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Ink Enabled Forms, Medical, Dental, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Architectural, Financial services

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Allscripts Healthcare Solutions TouchWorks suite of software solutions provides Just Right,Just-in-Time Information®, enabling physicians to improve clinicaloutcomes, enhance financial performance, and save time.


All scripts

Autodesk Architectural Studio the conceptual design solution for sketching, modeling, presenting, and collaborating. It re-creates the traditional design studio with tools and methods that feel just the way they should: tactile, simple,intuitive.

Traditional Tools for the Digital World
You know that feeling you get from drawing on paper? The uninterrupted flow of thought, the dynamics of hand-eye interaction? Autodesk Architectural Studio re-creates the feel and function of traditional design tools—like trace, pens, and erasers—and brings them into the digital world for ongoing design creation, review, and annotation.

Arcitectural Studio

Active Ink Form Designer
Active Ink's E-Form Designer family of products allows you to customize your own electronic forms that accepts handwritten ink.  Supports the creation of text, numeric, date and signature fields as well as checkboxes and drop down lists.


Charting Plus™ is the best EMR value for many medical specialties. Designed with the user in mind, Charting Plus™ relies heavily on a user-friendly interface with powerful and dynamic features to improve documentation quality and increase productivity in a medical practice.

charting plus

Dragon Naturaly Speaking 9 Legal Solutions

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 Legal speech recognition software is a powerful productivity tool that enables legal professionals to work faster and significantly reduce their reliance on support staff and outside transcription services. The results are lower costs and improved client service.

Dragon Legal

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 Medical Solutions   

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 Medical Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 Medical truly delivers on the promise of speech recognition in healthcare. Never has a release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking been as accurate - Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 Medical is 25% more accurate than the previous release, and delivers up to 99% accuracy! Now healthcare professionals can truly eliminate the high cost and long turnaround time associated with manual transcription of patient notes. The result is lower costs and better patient care.

Dragon Medical

Eclipsys Corporation’s Sunrise™ Clinical Manager with Physician Solutions provides your physicians with the information they need, when and where they need it: at the point of care, in the office, even at home via the Internet. At leading hospitals throughout North America and abroad, physicians use our solutions to optimize their workflow so they can provide appropriate, timely care. In fact, more hospitals and physicians use our CPOE solution than any other product. It's probably because our solutions are built by clinicians to deliver actionable knowledge in a manner that truly streamlines clinical workflow. 

Eclipsys for tablet PC

eScript Toolkit

An Electronic Prescription solution for Tablet PCs.

"OneNote eScriptToolkit is an e-Prescribing solution built upon the Microsoft OneNote product. The OneNote eScriptToolkit is a complete electronic prescrition writing system. It includes a comprehensive database of over 6400 drugs. Using OneNote eScriptToolkit a clinician can write an accurate and easy-to-read prescription in less than 5 seconds. The system takes advantange of a number of unique capabilities only available on a Tablet PC. Not only is signature capture available , but our AccuInk technology is being unveiled with this product. This feature combines our experience in handwriting recognition with database searching

MedVisor| dental puts accurate three-dimensional dental animations at your fingertips to help you translate the complexities of dentistry for your patient. Incorporate your patient’s information directly into your explanation, and utilize MedVisor’s drawing and notation tools to further personalize your discussion.Your patient’s level of interest and understanding will be dramatically enhanced.
Medvisor dental for tablet pc


Mi-Forms System for Tablet PC

Mi-Co, the mobile data capture company, provides digital writing software that enables an efficient and effective process for capturing and communicating handwritten data. Mi-Co's enterprise Mi-Forms Software System enables flexible e-forms design for data capture using digital ink. Mi-Forms uses proven technologies for handwriting interpretation, verification, data validation and communication of forms-based data for enterprise users.




Ocutouch provides the Eye Care Specialist with access to a full array of prepared, flexible and interactive animated Patient Education Presentations for use within and outside the Clinic.


Siebel Pharma

Siebel Pharma is the only suite of multichannel eBusiness software specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The application provides best-in-class functionality for field sales and management, telesales, national accounts, medical affairs, customer service, and marketing organizations.

Siebel Pharma enables pharmaceutical companies to capture every customer interaction across multiple channels including call centers, marketing and field departments, and the Web. By integrating all critical customer-facing functions, Siebel Pharma ensures that organizations are prepared to maximize customer value, while delivering superior service.

Spellex Tablet PC Suite allows your Tablet PC to better recognize handwritten medical terms while greatly enhancing the Microsoft Office basic English spell checker with hundreds of thousands of medical terms. Comprehensive medical spell checking and increased handwriting vocabulary can be yours in one easy-to-use software suite!
Spellex Tablet PC Suite

Stentor Inc

Stentor, a San Francisco-based medical informatics company, has developed a version of its medical information and image management system for Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. The enterprise distribution system, iSite Enterprise,

Stentor® is a world leader in enterprise-wide medical image and information management. The company has developed iSite®, the first image and information management system to deliver on-demand diagnostic quality images over existing hospital networks, advanced radiology reading stations for radiologists,
 and "always online" long-term storage

Survey System is an electronic data collection tool used to perform studies and surveys.  Survey System is ideal for using a Tablet PC for Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI), Computer Assisted Self Interviewing (CASI), Clinical Research, Social Research, Market Research, and Polling.

The Advanced Tablet PC features have been integrated in such a way that the same surveys given to the mobile participant can be given on the desktop.  In other words, all surveys can collect data with only a pen or without a pen

Greenway Medical Technologies Inc., a provider of integrated practice management and electronic medical records (EMR) software solutions for physicians’ practices, has deployed Tablet PCs in two physician practices, and will migrate the Tablet PC to 12 additional practices within months. Greenway is aggressively deploying the Tablet PC after conducting focus groups that found physician adoption rates increased when Greenway’s PrimeChart EMR system was implemented on the
The Physician's
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