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MindManager 2002 Review


MindManager 2002 for the Tablet PC

Review by Linda A. Epstein

MindManager 2002 for Tablet PC is an intuitive pen-application that maximizes mobile effectiveness by facilitating the quick capture and organization of information on the fly.

While designed for the business professional, with its wide array of templates MindManager 2002 for the Tablet PC can be used by anyone. This diverse software allows Tablet PC users to organize and map their thoughts with the stroke of the pen.

When you first open the MindManager program you have the option of taking a look at a quick overview, previewing sample maps visiting the learning center or to start using MindManager. The Quick Overview option takes you to a 90 second overview that show you how the program can be used for brainstorming , capturing ideas and organizing them into maps can be can exported to Word, Powerpoint, and html formats in a single click.

Preview sample maps, shows you some of the things you can use MindManager for: such as brainstorming, project planning, meeting management, and web site development.

The Learning Center give you your first glimpse at some of the gestures that can be used in mindManager as well as a detailed map of what MindManager can do.

One of the first things you notice when you open open a new document to begin using MindManager is just how well thought out and organized this program is. Down the right side of the task pane are labeled tabs that allow you to quickly choose a template and begin using the program. Branch templates let you things like invitation or months of the year to you map with one tap of the pen. You can easily change the colors of a branch, convert your writing into text, change the ink color or ad a drawing to your maps quickly and easily. If you need help is always a tap away.

Key Features

Benefits & Advantages
Pen-intuitive user interface Increased productivity
Text recognition More effective meetings
Searchable ink Faster decision-making
Inclusion of sketches Less time spent on preparation
Automatic spacing  
MindManager offers business professionals a more effective way to capture, organize and communicate information, ideas and meeting notes.
Instantly capture ideas, meeting notes and concepts using sketches, handwritten notes or type
Drag and drop branches to quickly structure that information
Visually identify important tasks, issues and relationships

Refine information based on group feedback

Facilitate a clear understanding of the topic at hand

Organize tasks, supporting documents, existing resources and materials in a single application

MindManager actually lets you work the way you think. Start with your concept and adding your thoughts in branches, dropping in documents and drawing when you need them and highlighting what is important and then reorganizing them as you continue adding information. You can adjust your preferences to changes your handwriting to text as you enter it or leave it in your own writing, if you change your mind you can convert all your writing to text.

The array of features in MindManager may be overwhelming at first, but give yourself a chance to experiment with it. Try out the diff rent temp lets and branch templates to see what features your most likely to use, and try them out. THis program has a lot to offer for those who are willing to take the time to learn how to use it.

Learning to use the gestures with the pen does take some practice, but with a little patience an you will be using MindManager to create everything from Press Kits and party invitations to, "To Do Lists with ease.

These is no question that MindJet put a lot of time and effort into developing the Tablet PC version of MindManager. they have done one of the best job I have seen with integrating pen and ink technology into a program to date. Handwriting recognition is excellent and the array of options in mind boggling.

In all honesty I can say that this is the only program I have ever used and not had a single thing to put on a wish list for the next version. Mindjet truly has thought of it all and it all in MindManager 2002.

visit the MindJet web site today, take the Tablet PC tour and download a trial copy and try it for yourself.



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