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February - March 2005


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The OtterBox 4600 Tablet PC Case

For the Fujitsu Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PC

Linda A. Epstein
February  2005

OtterBoc Tablet PC Case in Stream

Waterproof, Dustproof, and Drop Protection for the Tablet PC

The idea of a case that turns a Tablet PC into a rugged tablet PC is brilliant.  But does it work?   and is it worth the cost?    The answer is a resounding yes.     

The OtterBox 4600 allows you the freedom to use your anywhere in any conditions.  We found this exceptionally handy on a rainy california day at the Hollywood bowl,  while Skiing in Mammoth and when allowing a toddler to play with the tablet pc.  

We dropped it, we played catch with it and we buried it in the snow!    In every instance the Tablet remained dry and in working condition.  

Michael Cooper OterBox

Michael Cooper using the Otterbox at the Hollywood Bowl in the Rain

Michael Cooper, the head sound engineer for the Hollywood bowl found both the hand strap and the protection from the rain came in very handy the day we were there.   You can see the rain beading up on the Otterbox protective screen in the photos above.  

OtterBOx in Snow

In the snow.....

It was only 18 degrees outside when this picture was taken !

OterBOX in stream   In the stream

OtterBox uses quality Gore Membrane Vents on the OtterBox 4600 Tablet PC Case to let the heat out.

Sahara Tablet PC in Otterbox We tried the Sahara i213 Tablet PC in the OtterBox 4600, while it didn't allow us access to anything other than the CF slot it did work..


SIde VIew This side view of the OtterBox shows the       removable rubber caps that allow you to access the ports on the side of the Fujitsu          ST 5000 series Tablet PC.  


Another feature we really liked was the ease of use and comfort of the Hand Strap on the back of the Otterbox 4600.

This may well be the most functional Hand strap we have ever used.

Back of OtterBOX


side view

A view from the top

A hinged door allows you access to the PCMCIA slot


While we didn't put our Fujitsu 5020 in the dishwasher,  we very much enjoyed putting it through its paces in the rain, the snow, in a stream and against a rough and tumble four year old boy!  

Bjorn with otter box

4 year old Bjorn uses Alias Sketchbook Pro after a day on the slopes


Notable Features:

  • Waterproof, Dustproof, and Drop Protection for the Tablet PC

    • IP67 and MIL SPEC 810F Approval Ratings.
    • Makes a standard Fujitsu Tablet PC the most Rugged Tablet PC available.
    • Ruggedize your Fujitsu Tablet PC Case for Thousands Less than the Rugged PC's on the market.
    • Access to all major functions through the case (power, PCMCIA slot, ETC.)
    • Useable with standard 4800mA,h 6-cell battery and optional 7200mAh, 9-cell battery
    • Allows customers to ruggedize their Fujitsu Tablet when needed, but use the Tablet in its standard form in less harsh environments.

      *Accessibility to ports is limited on the ST4000 series
MSRP $349.99 
External: inches L 15.66 - W 11.05 - D 2.65
mm(L 397.6 - W 280.5 - D 67.3)
Neck Case

Tablet PC Case Neck Strap Accessory

Allows for hands-free use and ease in transport for the Fujitsu Tablet PC protected inside of the OtterBox 4600 Tablet PC case.

Hand Strap

Replacement Hand Strap for Tablet PC Case

Includes a replacement neoprene hand strap and all mounting hardware.

Mounting Kit

Universal Mounting Kit for Tablet PC Case

  • Allows the OtterBox 4600 Tablet PC case to be rigidly mounted to a variety of surfaces Includes the following mounting hole patterns:
    • VESA 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm 2.0” x 4.0” rectangular pattern
    • RAM® C & D size (1.5” & 2.0” ball) round mount pattern
    Made of powder-coated steel for high strength and long life
  • Includes mounting hardware to attach to case




















The ProsOtterBoc Tablet PC Case in Stream

  • Turns a regular Tablet PC into a rugged Tablet PC
  • Water, snow and dust proof
  • Child proof
  • Give you the ability to use your tablet PC in any conditions.

The Cons:

  • Only available for the Fujitsu ST5000 series right now
  • hard to use the USB ports while in the case.
  • not inexpensive


In Conclusion:   

The OtterBox 4600 is an excellent accessory for anyone who what's the convenience of Tablet with the ability to protect it from the elements (and small children) when necessary.   Much like a waterproof camera case,  the OtterBOx 4600 It may not be something you use every day, but when the occasion calls for it, its a great thing to have!


OterBox Logo

Purchase the OtterBox Tablet PC Case Here

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