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The New HP Compact Compact 2710p  Tablet PC

The New HP Compact Compact 2710p Notebook - Tablet PC

Linda A. Epstein -  August 2007


The The first thing you notice when you un box the HP 2710 Tablet PC is the HP DurraFinish on the case and the HP DuraKeys which resemble brushed aluminum.  The design is clean and simple. Weighing only 1.1 inches thin, weighing 3.7 pounds a The new HP Compact's 2710p Tablet PC gives users the functionality of an light weight light notebook with al of the Tablet PC features included.

Designed with the business user in mind, the HP Compact 2710P is a no frills no fuss Tablet PC that feels sturdy in your hand and fits easily in a briefcase or backpack.  For convenience HP offers an optional Ultra-Slim Expansion Base with integrated DVD+/-RW and an Ultra-Slim Battery for those times when you need DVD access or longer battery life. 

What's in the Box

HP Compact 2710P Tablet PC

Tablet PC Pen Stylus

6-cell battery

Ultra Slim Battery

power cord




  • Intel Core 2 Duo ULV processor U7500 1.06 GHz
  • 12.1" Illumi-Lite, WXGA UWVA, anti-glare with Digitizer
  • Windows Vista Business
  • Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset
  • 60GB (4200 rpm) hard drive
  • 1GB memory   + 8 video memory
  • Intel HSDPA Broadband Wireless Network adapter
  • Intel 802.11a/b/g
  • Blue tooth 2.0
  • SD slot
  • HP ProtectTools, TPM Embedded Security Chip 1.2,13 HP Fingerprint Sensor, Symantec Norton Internet Security, optional Smart Card Reader,11 Kensington lock11
  • 1.11 inches thin
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds

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The Pen and Ink Experience:  The "Pen Feel" when your writing on the 12.1" Illumi-Lite, WXGA UWVA, anti-glare screen is very good and The pen storage compartment gives you access to the pen with a single touch, which makes it fingernail friendly for the female executives and students out there. 

Battery: 2 hours 56 minutes of battery life using the 6 cell battery with the brightness turned all the way up, the wireless and blue tooth on, no standby, sleep disabled and the screen and hard drive set to always on.   There is no question that these setting are going to give you the shortest amount of battery life.  I need to know the absolute minimum battery life I can expect, that is why I run the battery test this way.    According to HP using the max battery setting you will be able to get 5 hours of battery life.

Screen: the 12.1" Illumi-Lite, WXGA UWVA, anti-glare screen with Digitizer give you a nice clear screen that is easy on the eyes and can be viewed outdoors as long as you not in direct sun.   The Chemically strengthened glass provides durability and a excellent writing surface.

Who is it For:  The HP 2710 Tablet PC was not designed to be the fastest, flashiest or most feature rich tablet PC available.  It was designed to provide business users and collage students with a sturdy, light weight notebook - Tablet PC that gets the job done and is reliable.   This is the perfect machine for those who are focused on their work and serious about getting the job done.

Notable Features:

Integrated 2 MP camera (1600 x 1200 max resolution) The integrated camera enables both video and still-image capture. It’s perfect for video and web conferencing, video-enhanced instant messaging, and VoIP. The innovative business card reader software along with the integrated camera’s macro lens setting allow you to quickly and easily photograph business cards and convert the text into your favorite contact application. No additional hardware to carry or buy. ( from the HP Web Site)

Easy access to Volume mute button and Volume scroll zone - (shown below)

  HP Night Light

Another notable feature on the 2710 Tablet PC is the "HP Night Light" that at the push of a button shines directly on the keyboard.  The will be a which will be great for those who work on night flights when other are sleeping. (above right)

HP 2700 ultra-slim expansion base

HP 2700 Ultra-Slim Expansion Base with integrated DVD+/-RW drive

My personal favorite feature of the 2710P is the optional HP 2700 Ultra-Slim HP Ultra-Slim Expansion Base with integrated DVD+/-RW driveExpansion Base (side Ports shown above) with integrated DVD+/-RW drive. ( shown Above)  The Expansion base which is amazingly thin, sleek and lightweight.  Having the option using the base or taking it with you with out adding a lot of bulk or weight is a great feature.  The Ultra-Slim Expansion Base weighs one pound 6 ounces and is easy to attach and remove.

The Ultra-Slim Expansion Base with integrated7mm DVD+/-RW optical drive ships with with Inter video WinDVD and Sonic Digital Media Plus preloaded so users will not have to upgrade from Vista for Business.

HP 2700 Ultra-Slim Battery: The optional HP 2700 Ultra slim battery attaches to the bottom of the 2710P Tablet PC and the HP 2700 Ultra-Slim Expansion Base with integrated DVD+/-RW drive can be used alone or in addition to the Ultra slim battery

HP 2710P Tablet Pc with Ultra Slim Battery and Ultra-Slim Expansion Base

Worth noting here is the fact that Windows Vista for Business does not come with the necessary codecs to play DVD's built into it.   While the help for this in Vista says the solution to this is to upgrade to Vista Home Premium or Ultimate, it is not necessary to do so.   You can install a third party software such as the free AVS DVD Player (I will check with HP and see if they are including the necessary software with the optional Expansion Base and add it to the review) 

As the HP 2710P only has a mono speaker located in the from right corner of the keyboard - if you plan on watching watching DVDS or listening to music while your at your desk or on a plane, my suggestion would be to invest in a good set of headphones such as those from our friends at Ultimate Ears.  (Ultimate Ears make the sound from a mono speaker clean enough to watch a movie on a plane )  

