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June & July 2007

Oakley Thump Pro

Oakley Thump Pro

My Favorite Tablet PC and UMPC Accessory

Oakley Thump Pro - brownOakley Thump Pro CustomOakley Thump Pro - Black

by Linda A. Epstein
June 2007

My Favorite Tablet PC and UMPC Accessory

Oakley Thump Pro sunglasses take wearable electronics to a new level. 

What is my favorite Tablet PC and UMPC accessory is a much easier question to answer than what is my favorite Tablet Pc or Ultra Mobile Pc / UMPC     in 2004 the Oakley Thump was the Tablet Pc 2 Product of the year.    Three years and several versions later.....

Some things are just hard to beat and the Oakley's line of electronic eye ware is one of them.  As the Thumps continue to evolve they remain my favorite Tablet PC and now Ultra Mobile PC - UMPC accessory.    On the slopes, at the beach, wondering down Fifth Avenue in NYC or up Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills the Oakley Thump Pros take me anywhere I want to go in style.  From the first pair of Oakley Thumps, the Thump 2 and now the Thump Pro they are hands down and without question my favorite Tablet PC and now UMPC accessory.

Oakley Thump Pro Charging ont the Toshiba R400

Oakley Thump Pro Charging ont the Toshiba R400

Oakley Thump Pro Charging ont the Samsung Q1 UMPC

Oakley Thump Pro Charging ont the Samsung Q1 UMPC

So there are no questions as to why the majority of the photos in this review were not take by me, its because sunglasses are difficult to photograph.

Always an innovator, with the new Thump Pro Oakley continues to develop and refine their line of wearable electronics.  While it still amuses me to answer and make calls using Oakley's Bluetooth enabled Razrwires,  being able to drag and drop the music from my desktop computer, Tablet PC or UMPC into my sunglasses which serve the dual purpose of being an MP3 player with great sound quality is the ultimate in convenience. 


Redesigned in 2006 to be lighter, provide sweat resistance and offer the convenience of interchangeable lenses as well as the option to purchase additional lenses with your own prescription in them, the New Oakley Thump Pros are more comfortable than ever.  Add to that they look great, feel great and sound great.   Besides all that they are just plain fun to wear!

Dallas with Oakley Thump Pro's new Assistant Editor hard at work
checking out the Oakley Thump Pro and the TabletKiosk Sahara i440D Tablet PC poolside

How is THUMP Pro different than previous THUMP products (THUMP and THUMP 2)?
THUMP Pro was designed with sports performance use in mind:
  • Sleeker, more streamlined design.
  • Unobtainium® nose pads and ear stems.
  • Increased sweat resistance.
  • Interchangeable lenses for varied light conditions.

TOakley hump Pro features

What makes them my favorite Accessory?   An unparalleled combination of function and design make them a pleasure to use.  And, like all Oakley wearable electronics, THUMP Pro features High Definition Optics® for razor-sharp vision.

I had RK surgery on my eyes are sensitive to light, and  now I wear contacts and drive a convertible so my eyes are have to be protected from wind and dust and bright light. .   The Black Iridium lenses do an excellent job of blocking a maximum amount of light and enhancing what ever i'm looking at.  The design of the Thump Pro keeps the wind and the dust out of my eyes even at high speeds.

Its no secret that I'm a "wanna be audiophile" so good sound is important to me.  I charge my Thump Pro's with a usb cable from my Tablet or UMPC when I'm on the road, and from a Tablet, UMPC or sometimes even my desktop PC when I'm home.   

Ease of use and comfort:  The controls for the Thump Pro are literally at the tip of of finger - or in my case finger nails.  On the right arm you have three buttons, one for power -play-/pause, one for fast-forward and the third for going back to the previous song.   The telescoping ear pieces on the Thumb Pro are The fully adjustable making them very comfortable. Since they don't sit to far in the ear you can listen to them and still be aware of your surroundings which if your an athlete is important.

