Gates showed Both prototypes and shipping product during his Keynote from WinHec 2007 this morning.   Topics Bill Gates talked about this morning included, Tablet and Touch technology, Windows Rally, Windows Home Server, Windows Server 2008, and a glimpse into the future.

Below you will find photos and notes from today's keynotes and I will continue to post updates through the week.

 Bill Gates shows UMPC and Mobile PCs in his WinHEC Keynote - left to Right: Acer, HTC, Fujitsu and Samsung

Intell Prptotype 

Prototypes from Intel and Acer

BIll Gates WinHec Keynote 

Bill Gates on Windows Rally

Rally is going to take us to new places and were going to make sure its easy to put it into all sorts of devices

Glenn Ward and Jim Barber demonstrate "Windows Rally" Technology

Device's set up with rally can be set up quickly and easily using only windows native technology.   Set up is fast and easy for the home user to accomplish.  The transfer transfer of wireless setting and discovery between devices is as simple as plugging them in, looking for the  icon to appear in vista and right clicking on the icon to install it in the network without your having to know the IP address or anything else because the setting are automatic.    Digital Cameras with Windows Rally can be paired with Vista PCs wirelessly.

Using hi definition media bridges operating at 5 Hz so they other thing there is no interference  (such as those from LINKSYS)  for going between your Media Center PC and the TV in your living room with a Media Center Extender ( Xbox 360)   You just plug in the power and its done.   

Ward and Barer also showed how easy it is to stream media between a Media Center and TV in another room using an Xbox 360 and Hi definition Media bridges. 

Windows Home Server   HP Home Server

Home Server, a  Small but powerful solution for the home user - HP Home server shown on right

Windows Senior product manager Steven Leonard  demonstrated how the new Windows Home Server software, will make is easy for home users to set up a server and use in there homes with multiple PCs. 

Very reliable for back up and storage - important to know that this is a platform with built in functionality

HP Home server small for factor and easy to set up - will come with a disc that you put in each of your computer that you want to see the server.  Ability to monitor the network itself from the server very powerful backup engine - it can back up every computer in your home every day and can restore single files or an entire hard drive for you.

The home server console will allow users to control the content on the server so a parent can turn off access to futures such as their children music or videos.  

Purchase of Windows Home Server will include a free domain name and is expected to be available this summer

Box Shot of Windows Server 2008 -Formerly known as Longhorn

Natural User Interfaces

Natural Input: voice input will be a big part of the  future, Microsoft is very proud of the progress they have made in the areas of input in regards to the Tablet Pen, Touch and Voice.

MEGA Trends

Concept designs from a Contest include the Pussy Cat PC are on display in the innovations area of the Expo - these items are under glass and difficult to photograph but I will to get some cleaner shots again tomorrow.

Bill G and Craif M from Microsoft

Bill Introduces Craig Mundie Chief Research and Strategy Officer at Microsoft

Photos below are from Craig Mundies Keynote.

the Live Era

Computing transforming Society

Many Core CPU's





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