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Tablet PCs and Roger Waters

Bring The Dark Side of the Moon

to the Hollywood Bowl

Roger WatersRoger Waters Hollywood Bowl Sign

How did they control the sound for the most anticipated concert of the 2006 season?

With Tablet PCs

In the years I have been going to the Bowl, I've never seen so much equipment or so many people getting ready for a show at the Bowl.  There is no question that those holding tickets for the 3 Dark Side of the Moon shows that Roger Waters did at the Hollywood Bowl couldn't wait for the show to begin.  But what was different, is that the people inside the Bowl seemed to have caught some of the fever that is surrounding this show.

The aura of anticipation and excitement in the Bowl was running high as equipment crews and sound engineers prepared for the most anticipated concert of the 2006 season.  Roger Waters was performing Dark Side of the Moon at the Hollywood Bowl, on October 5th, 7th and 8th 2006.

Truckloads full of equipment, a giant crane, the famous Pink Floyd Prism, a flying pig, shooting flames, state of the art pyrotechnics and the Tablet PC all played their parts in this history making event.

Fred Vogler with the Tablet PCs at the Hollywood Bowl     Tablet PCs at the Hollywood Bowl

Tablet PCs and Dolby's Lake Contour were used to control the sound for Roger Waters Dark Side of the Moon Tour

  Set up for Roger Waters at Hollywood Bowl     Setting up for Roger Waters at Hollywood Bowl

The sound crew for Roger Waters gets ready for the first sound check


Pink Floyd Road Case     Pink Floyd Road Case 2

Fred Vogler, Sound Designer for the Hollywood Bowl checks out the new TabletKiosk eo UMPC  Will we see a Ultra Mobile PC controlling sound at the Hollywood Bowl or the Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2007..................time will tell.     

Crane putting up Pink Floyd Prism  Pink Floyd Prism

The Famous Pink Floyd Prism being lifted into place as part of the special effects over the Hollywood Bowl

Roger Waters Fireworks over the Hollywood Bowl Pink Floyd Prism special effect at hollywood Bowl

     Special Effects over the Hollywood Bowl during Roger Waters Dark Side of the Moon Tour

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