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Tablet Accessory of the Month

May & June 2003

Zip Linq Retractable Cables
The "Reel" Solution to Cable Clutter

Review by Linda A. Epstein



Accessories abound in the technology industry but every once in a while you run across something special. Something, different, something truly useful. The ZIP LINQ USB Cell Phone Charger is one of those accessories.

Less than four inches long, under an inch wide and weighing less than an ounce the ZIP LINQ Cell Phone Charger (Zip-Cell-MO1) plugs any USB port and charges your own cell in an hour or less. It also eliminates the need to pack a bulky cell phone charger when you travel and the need to have a car charger always dangling from the dash board in your car. ZIP-Cell-M01 comes with five adapters and a 6v booster making it compatible with Motorola, Nokia, Siemens and Ericsson phones. No only will you not have to purchase another one if you change your cell , but you can charge not only your own phone, it also lets you help out family, friends and business associates when their cell phones need charging.

As you can see from the photo above my desk top is more than a little crowded. The ZIP-LINQ Super Mini Optical Retractable USB Mouse (shown below) reduces the clutter on the desktop, puts an end to tangled mouse cables and moves easily between Tablets.

As for durability, after my four year old nephew drained the battery on my Tablet Pc, he discovered the retractable feature of the ZIP-LINQ Mini Mouse and spent hours gleefully expanding and retracting the cable without incident.

Traveling with a multiple hardware devices such as Tablet PC's, an Ipaq, Nikon Digital Camera nd a cell phone, all of which require, individual chargers and accessories can be more than a little cumbersome. By replacing my full size ethernet cables, cell phone charger and USB mouse with Zip LINQ's retractable cables my computer bag is considerably lighter in weight and more organized. I look forward to replacing my Ipaq and Nikon cables with ZIP LINQ cables in the future.

Designed to expand from 4 inches to over two feet these cables can be used anywhere with ease. Pull on both ends and the cable expands. Pull again and the cables quickly retracts back into its housing. Following the Grab-and-Go principle ZIP LINQ's retractable cables easily fit in a computer case, pocket or purse. Also worth noting, all of the ZIP-LINQ cables are both PC and Mac compatible.

Nominated Best Accessory for 2003, ZIP LINQ cables are available for USB Connectivity, Firewire Connectivity, PDA Sync-N-Charge, DATA-RJ12 & DATA- Rj12, and Power adapters. For more information and to purchase ZIP LINQ cables of your own Click Here.

Now if they could find a way to make a Zip LINQ cable that could charge multiple Tablet PC's and eliminate the need to travel with several power adapters...........



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