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Toahiba R400 Tablet PC

A Jewel of a Tablet PC

Toshiba Portégé® R400 Tablet PC

Toshiba's Signature Tablet PC for the successful professional

by Linda A. Epstein
June 2007


What makes the Toshiba R400 Tablet PC stand out from the crowd?   Unparalleled styling, the simple elegance of the high gloss piano white finish combined with high gloss Piano black trim of the R400 makes a for a great first impression.  Add to that the most amazing display I've ever seen on a Tablet PC and built in EVDO and you have one spectacular Tablet PC in your hands.   

Toshiba R400 Tablet PC X3

My first Impression of the Toshiba hasn't changed.  In a world where first impressions are critical, Toshiba hits the ball it out of the park...


The Toshiba UWB Wireless Dock ~ Release date TBD

With the Toshiba R400 Tablet PC its all about convenience.  The convenience. of and always on connection with EVDO,  the convenience. of having an edge display with active notifications that you can nonchalantly glance down to check even when the lid is closed.  The convenience of a display that can see indoors or out, even in the sun.

The Toshiba R400 Tablet PC indoors in low light

Specs :Toshiba Portege R400-S4931

  • Core™ Duo  U2500   1.20GHz Windows Vista™ Ultimate (32-bit)
  • 12.1”Widescreen XGA LED Backlight Display with High Brightness and Wide View Angle
  • 80GB (4200rpm RPM) Hard Drive
  • 2048MB - 4096MB (Max)
  • Graphics Media Accelerator 950 256MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory
  • Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g)
  • Integrated EVDO (Verizon Wireless)
  • Bluetooth® V2.0 + EDR Li-Ion 6-cell Battery
  • 1-Type II PC Card Slot
  • 2-USB (2.0)
  • Finger Print Reader
  • External DVD Super Multi Drive
  • Full specs

For those of you who are concerned that the Core™ Duo  U2500  1.20GHz is not enough power...The Core™ Duo  U2500  1.20GHz processor in the R400 does just fine with all of the every day tasks most people use their Tablet Pcs for.  That said, if the majority of what your doing every day is using Microsoft word, checking and sending email and surfing the web, then 1.20GHZ is enough power for what you are doing.

Before you can choose the "Best Tablet PC" you have to stop and think about not just what you think you want but how you will use your Tablet PC and what you actually "need" it to do.   If your using Auto Cad, Adobe Photoshop and doing animation rendering or video editing a machine with the power of a Intel® Core™ Duo 2 processor will suit your needs better. 

When you take the R400 out of the box and feel it in your hand for the first time, a audible *WOW* is likely to escape from your lips.     This is without question the most elegant computer design I've seen.

Where has this Toshiba R400 been......

Since the day the R400 arrived I've rarely left home without it.   It's been beach side, slope side, mountain side and Pool side.   It has traveled with me to Offices in Beverly Hills, the Microsoft MVP Summit in Redmond, Business meetings Malibu, the Utah Olympic Park, Mix 07 and MEDC in Las Vegas, Meetings in New York, WinHec at the Los Angeles Convention Center and the Sound Booth at the Hollywood Bowl.

How does one Tablet PC end up going with me to so many places in such a short time - I love the way it looks, the way it feels and its fun to use.    Did I have other Tablets with me these events?   Yes.   None of my Vista Tablets have two batteries so I always have at least one other Tablet with me.   99% of the time it's the Lenovo x60.  I rarely travel with less than two Tablet PC's, but the R400 is the only machine that was at every event I did while it was here.   

A colleague asked if I would have felt such passion for the R400 if the EVDO was not turned on, which was an excellent question.  The answer is yes.  Since this was the first Tablet I have had the pleasure of using with the EDVO activated it was a definite draw, but it was a combination of my preference for the Hi Resolution display on the R400, having the EDVO available if I needed it and styling that make the R400 so appealing to me.   

While It's not the fastest or most powerful Tablet PC on the block, the R400 Tablet PC it is sexy, sophisticated and fun to use.

Tablet Pc Line

From the Beaches of  Malibu to the Slopes of Utah and everywhere in between the Toshiba R400 Tablet PC will take you anywhere you need to go in style ...


