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Tablet PC Line Product of the Month
September - October 2007 

by Linda A. Epstein

Tablet PC Line

Samsung NV11 Digital Camera

ablet Pc Line

Small in size and rich in features Samsung's Nv11 Digital Camera is the perfect Tablet PC or UMPC Companion

The Samsung NV11 is has a sleek black finish that resists fingerprints complimented by a slim blue ring around the edge of the lens which give it a look of simple elegance.  Well balanced the NV11 feels solid in your hand. And for those of us of the female persuasion, its extremely fingernail friendly.  

Small in size and rich in features the Samsung NV11 is a 10.1 Mega-pixels, 5x optical zoom, Smart Touch Technology, a 2.7 inch LCD, MPEG-4 video, Face Recognition technology, advanced shake reduction, 20MB internal memory and ISO up to 1600 so it takes good pictures even in low light situations, in a  small camera that is available for under $300.00    I don't know how Samsung accomplished this ....but I'm glad they did.  

Samsung NV11 Redefining Envy

Let me begin by saying that I am far from the best photographer around.   I aim, I shoot and I prey that they photo Samsung NV11 Digital Cameracomes out clean and not blurry.  Digital cameras come in and out of my office and I don't get overly attached to them.  The truth is until the NV11 showed up I just grabbed what ever camera was closest when I needed to shoot photos for the site and whatever was smallest when I was packing my gear bag. 

That was my "MO" until the first time I used the Samsung NV11.    Let me think...... have I used anything else since that day?  Only to take the box shot of the NV 11 for this review.

Why do I have a sudden attachment to one particular digital camera?

Because this one actually does what Samsung claims it will do.  The Samsung NV11 Display is large enough to actually see, it's easy to use and takes great photos indoors and out and in low light -even for those of us who grab, point and shoot while moving or at moving objects.  Smart touch technology means I can change a setting or turn off the flash at without jumping through hoops or getting out the manual every time I need to do something.  Add to that It takes up very little room in my purse or my computer bag, its lightweight and the majority of my Tablet PC's and UMPCS have SD slots in them.  I can charge it from the wall or from any on of my Tablets with the included USB cable and the fact that its a great looking camera certainly doesn't hurt.

What's in the Box:

  • Samsung NV11 Digital Camera
  • Rechargeable battery
  • User Manual
  • AC adapter
  • USB cable
  • AV cable
  • Camera Strap
  • Software CD

What's Not in the box:  An SD card.  (I use a 512 MB Kingston Ultimate Secure Digital Card )

Samsung NV11 Box Shott

Samsung NV11 Tripple View

"L" shaped configuration of buttons on the back of the camera for smart touch technology allow you to change setting quickly and easily. 

Thunders Storm guarding the new Fujitsu 2110 Tablet PC.

Notice how well you can see his eyes, whiskers and even individual hairs in his fur as well as each and every key on the Fujitsu Tablet PC. 

Its not like I had time to compose this photo - If I get to close to him when he has taken over a machine he bites, so anything other than point, zoom and shoot when he has claimed a Tablet PC for his own is out of the question.


Fujitsu 2110 Tablet PC

ablet Pc Line

Samsung NV11 Features

  • 10.1 Mega pixels
  • 5x Optical Zoom
  • World’s renowned Schneider Lens
  • Large 2.7” TFT color LCD
  • Face Recognition function
  • Advanced Shake Reduction(ASR)
  • Innovative User Interface “Smart Touch”
  • ISO 1600

Fujitsu T4220 Tablet PC

A photo of the Fujitsu T4220 Tablet PC taken outside with the Samsung NV11 Digital Camera

ablet Pc Line

                            Smart Touch + Large 2.7” LCD

Navigating complicated menu systems is a thing of the past! The brilliant new Smart Touch user interface makes accessing menu functions and reviewing your images an absolute pleasure. This unique touch-sensitive system gives you easy, intuitive control over the camera, and the large 2.7" LCD gives you a great view every time.

What is Smart Touch Technology?

ablet Pc Line

A true testament to the NV11's ability to shoot in low light and Shake Reduction
the fireworks photos above were taken without a tripod

ablet Pc Line

Advanced Shake Reduction

Advanced Shake Reduction

ASR reduces the effects of camera shake in low light conditions. Flash photography can sometimes result in harsh, over-exposed images, but ASR guarantees bright, crisp and natural images without using a flash at all.  

ablet Pc Line

Face Recognition AF & AE

The NV11 has a built-in face recognition feature that detects up to nine different faces, enabling you to take perfect portraits of friends and family. In addition to automatically adjusting focus and brightness to optimum levels, this feature also senses and removes red-eye.

ablet Pc Line

Scene Modes:

ablet Pc Line

Advanced Photo Gallery

Access your pictures quickly and easily at any time thanks to an innovative new user interface.

ablet Pc Line

Advanced Movie Function

The NV series supports MPEG-4 VGA (640x480, 30fps) and TVD (720x480, 20fps - NV3) size for an enhanced video shooting experience. You can even edit your movies on the camera itself, making these clever models brilliantly portable but powerful movie-makers.   If the Zoom buttons are being pressed during the Movie clip shots, the voice will not recorded.

ablet Pc Line

ablet Pc Line

   Click here to Purchase the Samsung NV11 Digital Camera

  • Takes fabulous pictures
  • small in size
  • rich in features
  • Smart touch technology - change setting with the touch of a finger
  • High-sensitivity ISO 1600 means good pictures even in low-light
  • Advanced Shake reduction
  • face recognition
  • amazing battery life
  • 20 megs internal memory
  • Fingernail friendly


  • No Media card included

In Conclusion:

The Samsung NV11 Digital Camera looks good, feels good and it takes great pictures...

10.1 Mega-pixels, 5x optical zoom, Smart Touch Technology, a 2.7 inch LCD, MPEG-4 video, Face Recognition technology, advanced shake reduction, 20MB internal memory and ISO 1600 all for under $300.00 - How Samsung managed to pack so many features into their NV11 digital camera such a low price is beyond me, but its a excellent camera that's small, light weight, fun to use and takes excellent pictures.

Simply put, I love this camera and I ENVY anyone who owns the Samsung NV11 Digital camera.



Samsung NV1 Digital camera

Click here to Purchase the Samsung NV11 Digital Camera



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