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i213 Tablet PC



by Linda A. Epstein
November   2004

What does it take to become the Editors Choice Tablet PC?

It's no secret that at we think outside the box, dare to be different and appreciate attention to small details. 

It's a combination of unique design, attention to detail and blazing fast speed that make the Sahara 1213 stand out from the Crowd.   The Sahara Tablet PC's simple elegant design, light weight and fast switching speed quickly made it our Tablet of choice. 

This review is still a work in progress.  While the i213 we have here is a production unit, the docking station is not, so we will be updating this review in the near future.


Intel Pentium M Centrino 

12.1 inch Digitizer-Screen XGA

CPU Speed 1.3 GH

3.3 lbs with Battery Pack

Operating System Windows Tablet XP Edition

Main Memory 1 x DDR-SODimm slot up to 1.0GB

HDD 2.5" 40GB HDD or larger

VGA Chip Set Intel 855GM(E)

VGA 1024 x 768 in Landscape mode 768 x 1024 in Portrait mode

2 USB, 1 Firewire, head phone and microphone inputs.  

i213 Tablet PC

for full spec's click here

While we recommend 512 or more ram for any Tablet PC, even when the Sahara only has 256 megs of ram it boots in under 40 seconds and has no problem running any program we have installed on it.   (We look forward to using an i213 Tablet PC with more ram installed in the near future.

i213 Tablet PC

Visually it's simple and elegant design sets it apart from all the other Tablets out there. 

The white case and rounded corners make the Sahara i213 a attractive in any setting.  Be it a Doctor's office or an executives suite or home office this machine looks good anywhere. 

While aesthetics don't matter to everyone, they do matter to a good number of professionals who have people in and out of their offices

tablet pc side

There are four buttons on the side that access menu, mail, landscape/portrait and task manager.  The menu button pops up a window that lets you quickly adjust the backlighting, access Journal, connect to the internet or send an email.  

Convenience and function come together with details like details like the scroll wheel positioned near the bottom on the right side of the Tablet.  

tablet pc dock

Like the i213 itself the docking station is uniquely designed

This uniquely designed docking stations includes convenient navigation buttons on the front and dual speakers as well as slots for multi media, secure digital, compact flash and smart media cards.  The screen auto rotates when you change the docking station from portrait to landscape.

The tablet dock also includes connectivity to: RJ-45 port for 10/100 Mb Ethernet, external monitor, 2 USB ports, DC-input power, and either a modular DVD/CD-RW or CD-ROM Drive. (optional)

tablet pc keyboard and mouse

RF Keyboard & Mouse Combo

A perfect match to the I213 and docking station the RF keyboard and mouse come with Included a USB RF adapter.

Additional accessories include :

  • rubber protective bumpers
  • hands-free carry cases
  • simple stand
  • Battery chargers
  • additional batteries
  • Vesa mounts, wall mounts, security wall mounts
Support:  While I have not needed tech support on either of the Sahara Tablet PC's I have tested, I have called multiple time to ask questions and the support has been flawless.

What's In The Box:  Sahara iTablet 123 Tablet PC,  Soft case with shoulder strap, Pen.  (the machine we currently have here did not come boxed. we will post the full box contents along with photos asap)

Battery Life: A consistent 3 hours and 30 minutes + with the backlighting and Wi FI turned on and just over 4 hours when I remember to turn off the WIFI.  When running the tablet for over three hours straight I was using a combination of Programs including Microsoft Office , Windows Journal, One Note, , Alias Sketchbook Pro, Math Practice and solitaire. 

Heat:  I don't work with my Tablet in my lap for long periods of time, but I do carry it around quite a bit, thanks to the fan which is always on (and whisper quiet) heat has not been an issue with the i213.

WiFi:   Intel Pro/wireless 2200BG worked even better than expected, I have excellent signal strength from second and third floors of my home and both outside balcony's and as far away as the mailbox outside.

The Pros

  • Speed

  • Unique Design

  • Long Battery Life

  • Clean, Crisp display

  • $100.00 Discount for TabletPc2 Readers!

The Cons:

  • No PCMCI slot

  • integrated video

  • no pen tether

  • Docking station is Expensive

In Conclusion:

With its Design and style that set it apart form other Tablet PC's, excellent performance, light weight, long lasting battery and wireless that stays connected when ever I take it, from the home user to the road warrior the 1213 Tablet PC machine has what it takes to get the job done, and look good doing it.

The best Tablet PC for anyone depends on what is best suited to their individual needs but for us the Sahara's unique style, speed and long lasting battery make it the Editors Choice and a top contender for anyone.

Sahara Tablet PC

For more information or to order click on the Sahara logo

*Available now*

Sahara Pen Tablet i213 

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or call (310) 782-1201.

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