Currently Users have the option of choosing from seven pre configured options that range from $1599.00 to 2448.00 in price.  (as of 8/7/07) 


Front view : Camera Led, Camera Switch, HP Night Light Button, External WWAN antenna Button, External WWAN antenna, Power Switch, Display release latch

Right Side View: Fingerprint sensor, 1394a port, headphone jack, Microphone jack, SD slot, USB port, Kensington lock slot

Left Side View: Pen slot, Vent, ExpressCard slot or smart card reader, Wireless on/off button/light, Info button, HP Quicklook button, Powered USB port

Rear View : Windows security button, RJ-11 jack, RJ-45 jack, External monitor connector


Pre installed software with Windows Vista or Windows XP PDF Complete
HP Backup and Recovery Manager
HP Help and Support Center
HP QuickLook (Windows Vista only)
HP OpenView Radia Management Agent
HP Universal Print Driver
HP ProtectTools Security Manager:
   BIOS Configuration for HP ProtectTools
   Credential Manager for HP ProtectTools
   Device Access Manager for HP ProtectTools
   Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools
   Embedded Security for HP ProtectTools
HP Quick Launch Buttons
HP Wireless Assistant
Microsoft Office Ready with 60-day Office Professional 2007 Trial Edition (select models)
Roxio Creator 9 (for optional DVD+/-RW and DVD/CDRW drives)
Symantec Norton Internet Security with complimentary 60-day live update
Intervideo WinDVD – DVD Player
NewSoft Presto! BizCard (for camera configurations)
Additional software available from the web HP Client Manager
Java Card Security for HP ProtectTools


hp 2710P Tablet PC outside
Outside in the Shade

The HP 2710p Tablet PC shown above does not have an outdoor display

Buttons: Pointing stick, Presentation button, Volume mute button, Volume scroll zone, right click button, left click button


  • 802.11b/g wireless LAN Modem
  • Blue tooth
  • Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 Connector)
  • High speed 56k modem

       connectivity options

  • HP ev2200 1xEV-DO Broadband Wireless Module (Verizon) (available Oct '07)
  • HP hs2300 HSDPA Broadband Wireless Module (AT&T) (available Oct '07)
  • HP ev2210 1xEVDO-A Broadband Wireless Module – Sprint (available Oct '07


  • 2 USB 2.0
  • IEEE 1394
  • microphone in
  • headphone/line-out
  • docking connector
  • battery connector
  • RJ-45
  • RJ-11
  • external VGA monitor
  • AC power

    Card Slots :

    ExpressCard/54 slot Supports ExpressCard/54 and ExpressCard/34
    Optional Integrated Smart Card Reader (replaces ExpressCard slot) Compatible with ISO 7816 compliant Smart Cards
    PC/SC interface support
    Secure Digital slot Supports SD (Secure Digital), MMC (MultiMedia Card)


The HP Compact 2710p Windows Experience Index

Windows Expreience score for hp 2710p

Please keep in mind

this review was done with a pre production HP Compact 2710p Notebook - Tablet PC


  • 1.11 inches thin but feel sturdy in your hand and when your working on it.
  • Easy access to button that turns wireless on and off
  • easy access to presentation mode and volume
  • Ultra-Slim Expansion Base with integrated DVD+/-RW drive
  • Night Light
  • Good "Pen Feel" makes writing and taking notes easy


  • the U7500 1.06GHz processor with only 1gig of memory is somewhat sluggish -I highly suggest stepping up the processor and the memory for the best user experience.
  • configuring a HP 2710P with the components of you choice is not currently available
  • Navigation button with raised edges has an odd feel to it
  • mono speaker located in front corner makes for very poor sound quality
  • Windows Vista for Business does not have the ability to play DVD's in it.  You will need to install third party software or upgrade to Vista Home premium or Ultimate if you want to play a DVD's .


The HP Compact 2710p Tablet PC is a light weight business oriented notebookwith full Tablet PC functionality.  It's a good choice for those who want a dedicated notebook / Tablet PC for work or school and do not want or have the need demanding graphics or multi media features.

As I have said many time before - Tablet PCs running Windows Vista always benefit from a minimum 2 gigs of memory. 

Order a HP Compact 2710p

HP 2710p Ultra-slim Expansion Base

HP 2710p Ultra-slim Expansion Base

No need to plug and unplug your peripherals every time.  Dock your HP 2710p Notebook PC while in the office or on the go with the HP 2710p Ultra-Slim Expansion Base which features an integrated DVD+/-RW drive.

Adaptable mobile expansion solution
Add the HP 2700 Series Ultra-slim Battery and get over 10 hours of run time.
Dock your notebook while in the office or on the road - no need to plug and unplug your peripherals
DVD+/-RW drive included
Fits neatly into your Notebook carrying case.
HP External USB 2.0 MultiBay II Cradle
HP External USB 2.0 MultiBay II Cradle

The HP External MultiBay II is a perfect companion for mobile users looking to expand their computer's storage capabilities. AC Adapter, Regular USB cable and High-powered USB cable included.
Convenient 9.5mm MultiBay II technology provides a compact optical and hard drive storage solution.
Unique foot design allows you to place the MultiBay II in either a vertical or horizontal position.
Quickly and easily add an optical drive or hard drive.
HP 2710p 6-cell Ultra-slim Battery
HP 2710p 6-cell Ultra-slim Battery

Stay mobile and productive for up to 10 hours with the optional HP 2700 Ultra-Slim Battery. The unique battery design allows you to dock to your HP 2700 Ultra-Slim Expansion Base for convenience or charging while you work.


Order a HP Compact 2710p

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