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* 2010 Editors Choice Convertible Tablet PC *

Lenovo X201 Tablet PC

The Lenovo Thinkpad X201 Tablet PC

by Linda A. Epstein
September 2010


The Editors Choice Tablet PC only changes when something comes along that offers features and options that exceed those of the current "Editors Choice" Tablet PC.     An Editors Choice machine needs to be sturdy, powerfully, easy to travel with, offer advancements in technology and have reliable manufacturer support.  The Lenovo x201 offers all that and more.  

Faster processors, more memory, larger hard drives and longer battery life, are features that we expect from new generations of Tablet PCs, but those things alone are not impressive or exciting enough to put a Tablet into the running for the "Editors Choice" Tablet PC.   The Editors Choice Tablet PC needs a feature set that appeals to a wide variety of people and professions and provide those people with the best computing experience possible.   

Another very important feature for the editors choice Tablet PC is the screen quality.  As you can see from the array of photos below the screen on the X201 is crisp and clear both indoors & out.    The new capacitive multitouch screen allows users the benefit from the multitouch features available in windows 7.   While a multitouch screen is not a requirement for a Tablet PC it is a nice feature to have.  

In my office & in the living room

A long time favorite feature of the Lenovo Tablet PCs is he the black coating of the lenovo x201 is easy hold and carry and shows far less fingerprints than other tablets.   I don't know about the rest of you, but as far as I am concerned going into a meeting with a Tablet PC (or any notebook) covered in fingerprints does not make a good impression and I don't have the time or the desire to be constantly checking for and wiping fingerprints and smudges from he outside of my computer before every meeting.


Battery Life: With Windows 7 for Professional as the OS and the 8 cell battery installed I was able to get 4 hours 5 minutes of battery life with brightness on the x201 screen turned all the way up, the wireless and blue tooth on, no standby, hibernate disabled and the screen and hard drive set to always on.  There is no question that these setting are going to give you the shortest amount of battery life.  I need to know the absolute minimum battery life I can expect, that is why I run the battery test this way.

Using the Lenovo x201 built in power saver setting user adjustable) can give you up to 11 hours hours of battery life.

The Pen and Ink Experience:   The pen and ink experience on the the Lenovo x201 is exceptional.   The red tipped pen, glides easily across the screen and the ink flows naturally.  for those of use who enjoy using ink it is a pleasure to use on the X201.   The Lenovo pen is comfortable in my hand and I enjoy the convenience of having having an eraser on the end of pen. 
Lenovo X201 Tablet PC outside on Balcony

Who is it For: This is one Tablet PC that I can honestly say is for anyone and everyone.  There is no question that the Lenovo x201 Tablet PC will be an excellent choice for road warriors, students, teachers and home users.  Anyone who uses a notebook and wants the ability to use pen and ink is going to enjoy both using and owning the Lenovo x201 Tablet PC.

The photo to the right of the x201 with the macaw on the screen was taken outside on a balcony.

Features ( from the Lenovo web site)

Easy to convert
From traditional laptop at the office to tablet mode in the field. Simply twist and fold back the screen to convert.

Natural, intuitive data input

  • Digitizer pen: Jot notes and sketch diagrams on screen using the comfortable rubberized pen. You can even flip and erase like using a pencil! Palm-rejection technology prevents your hand from interfering with writing.
  • Touch screen: For even greater ease, step up to the optional multitouch panel. Enhanced finger-touch sensitivity makes it a breeze to smoothly interact with applications and enter data on forms.
  • Full-sized keyboard: All X Series Tablet models come with the full-sized, spill-resistant ThinkPad keyboard, featuring the famous TrackPoint® pointing device.
    Must-have mobility and versatility
    Take the highly mobile X Series Tablet anywhere work requires.
    • Lightweight, starting at just 3.57 pounds
    • Up to 10 hours of battery life for all-day computing
    • Multiple connectivity options, including WiMAX, 3G/WWAN and more (varies by country)
    • Superior wireless design and antenna placement
    arranging photos using multi touch

Educators and students
Computers are being used more and more in (and out of) the classroom, with teachers giving multimedia lesson plans while students take digital notes.

