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Ultimate Ears 5 Pro Product of the Month
July 2006 

by Linda A. Epstein

Ultimate Ears Pakage

Ultimate Ears 5 Pro

Earphones are not just for i Pods.................

An investment in good quality earphones is an investment in your long term hearing

I came into contact with Ultimate Ears earphones at the 2006 home entertainment Expo, to say that I was impressed by the sound quality would be an understatement.   I was shocked with the sound quality as soon I heard them, but later in the day after listening to several other brands(some that were priced considerably higher than the Ultimate Ears) I was so impressed that I made a special trip back to the room Ultimate Ears was in to let them know just how amazing I thought their earphones were.

    i Pod  Sonmy PSPTablet Kiosk eo UMPC DVD player

What do i Pods and all other MP3 players, the Sony PSP, Tablet PC, UMPC's (Ultra Mobile PC), portable DVD Players, notebook computers and airplanes all have in common?   For one they all allow the users to connect earphones for personal listening. 

Interesting enough none of the above mentioned products come with earphones that enhance the listening experience.  In fact Ultimate Ears all of them ship with the least expensive and worst sounding earphones available.  

All ears are not alike and neither are all earphones. For those who have never used anything other than the ear phones included with their portable audio equipment, switching to the pro 5 is an eye opening experience.     

The sound quality of the 5 pro is amazing, the base, treble and midrange sounds are clear and defined, the overall sound is smooth and there was no noticeable distortion.  I tried them with an iPod, with the Samsung Q1 UMPC, Tablet Kiosk Sahara i215 Tablet PC, Toshiba M200 Tablet PC, Fujitsu 4210 Tablet PC, Gateway M280E Tablet PC, with my nephews Sony PSP and even with my Dell media center.    While the pro 5 can't make a device with bad sound sound good, it makes devices with great sound, sound even better.

I haven't had the opportunity to use the Ultimate Ears on a plane yet, but you can bet that the next time I travel it will be the Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 pros that are in my travel bag and not my $350.00 Bose noise canceling headphones.

The 5 Pro are noise isolating ear phones that incorporate two drivers, one for low frequencies and another for middle and high frequencies into each earpiece, which is what makes the 5 pro stand out from other earphones.  

Quality comes at a price but in this case the $249.99 price tag is a worth while investment that is guaranteed to improve the listening experience of portable devices.  

Ultimate ears with Q1

Listening to music with Ultimate Ears and Samsung Q1 UMPC pro pro pro 5

The 5 Pro  is available in 3 color choices*
*clear models sold exclusively at Guitar Center stores

Ultimate Ears whats in Box

What's in the Box:

  • Ultimate Ears 5 pro
  • Earphone User Guide
  • 6 single flange silicone ear tips (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large)
  • 2 disposable foam tips
  • 1/4 gold plated adapter jack
  • Sound level Allenuator (airplane use)
  • Cleaning tool
  • Metal storage case

From the Ultimate ears web site:

Professional Sound Quality’s professional-grade audio is produced by special engineering that places low- and high-frequency speakers in each ear for better fidelity, plus a unique earbud design that securely seals the ear against external noise. The earbuds’ shape and snug fit --- based on Ultimate Ears’ 10 years of experience in handcrafting earphones from silicone impressions of customers’ ears --- yield maximum wearing comfort as well as maximum noise isolation essential for use in the gym and other noisy environments.

Comfortable Fit for Any Ear
A five-piece fit kit and behind-the-ear cable design add to’s comfort level. Four silicone tips and one foam interface are included in each box to adapt the earphones to different ear shapes and help users achieve the best seal against outside noise. A flexible ear loop anchors the earphone in place and guides the cable securely behind the ear for easy wear.

Two Models, Two Sounds
The lower-priced 5 EB™ (Extended Bass) features big bass sound particularly suited for hard rock, hip-hop and rap, with 16dB of noise isolation and a frequency response of 20-16,000 Hz. The higher-priced 5 Pro™ offers an audio signature that lends itself to all musical genres across the board, along with greater resistance to outside noise at 26dB of noise isolation, the same 20-16,000 Hz frequency response, and a smaller and sleeker exterior housing. Both models come in a choice of white or black, and include leather and metal travel cases for carrying or storage.

Wide Audio Support
Ultimate Ears’™ earphones can be used with MP3 and CD players, portable DVDs and TVs, game consoles, desktop and laptop PCs, home and professional audio, airplane audio, and home studio equipment. Devices can be attached via the standard 1/8 inch (3.5mm) connector or a 1/4-inch adapter that fits most audio component output ports.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • compact in size
  • comes with metal carry case
  • includes an assortment of tips to fit every ear and
  • includes1/4 gold plated adapter jack and Sound level Allenuator so you can use them on a plane and with audio devices that require a larger adapter


  • Not inexpensiv

In Conclusion:

Excellent value for the price, comfortable and portable the Ultimate ears 5 pro are the best earphones I have ever had the pleasure of using.  

Ultimate ears UE 10 Pro


Ultimate Ears is best know for their custom earphones such as their UE-10 Pro which are used by rock and roll artists all over the world.   The custom fitted  UE-10 Pro is the ultimate earphone for those who want the best in both comfort and sound when listening to their portable devices.  Click here to see the numerous artists currently using Ultimate Ears.

Some day I hope to own a pair of the UE 10 Pro's myself.

Ultimate Ears Logo

Click here to Purchase Ultimate Ears



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