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November 2004

by Linda A. Epstein

The Motion Field Case & Motion Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard

They've done it again, and its no Oops!...

Continuing the tradition of providing their users with more options, and more important the most practical and functional accessories, Motions newest additions the Motion Field Case and the Bluetooth Mobile keyboard are without question a winning combination.  

The Motion Field Case

Tablet PC Field Case

Designed for convenience and portability in a lightweight rugged package, the Motion Field case is practical option for anyone who favors simplicity and organization on the road or on the run.  

If you need to take along the power supply for your Tablet, a few accessories and a keyboard.  This is the best designed and most well thought out case I have seen to date. (and I see a lot of them!)

Another bonus is that Motion's accessory designers recognize that their are Women in Technology and in designing this case making have made it finger nail Friendly.  The interior clips securely lock in the tablet, but allow you to remove it without the threat to long finger nails.  Adding to that is the fact that all of the snap on components are "Finger-nail-friendly".  Now If your a man these features may seam trivial but if your a woman they are a much appreciated design features.

From Motions web site: "Pull-out the easel, unzip the case, and you have an instant mobile desktop. Designed with field service and sales professionals in mind, this attractive and professional looking case is constructed of rugged EVA foam to provide additional protection for the Tablet PC"

The Field case is made up of multiple components.   Built into the the Field Case is an easel that pulls out, two pen holders,  a pocket for papers and two business card holders. 

Additionally there is a cable management roll that velcro's in above the keyboard, a saddle bag that snaps on the back and shoulder strap that snap s on and off easily.  Attention to detail was not lost on the Cable management roll, it has zippers in both directions and one end is open so you can connect the power with taking it apart    By mixing and matching the components the Field bag can be customized to suit any user needs. 

While designed to carry the the Motion DVD or CDROM drive, a battery, cables, and CD Media, If you think outside the box the snap-on saddle bag works equally well for carrying a wallet, checkbook, assorted make up and car keys.  If you prefer to stay inside the box, it also handles all of the accessories in our Editors Arsenal with plenty of room to spare.  

Careful attention to even the smallest detail, the design and flexibility of the Field cases combined with the snap on saddlebag to carry your essentials makes the Motion Field case easy to use and a practical solution for travel as well as daily use.  

Motion Field Case
Weight 2.25lbs
Dimensions 14” x 12.5” x 4.5”
Cost $89.99
Purchase the Motion Field Case

The Motion Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard

Bluetooth KeyboardSince Bluetooth technology allows you to work up to 30 feet away from your tablet and eliminates the clutter of tangled cables, it popularity is groping and its an excellent choice for Tablet PC users.

By following the step by step instructions in the included installation guide the Bluetooth Mobile keyboard was up and running in a mater of minutes. ( If your using a Tablet PC that does not have bluetooth such as a M1200 or M1300 you can use an external Bluetooth adapter such as a Bluetooth CF Card   or the Targus USB Bluetooth Adapter.

Although compact in size the keyboard which includes a track ball, mouse click buttons as and buttons for launching and controlling the media player, speaker volume, web browser, sleep and email.   With the exception of the media played buttons all of the buttons functioned flawlessly. 

The design of the keyboard and inclusion of trackball and mouse buttons, make Motion Bluetooth Mobile keyboard easy to use in any situation.  Its usable while standing, sitting,  propped in your lap, on the desk or in a Motion Field Case. 

By integrating both the trackball and mouse click buttons into he design of the keyboard motion has effectively given its users 2 pieces if hardware in one self contained unit.   

While this was my first experience with Bluetooth, after seeing how easy it is to implement and how well it works, I think its safe to say that it I will be adding other bluetooth devices as often and as quickly as possible.


My desk Before the Bluetooth Keyboard          And with the Bluetooth Keyboard

A Winning Combination


Designed to be used independently or together, this is going to be a hard combination to beat, even for Motion.

Motions know's that keeping their clients interested means staying on the cutting edge of innovation and catering to a diverse clientele.  Offering more choices and more accessory options than other manufacturers and continuing to expand those options.   These well spaced additions to the accessory line keeps people coming back and checking to see what's new on a regular basis.  

As for what's on Motions drawing board or when its coming, I don't have that information but I'm crossing my fingers for a Bluetooth Hardtop keyboard...

Motion Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard
Powered by Three AA bateries (included)
Cost $149.99
Purchase Motion Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard


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