The Toshiba R400 next to a Bobsled at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City


Toshiba R400 Tablet PC at the Hollywood Bowl


Barefoot Bar at Dukes Restaurant in Malibu California  & waiting for a Jet Blue flight at JFK Airport in New York

From the Toshiba Website:

The Symbol of Sophistication Created to harness the innovation in the Microsoft® Windows xVista™ operating system, the Portégé® R400 is an exquisite notebook and an elegant Tablet PC all in one. Encased in a scratch-resistant ultraviolet clear-coat case, the 12.1" diagonal backlit LED wide-screen high-brightness display with wide viewing angles, in conjunction with Microsoft® Windows Aero™, delivers a rich visual experience. And with advanced EasyGuard™ security features, including a biometric fingerprint reader, multi-level passwords and TPM encryption module, the Portégé® R400 is as secure as it is attractive.

The Portégé® R400 is Toshiba's signature notebook PC for the successful professional. The product of a joint collaboration between two industry giants, Toshiba and Microsoft, the Portégé® R400 is the World's First PC that automatically synchronizes your e-mail and calendar events with Active Notifications. The Toshiba Edge Display, serving as a Personal Information Assistant, presents the synchronized information, while the 12.1" LED backlit wide-aspect display , in conjunction with Microsoft® Windows® Aero™, ensures a rich and brilliant visual computing experience. The Portégé® R400's convertible design is both an exquisite notebook and Tablet PC in one. Toshiba's ConfigFree® provides ingenious connectivity via integrated Verizon EVDO (select models), WiFi® , Bluetooth® and Gigabit Ethernet. Featuring a biometric fingerprint reader and TPM encryption module, the Portégé® R400 helps ensure confidential company data and sensitive personal information is secure from unauthorized system access. The Portégé® R400 is the ultimate expression of Toshiba innovation, where presentation is every bit as distinctive as the technology within.

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Notable Features:

The Display:  Photos simply don't due justice to the display of the Portege R400 Tablet PC.

The Pen and Ink Experience:   The pen and ink experience on the the Toshiba R400 is excellent.  In Tablet mode, the R400 feels very much like a slate and the pen glides effortlessly over the smooth surface of the screen.  Ink from the pen flows as naturally as if you were using paper and pen making the experience with the pen the best I have experienced to date.

Built in EDV0* Always being connected is convenient, and the Toshiba R400 is all about convenience   With the built in Verizon's EVDO you have the ability to connect to the internet from where ever you are.  The built in EVDO in the R400 works very well and having a built in EVDO connection eliminates the time and hassle of filling out forms and paying every time you want to connect and there isn't an open wireless signal available

*Note:  Verizon offers a monthly plan priced at 59.99 if you have phone service with them and 79.99 without an accompanying Verizon wireless plan.  If you are going to be using the EVDO service on a regular basis this is your best option.   Verizon also has a pay as you go plan for 15.00 per day. (you just have to twist their arms a bit to get it) While it is considerably more expensive to pay per use, for those who don't use it on a regular basis, this may make more sense than being locked into a monthly contract.

     Finger Print Sensor Gives users added security and convenience

Toshiba ConfigFreeDepending upon your configuration, you can get access almost anywhere there is a cell phone signal. Toshiba’s ConfigFree® software can automatically connect you to the strongest, fastest signal, switching between Verizon Wireless EVDO, Wi-Fi®, Gigabit and Ethernet connections.


Toshiba Edge Display & Active Notifications : Located on the front edge of the R400 is Toshiba Edge Display which can be set up to give you instant information at a glance even when you Tablet is closed. 