How X Series Tablet helps:

  • Teachers can make notes or record data without being stuck behind a desk.
  • Students can easily transition from taking handwritten notes, writing formulas, sketching diagrams and drawing graphs using the digitizer pen to typing a paper on the full-sized keyboard.
  • Students can take better advantage of field trips and nontraditional settings, learning and collaborating from anywhere.

My Favorite Features:

   convenience at your fingertips.....

The Display -

The Multi touch screen

The two finger Multi touch screen rotates, tilts and lies flat for a perfect viewing angle in every situation, can been used indoor and out with out a problem.


The Think Vantage button -Thaink Vantage message center

convenience at its best.  The Lenovo Think Vantage buttons allow the user to access settings, features and information literally at the touch of a button.  One click and what you need is on the screen in front of you.  

Think Vantage Message Center & System Update

The Think Vantage message center alerts you when there are software updates and drivers available for your x201 Tablet PC and the Think Vantage System update locates critical, recommended, optional and extras and allows you to choose between downloading them as a package and and installing them all at once downloading and saving them for installation at a later time of your choosing          



Lenovo X201 Tablet PC/Lenovo multi touch touchpad

Lenovo X201 Tablet PC/Lenovo multi touch touchpad

allows users to use the pinch and expand finger gesture, which translates into decreasing and increasing size of an object on the screen. 




The Lenovo Ultra Base:

The Thinkpad X200 Tablet Ultra Base is a simple, easy to attach solution that adds a wide array of expansion capabilities but is small enough to carry anywhere.  
Available with multiple optical bay options including the ThinkPad Blu-ray Burner Ultra bay Slim Drive.    Attach the Ultra Base and a good set of earphones to the x201 Tablet and you can watch Blu-ray DVD's on flight when traveling.

  • Integrated battery charger - Lets you power up a spare battery for the road
  • Digital and analog video support - VGA monitor port and Display Port
  • Audio capability - Integrated stereo speakers, microphone in, headphone out
  • Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45)
  • Four USB 2.0 ports
  • System power-on button and easy ejection lever
  • Integrated key lock and optional cable lock slot to secure your ThinkPad notebook and your ThinkPad X200 Ultra Base
  • Power pass through to fuel your system and recharge the battery - Uses the ThinkPad 90W AC adapter.  Also uses the ThinkPad 65W AC Adapter, which ships with X200 Series systems and is available separately as an option
  • Warranty by Lenovo with renowned Service and Support available from IBM

Durable & Kitten Proof...... Designed for durability the X201 Tablet PC has a spill resistant keyboard, shock mounted hard drive and easily withstands everyday use,  the travel of the road warrior and being tossed around in a backpack.  In addition to the durability it was designed for, the X201 Tablet PC is also Kitten proof.  No mater how often they jump on it, fight over it or sleep on it the Lenovo x201 holds up to my two kittens who bat at the screen & fight over the keyboard.

Phantom & Dancer on the Lenovo x201 Tablet PC


    Windows Experience Index in Windows 7

    Windows Experience Index in Windows 7

    Specs :

    Processor Intel Core i7-640LM Processor (2.13GHz)
    Operating System Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
    Display 12.1" Multitouch WXGA LED Panel with Wide viewing Angle
    Memory 4 GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM
    Hard Drive 250 GB Hard Disk Drive, 5400rpm
    Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 (2x2 AGN)
    Graphics mobile Intel 945GM Express
    8 Cell Lithium-Ion

    The Lenovo x201 Tablet PC weighs in a 3.57 pounds, is 1.3" thin and offers users longer battery life and plenty of options and configuration choices Including your choice of  12.1 inch LED WXGA Wide View, MultiTouch LED WXGA or SuperBright Outdoor LED displays, support for up to 8 GB of memory, hard drives as large as 320 GB or a solid state drive up to 128 GB.

    Left Side View: power , VGA Output, Ethernet Port, 1 USB 2.0, express Card (54mm)

    Right Side View   2 x USB 2.o Ports, Audio Out, Microphone in, modem jack, Pen dock
    Not shown: there is a 5-1 media card reader on the front of the X201 Tablet PC



    The Lenovo x201 Tablet PC shown above does not have an indoor outdoor display,
    but as you can see for yourself when it is not in direct sun the screen is still crisp. clear and easy to see.   

