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          2006 Products of the Year

December 2006

by Linda A. Epstein

As 2006 draws to a close and we look forward to the launch of Microsoft Vista and all of the new products that will follow, its time to take a look at the stand out products from the past year.

Products of the Year are items that stand out from the crowd.  Products that provide a great user experience and products that once you have used them you wouldn't want to be without. 

Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Fujitsu P1610
Lenovo X60 Tablet PC
Oakley Thump Pro

Ultimate Ears 10 Pro


P1610 Tablet PC


X60 Tablet PC


Thump Pro

The Earphones you never want to be without
Everything a UMPC should be
Best Convertible
Tablet PC
Simply the Best Accessory

The Best of 2006....

Best Tablet PC of 2006 : Lenovo X60 Convertible Tablet PC 

The perfect example of good things are worth waiting for ...

Those who waited months for the release of the Lenovo X60 Tablet PC were not disappointed.    The new Lenovo X60 Tablet PC weighs in at 3.77 pounds, is 1.1" thin and offers users longer battery life and plenty of options and configuration choices. 

Are the new features and attention to detail in the Lenovo X60 enough to make this die hard Tablet PC slate user consider switching to a convertible?   The answer is yes.

It's not a secret that I've been a die hard Slate Style Tablet PC user for years. But the impressive features on the new Lenovo X60 Tablet PC have given me cause to re evaluate my choices.   I am head over heals crazy about the Lenovo 12.1 inch MultiView/ MultiTouch display, user friendly buttons and performance and accessories available for the Lenovo X60 Convertible Tablet PC .  

Lenovo X60 Convertible Tablet PC is customizable with a choice of 12.1 inch MultiView, MultiTouch and high-resolution SXGA+. displays, support for up to 4 GB of memory, hard drives as large as 120 GB and a choice of the Intel® Ultra Low Voltage Core™ Solo processor  or  the Intel® Low Voltage Core™ Duo processors up to 1.83GHz

New features include Active Rotate, which senses change and orients the display for correct viewing . NavDial, a 4 direction dial that always knows which way is up.  Mimo wireless, embedded WAN with a choice of providers (Verizon and Vodaphone, Service with Cingular may also be available in the future).  New Accessories such as a mobile dock called the the UltraBase that includes a optical bay, 4 usb ports, vga, Mic and headphone out, STEREO SPEAKERS, ethernet and cable lock and key slots.

Lenovo listened to Tablet PC users and refined features such as the shape and feel of the pen and adding an eraser. They have improved the speakers and relocated the microphone to the screen bezel for improved performance with less interference.     Click here for TabletPc2.coms First Look of the Lenovo X60

Best Accessory for 2006 : Oakley Thump Pro

The Oakley Thump Pro sunglasses take wearable electronics to a new level. 

Redesigned in 2006 to be lighter, provide sweat resistance and offer the convenience of interchangeable lenses as well as the option to purchase additional lenses with your own prescription in them, the New Oakley Thump Pros are more comfortable than ever.  Add to that they look great, feel great and sound great.   Besides all that they are just plain fun to wear!

Always an innovator, with the new Thump Pro Oakley comities to develop and refine their line of wearable electronics.  While it still amuses me to answer and make calls using Oakley's Bluetooth enabled Razrwires,  being able to drag and drop the music on my desktop computer, Tablet PC or UMPC into sunglasses which serve the dual purpose of being an MP3 player with great sound quality is the ultimate in convenience. 

Available in 1 GB / 512 MB / 256 MB the Oakley Thump Pro provides users with high definition optics and up to 6 hours of music on a single charge.  

For those of you looking for me with the Thump Pro on my head at CES,  I'm sorry to say that I haven't had time to order lenses with my prescription in them yet, so they will most likely be in my bag, but feel free to ask me to pull them out and show them to you. 

Best Example of what a UMPC should be:  Fujitsu LifeBook P1610 Tablet PC

2006 brought us the Ultra Mobile PC better know as the UMPC.  Small, light weight versatile Tablet PC computers designed to allow users the flexibility to watch movies, listen to music, surf the net, answer email and and be productive all in one neat little package.  No one does this better than Fujitsu

Building on the success of the LifeBook P1510 Fujitsu has take a great product and made it even better. 

The new Fujitsu Lifebook P1610 Tablet PC is Vista Capable, has a PCMCIA slot for an air card which gives users the ability to always be connected, offers up to 7 hours of battery life and has an attached keyboard all in a 2.5 pound package that fits in purse or briefcase or backpack case with ease.  

Because it weighs over two pounds technically it may not be classified as a UMPC, but the Fujitsu Lifebook P1610 Tablet PC is everything a UMPC should be.

Best UMPC Accessory:  Ultimate Ears 10 Pro

Tablet PCs, UMPCs, iPods, MP3s, Portable DVD Players, airplanes.  What do they all have in common?    Audio out..   They all allow the users to connect earphones for personal listening. 

The search for the best of the best in earphones was a long one but at last I can honestly say that I believe that I have truly found the best of the best in the Ultimate Ears 10 Pro earphones.  

Packed inside a silver metal road case you will find sleek dark blue metallic earphones, a universal fit kit with an several sizes of ear tips to ensure a comfortable fit and and assortment of connectors to fit diff rent size headphone jacks.

Call them headphones, call them earphones, call them earbuds.  Call them anything you like but if your looking for the best sound quality available from your personal audio devices, look no further.  

Don't get me wrong I still enjoy the Ultimate Ears 5 Pro earphones, but for your high end personal listening devices the Ultimate Ears 10 Pro takes the sound quality of earphones to a new level.

In Closing..

It was my intention to have full reviews of the Lenovo X60, Fujitsu P1610, Oakley Thump Pro and Ultimate Ears Pro earphones for you in December 2006.  Due to an injury in November I haven't been able to get these reviews done in time to post them for you this month, but I promise you the full reviews of these four products will be up in early 2007. 

For all of the readers, sponsors and friends of, as well as everyone at Lenovo, Fujitsu, Oakley and Ultimate Ears

please accept my apologies for falling behind in the last few weeks.

Best Wishes For A Happy and Healthy New Year

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