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Tablet PC2 Review

"How To do Everything With your Tablet PC "

Review by Linda A. Epstein - 5/19/2003

Author: Bill Man

Format: Paperback

Pub. Date: March 2003

Publisher: Osborne/McGraw-Hill

Beginning with "Meet your Tablet PC" "Use the Tablet PC's Tools to solve Problems" The book "How To Do Everything With Your Tablet PC" is filled with useful information and helpful hints for getting the most out of a Tablet PC.

Written in a manner that novice users will be able to understand this book is a excellent guide to for both using and troubleshooting issues on the Tablet PC. Throughout the book there are highlighted tips, notes and shortcuts conveniently bring important information to your attention.

Covering everything from setup to how to use individual software applications, nothing has been left out of this publication. And unlike other books of this type the author does an excellent job of giving you information without being condescending to his readers. Which is commendable.

For those who are hesitant about purchasing a Tablet because they are unfamiliar with both the hardware and the Windows XP software this book contains all the information you need to set up and start using your tablet PC without worry.

From it's highlighted tips to its in depth instructions for setting up a home network "How to do everything with your Tablet PC is an excellent resource for new users who have purchased or are thinking about purchasing a Tablet PC.

From the Back Cover:

Explore the capabilities and benefits of your Tablet PC hardware and software with help from this easy-to-understand guide. Get a thorough run-through of your new device, as well as the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system that runs on it. Once you've become familiar with the hardware and software features, follow helpful chapters that reveal step-by-step how to configure your device, connect with the Internet, run on a network, and even go wireless. You'll put your Tablet PC to work using accessories, running multimedia applications, playing games, writing with Ink, and much more. Plus--get plenty of troubleshooting techniques and advice.

* Examine your Tablet PC hardware
* Use the pen as a control device and text entry tool
* Draw pictures and play games on the screen
* Import your old files and settings
* Create user accounts to accommodate multiple users
* Connect to printers, faxes, scanners, digital cameras, and other peripherals
* Understand Tablet PC digital ink and handwriting recognition
* Use handwriting in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents
* Use backup and system restore features to protect all your data

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