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Books For Your Tablet PC


by Bill Mann Electronics expert Bill Mann provides details on getting the most from the latest advancement in portable computing, plus shows you how to connect with, and use, peripherals such as printers, fax machines, cameras, and scanners.

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This book answers the question "Can the Tablet PC really benefit my work?" with a resounding "YES!" Using the recommendations in this book, you will use the Tablet PC to boost your work productivity, get your tasks organized, and get ahead of the work day. In this book I take you through my strategies and recommended application usage with major work management activities in mind. I take a very personal approach to helping you succeed with this new technology. Try out this book, it will change the way you work.

Microsoft OneNote 2003 for Windows (Visual QuickStart Guide)
by Todd W. Carter

If you've ever transferred handwritten notes to electronic documents, you know how awkward it can be--figuring out the scrawls in the margin, inputting the pertinent information, shuffling through sheaves of paper to find missing note. There's nothing efficient about that! Enter Microsoft's OneNote note-taking software and this handy Visual QuickStart Guide. With an interface that resembles a tabbed notebook, Microsoft's brand-new software mimics pen-and-paper-based note-taking--but brings a whole new level of efficiency to the process. . You'll also find chapters on using OneNote with Microsoft Office apps and tablet PCs as well as plenty of tips and visual aids.

Tablet PC Quick Reference
by Jeff Van West

Book Description
In a meeting, in the hallway, or on the run--achieve ultimate mobility with the TABLET PC QUICK REFERENCE. This expert guide shows how to get up and running faster with the Tablet's digital pen, Input Panel, Windows® Journal, speech recognition, and more.

Building Tablet PC Applications
Rob Jarrett (Author), Philip Su

Book Description
Many pen-based software platforms have been introduced in the last decade, but only recently has the introduction of faster processors and hardware enabled mainstream introduction of tablet-sized pen-based PCs. This book tackles the challenge of writing compelling Tablet PC software on two fronts. First, it distills decades of usability research into pen-based computing to present an authoritative discussion of the optimal design of pen-based user interfaces. Second, it provides an in-depth exposition of the Tablet PC Ink SDK, complete with tips and tricks on how developers can produce the most powerful and natural "ink-aware" applications.

Developing Tablet PC Applications (Programming Series)
Clayton E. Crooks

The new Tablet PC combines the latest incarnation of previous notebook computing technologies (i.e., digital ink and voice commands) with the power and reliability of Windows® XP, possibly making it the most versatile PC ever. Developing Tablet PC Applications teaches programmers how to create applications for this exciting new platform using the SDK developed for it. It begins by explaining how to install and use the SDK, and then delves into the creation of several specific applications, such as a drawing program, an MP3 player, and a signature recognition program. It also covers game-related topics.


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