What's in the Box: (items may differ from those shown) Toshiba R400 Box Shot

  • Toshiba R400 Tablet PC
  • Toshiba External DVD SuperMulti Drive -Silver
  • 6 cell Battery
  • Tablet PC Pen
  • AC Adapter/Power Supply
  • Quick Tour Set UP Sheet
  • Microsoft one note Product Key
  • Portégé R400/R405 Series Resource Guide
  • Wireless Wan Guide
  • Limitations of Wireless Wan
  • Data Information for systems with wireless wan
  • Instruction Manual for safety and comfort
  • Toshiba Accessories Catalog
  • Three Year Limited Warranty

Tablet Pc Line

    Windows Experience Index

    Windows Experience Index in Windows Vista


Battery:   With Vista Ultimate I was able to get 2 hours 10 minutes of battery life with brightness on the R400 screen turned all the way up, the wireless and bluetooth on, no standby, hibernate disabled and the screen and hard drive set to always on.  There is no question that these setting are going to give you the shortest amount of battery life.  I need to know the absolute minimum battery life I can expect, that is why I run the battery test this way. With the Built in power saver setting you get over 3 hours of battery life an you can extend the battery life even further if you turn off the wireless and bluetooth when your not using them.


    Toshiba R400 Front View

    Front View

    Pen and pen holder, system indicator lights, microphone, Auxiliary Display, Wireless antenna on off switch

    Left side photo

    security lock slot, RGB monitor out port, Pen and Pen Holder

    Right Side Photo

    PC Card Slot, PC card eject button, Volume control, Headphone & Microphone Jacks

    Back View

    2 USB ports, Network Port, DC in, cooling vent


    Buttons: Power ( on/off),  Power lock, cross-functional button, esc/ display rotation, Windows security, Toshiba email. Communications:
    • Intel® PRO/1000 Network Connection - 10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet
    • Integrated Wireless-LAN:9
    o Intel® PRO/Wireless Network Connection 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g)
    • Bluetooth® version 2.0 plus Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) with Toshiba Bluetooth driver software
    • Integrated EVDO Verizon Wireless10
    Ports: 2 USB 2.0, microphone, headphone, Ethernet, RGB (monitor) output port

    Card Slots : One PCMCIA – Type II/Type I Card Slot

    Outside ~ indirect sun

    The Toshiba R400 Tablet PC shown above does not have an indoor outdoor display,
    but as you can see for yourself when it is not in direct sun the screen is still crisp. clear and easy to see.

Heat:  The R400 does gets warm if you have it in your lap or on a pillow, but it does not get overly hot.

Installed Software : ( subject to change) TOSHIBA ConfigFree®, TOSHIBA Disc Creator, Microsoft® Office OneNote® 2007, TOSHIBA Management Console, TOSHIBA Security Assist, TOSHIBA Fingerprint Utility, TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator, TOSHIBA Speech System, Infineon Trusted Platform Module Utility, Ulead® DVD MovieFactory® for Toshiba, InterVideo® WinDVD® 8 SD

Tablet Pc Line

The Pros

  • Best Display I've ever screen on a Tablet PC
  • Beautiful styling, elegant and sophisticated
  • Built in EVDO (verizon)
  • Easy access to Wireless antenna on off switch
  • Fun to use
    Toshiba Documentation for everything in the box
  • Finger Nail Friendly

The Cons: 

  • Core solo 1.2 processor - Pricey for this size processor
  • No Compact Flash or Secure Digital slots
  • Single speaker
  • Wireless only connects at 60%  which is a VIsta driver issue that will be resolved

The Toshiba R400 is not the fastest Tablet PC on the block, but it is the most elegant and sophisticated and it does have the best display I have ever seen on a Tablet PC.   THe ink experience is excellent and it's a pleasure to use.   In a world where first impressions are important, The Portégé R400 is one of my all time favorite Tablet PCs.  

The R400 is not for everyone, It's not intended to be.    The Toshiba Portégé R400 Tablet PC is for those who are confident enough in their life not to have the need to to boast about how much power they have.    It's for those who appreciate elegance, style and sophistication.   For Those who want to make an impression when they walk into a room.   It is an is excellent choice the busy professional who wants a Tablet PC that is a reflection of who they are.  

Order a Toshiba R400

Toshiba R400 Tablet PC X3

Order a Toshiba R400

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Toshiba Secondary 6-Cell Li-Ion Battery Pack for Portege R400
Toshiba Digital Tablet PC Pen for Portege R400
Toshiba 60W Global AC Adapter

Order a Toshiba R400

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