While they are charging I can drag and drop my music of choice into them quickly and easily, then then grasp them and head out the door on a moments notice. 

Thump Pro On Windows VIsta

 My MP3s are saved at the highest quality but I have no shortage of music with the 1 gig capacity.   Another perk to the Thump Pro is that I can use them to transfer files between machines if I've gone to a clients and to bring along a forgotten a usb key.     Now add to that the fact that I can spend an entire day on the slopes or running around town and still have battery power to spare.  Oakley claims six hours of battery life at full volume - Maybe its because I tend to turn them on and off during the day or maybe its because I don't find the need to listen to them at full volume but I've never run out of battery during a day of using them.  Put it all together and the Thump Pro easily wins the title of my favorite Tablet PC and UMPC accessory.

Black Iridium Lens in the Thump Pro take me anywhere I want to go, enhance my vision and protect my eyes, Oakley Customwhich are sensitive to light. The Oakley Thump Pro is also part of Oakley's Customizable is also available with prescription lenses.  

The photos below show how well the Black Iridium lenses block light and enhance your view

Football field

Snow Half Pipe


From the Oakley web site:

Oakley combined a premium sunglass and a state-of-the-art MP3 player to create the ultimate training tool. THUMP Pro fuels your game with the pulse of your favorite songs. From running to cycling, you can now achieve peak performance with the music that moves you.

THUMP Pro brings out the athlete in you. It’s so comfortably lightweight, you'll forget you have it on. The sport-inspired frame is sweat resistant, so you can push past your limits without worrying about your equipment. And with up to 1GB of storage space, it can power you through a marathon session.

Video Watch the Thump Pro video (6.8 mb)

  • Improved sweat resistance, so you don’t have to worry about your equipment quitting before you do.
  • Unobtainium® nosepads and stem inlays, so your eyewear doesn’t move when you do.
  • Open-edge lenses, so your downward view isn’t blocked (critical for cycling and running)
  • User-changeable lenses, so you can optimize vision for any sport environment.
  • Incredibly lightweight, so light that it weighs less than an empty CD case.

And, like all Oakley wearable electronics, THUMP Pro features High Definition Optics® for razor-sharp vision.

Thump Pro - Turn it up


  • High Definition Optics® for razor-sharp vision
  • Uses USB cable to Charge and drag and drop music from Tablet PC or Umpc
  • great sound
  • lightweight
  • updated design and styling is much more flattering on the face - now I can wear them anywhere I go
  • Easy to use even with long fingernails
  • Eliminates the need to carry a MP3 player and earphones
  • comfortable
  • they are just plain fun to wear and to own. cool smiley

Oakley Ice Iridium lenses


  • My favorite Oakley Lens are the Polarized Ice Iridium and they are not available even under the custom options for the Thump Pro

Customize and order the Oakley Thump Pro


Oakley Electronics

The answer to some of those Questions you just cant resist asking:

How may pair of sunglasses do I own? 
      Taking the time to count my sunglasses isn't on my to do list.   I can tell you that I have more sunglasses then computers ....I think.

Oakley Lil Jon Signature Edition  Do I still wear the Red Camouflage ones ?
      The red ones are the Oakley Thump - Lil Jon Signature Edition.   Yes, I still wear them for two reasons, first because they have polarized lenses which are my lens of choice and second, because I like having the ability able to flip up then lenses so I can go from the slopes to the lodge or into an airport lounge without turning off my music.   The Original Oakley Thump is here
  The Oakley Thump was the 2004 Product of the Year

Q: Do you really wear "the bluetooth ones",  if so how do they sound and do you feel strange Oakley razr wirewalking down the street talking on them.? 
     The Bluetooth one are called Razrwire.  I wear them when i'm going to be on the road, sitting sitting in LA traffic and I know my phone will be ringing and for conference calls.  I also wear them if I know I'm going to be outdoors all day and i know my phone will be ringing.    You can order the razrwire here


Oakley Accessories




Customize and order the Oakley Thump Pro

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