    Lenovo x201 in the sunLenovo x201 in the shade
    The Lenovo x201 Tablet PC with 12.1" Multitouch WXGA LED Panel outside in the sun & in the shade

    Lenovo makes sure that the the Tablet user has everything they need to access available in tablet Mode by having a tablet buttons for power, power button lock, screen rotation, tablet shortcut menu, all on the conveniently located ont he tablet bezel. 

    Buttons:  Think Vantage, Tablet shortcut menu, Screen Rotation, Cltr-Alt-Del, power with locking switch, turn off tablet buttons, wireless on/off switch

    Ports: 3 USB 2.0, microphone, headphone VGA-out, modem VGA-out, LAN, /54, audio jacks and a modem jack

    Card Slots : SDHC & Express Card

    Heat:  The x201 stays remarkable cool. It may get a little bit warm if you have it in your lap for long periods of time, but it never gets hot.


    The Pros: 

    • fabulous battery life
    • Power full
    • Durable
    • screen quality
    • Screen rotates and tilts for a perfect viewing angle in every situation
    • new touch pad
    • Multi touch
    • Full Size Spill Resistant keyboard
    • Outside case is fingerprint resistant
    • Think vantage software
    • Multiple configurations offer something for everyone
    • excellent selection of accessories

    The Cons: 

    • Not as thin as I would like it to be
    • with the ultra-bay attached its a bit on the bulky side
    • Sound quality from the speakers is beyond bad.


    Cutting edge technology, powerful and easy to use the The Lenovo x201 Tablet PC is the perfect Tablet PC for those those who want it all.    Add multiple connectivity options and a screen that rotates and tilts for a perfect viewing angle in every situation and the X201 tablet PC is suitable for anyone.  

    Lenovo x201 Tablet PC is the perfect excellent choice for students, doctors, field workers, road warriors and home users alike.

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    Lenovo X201 Accessories

    ThinkPad X6200 Tablet UltraBase

    Expand the function of your ThinkPad X200 Series ultraportable or tablet by snapping it into the ThinkPad X200 UltraBase. This simple, quick attach solution adds a wide array of expansion capabilities but is small enough to carry anywhere. A single UltraBase now works with both ThinkPad ultraportable and tablet notebooks.
    ThinkPad X6200 Tablet UltraBase
    ThinkPad Battery 47++ (9cell)
    ThinkPad Battery 47++ (9cell)

    Stay unplugged longer with the help of a spare or replacement ThinkPad system battery. Get more the twice the capacity of the 4 cell system battery (select models) or carry an extra to extend your unplugged computing time Its compatible design allows it to be in the system when the system is connected to ThinkPad X200 UltraBase.
    Quickly and easily connect to the workspace peripherals you use every day. Simply plug in the USB cable for access to your monitor, USB printer, keyboard, mouse and other USB devices.
    ThinkPad USB Port Replicator w/Digital Video

    ThinkPad USB 500GB Secure Hard Drive

    The ThinkPad eSATA/USB 500GB Secure Hard Drive option physically secures your valuable data in case of theft or loss. Optimized for safeguarding essential data while on-the-go, this drive offers high-level 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security within a slim, lightweight, self-powered, easy-to-use design.

    ThinkPad USB 500GB Secure Hard Drive

    ThinkPad checkpoint-friendly carrying case

    ThinkPad checkpoint-friendly carrying case

    Our case meets TSA checkpoint-friendly standards to help you get through airport security faster:

    Designated laptop-only section
    Lies flat on the X-ray belt
    No metal snaps, zippers or buckles inside, underneath or on top of the laptop-only section

    Lenovo 90W Ultraslim Combo Adapter

    Leave your multiple AC adapters at home and only take one on the road! The Lenovo 90W Ultraslim AC/DC Combo Adapter can power your notebook, cell phone, MP3 player or other peripheral devices, when it is plugged into a standard AC wall outlet or the DC outlets available in automobiles and airplanes. It is Lenovo's smallest and lightest combo power adapter yet, so it tucks easily into your carrying case for travel.


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