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April 2005


Linda A. Epstein

xhifi satellite SPeakers

Xhifi Satellite speakers with Sahara i213 Tablet PC

This month we bring you the Xhifi XDC-1 Audiophile caliber desktop speakers that make listening to music  from your Tablet PC, Media Center, MP3 player or desktop a pleasure.  

With convergence upon us and more and more people using their computers as media devices desktop speakers with good quality are important to those who seek and appreciate sound quality. In the past decade we've seen amazing changes in Technology  including Tablet PCs, Laptops, Desktops, Media Centers, Portable Media Centers, MP3 Players and iPods.   The one thing that had hadn't improved with the times was the desktop speaker ....Until now.

   The Xhifi XDC-1 brings the desktop speaker into the twenty first century. 

Billed as the worlds best desktop Audio System,  the XDC-1 gives you "BIG" sound in a small footprint.    In fact the sound produced by these slim cylinders is nothing short of amazing.  breakthrough XD1 Satellite speaker, incorporating Radial Ribbon technology, utilizes cabinet and driver design that changes the expectations as to how small speakers should both sound and look.*

It doesn't take long to realize what you have been missing  when you hear them.   The sound is crisp and clean, there is no lack of depth or bass and if you get up and walk away from them or stand behind them the sound quality isn't lost.   In fact no mater where you sit or stand in the room the sound is excellent.   For those pf us who tend to move around when were in our offices this is a very nice feature.


My first encounter with the Xhifi XDC-1 was at CES in Las Vegas, where they were set up in an Intel display.   It took less than sixty seconds  to realize that these speakers were worth looking into.   Even in a crowded noisy room the sound quality was exceptional.    

While I admit that I am an amateur audiophile, it doesn't take a trained ear recognize that these are no ordinary desktop speakers.  They are in fact extraordinary.   

For those who enjoy listening to music or watching a DVD from their computer and for anyone who appreciates quality sound the Xhifi XDC-1 is worth looking into .

Set up takes less then 5 minutes and is literally a breeze.   Just connect the speaker cable between the XSub-1 and the Xhifi Satellite speakers  and connect the RCA cable and adapter (both Included)  between the XSub-1 and your Tablet PC, Media center or MP3 player, turn on the power and your ready to rock.

Howard Schilling, the CEO and co-founder of the Xhifi system does his demos using an ipod and the same cable that ship with the system,  the pair I have here is connected with Transparent Audio HP14-2 speaker cable I picked up from Definitive Audio's Bellevue store.    (Keep in mind that this is the low end of Transparent's cable that costs a few dollars a foot not a few hundred dollars a foot.)    I chose the Transparent speaker cable because I am a long time fan of their interconnects and I can hear the diffracted between diff rent cables.       As amazing as these speakers sound with the included cable the sound quality is noticeably improved with the Transparent cable.

For those who have high quality digital media on their computer, the XDC-1 is a perfect companion.    The one thing a audiophile quality speakers can not do is correct poor quality recordings .   Much like cubic zirconia can not be turned into diamonds, poor quality recordings and CD's can not be magically transformed into flawless sound.  

Also worth noting is for women out there who think speakers should be heard and not seen,  the small foot print and slim styling are welcomed rather than frowned upon.


A view from the top

Notable Features:

Ultra-Low Mass Radial Ribbon™ Drivers
Xhifi's Proprietary Digital Amplifiers
Non-Resonant, Edge-Free Satellites
European Cherry wood Finish
Gold-Plated Binding Posts
Model XDC-1 $995 msrp

MSRP $995.00 
External: inches L 15.66 - W 11.05 - D 2.65
mm(L 397.6 - W 280.5 - D 67.3)
* text from





The ProsOtterBoc Tablet PC Case in Stream

  • Amazing sound quality
  • SImple elegant design
  • Small footprint
  • all cables and adapters needed are included
  • Can be used with Tablet PC, Media Center, Desktop or MP3
  • Thirty day Trial available

Xhifi values our relationship with you, and so we want to make sure that you're completely satisfied with our products. That's why we offer to direct sale customers a 30-Day In-Home Trial that enables you to try our products in your own setup for 30 days*

The Cons:

  • Only available in European Cherry Wood
  • Not inexpensive

In Conclusion:   Xhifi's Xhifi XDC-1 A simple and elegant solution to the age old problem of having to settle for substandard sound while listening to music from your tablet PC, Medic Center or MP3 player.    Those of us who appreciated good sound.   This is the only desktop speaker system I have ever heard that caught my attention because of the sound quality. 

Are these speakers for everyone?   No.   But they are for anyone who knows and appreciates good sound and has been looking for a solution that will allow them to enjoy listening to music from their desktop.

European Cherry Hardwood
chosen for its acoustic properties

Purchase the Xhifi system here


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