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Tablet PC Top 10 Product of the Month  August 2004

 GoBinder 2005

Not Just for Students

by Linda A. Epstein
August 2004

Hello GoBinder 2005, good by Filofax and Day Runner..

Within an hour after installing the beta I had it customized and optimized to accommodate both my professional and personal schedules and was excited at the prospect of installing it on the rest of my Tablet PC's as well as my Desktop.  

Not since the day's when carrying a $500.00 Filofax  filled with an assortment of Day Runner inserts and refills to was critical to survival, has there been a product that you just can't imagine being without. 

Until now.  and unlike a Filofax (which if lost or misplaced was a nightmare because your life was in it. )  with GoBinder 2005 you can always have a backup at your fingertips or in your saved email.  You can ad pages and sections to Gobinder with the click of the mouse and even share them with your friends, family and associates.  

One of the tabs in my own Gobinder is for photos, so that I can share them with others.

Designed to take full advantage of the improvements to the Tablet Input Panel and better handwriting-to-text conversion experience available in Tablet PC Edition 2005  (included in Windows XP SP2 - RC2 ) GoBinder 2005 is a "Pen-Perfect" application that takes full advantage of pen and ink integration in the Tablet PC giving the Tablet PC user the best pen and ink experience possible.   GoBinder 2005 could easily become the most versatile and useful program for anyone Tablet PC user who values organization. 

While it's true that Gobinder is designed for and marketed towards students and it does have exceptional special features for those still in school, the truth is GoBinder 2005 is NOT just for students.  The close to unlimited customization in this program is far to valuable to anyone who needs to stay organized.   

I have experienced and worked with every hard copy planner or software organizer on the market for over 20 years and GoBinder 2005 is the Best! 

As National Corporate Relations Manager for the March of Dimes, it has allowed me to manage my corporate accounts & contacts quite effectively, not to mention what I am able to accomplish in meetings with GoBinder.

Cindy Cooney
National Corporate Relations Manager
March of Dimes, National Office

By using individual tabs for each client, Real Estate will agents find Gobinder 2005 the perfect way to organize and MLS listings and keep track of properties they are interested in and make notes on what they like and dislike. 

For Event planers GoBinder is a dream come true.  By creating tabs for clients, vendors, decorations, orders, sponsors, goodie bags, and Swag any any other particulars they deal with , An event planner can have everything they need at their fingertips.

For parents GoBinder 2005 is perfect way to keep track of football practice, dancer recitals, PTA meetings, dentist appointments, birthday party's, shopping lists and everything in between.

Another great use for Gobinder is to make a tab for the Holidays 2004 and keep all your Holiday thoughts, christmas card list, gift buying ideas and purchases organized and in one easy to navigate location.

Be it a Tablet PC, Laptop or desktop GoBinder is so easy to customize and sync that it may very well become the most used program on every machine you use.  

While I'm on the subject of customization..  Gobinder 2005 includes 9 paper types, accessed from format, change paper one is arches (a rock formation with the sky showing through).  The other 8 are standard white ruled papers.  I suspect that it wont be long before we see site that offer additional paper themes for GoBinder.   Until them if you have a new paper for your Gobinder Lora at had been kind enough to offer to post them for others to download.   Send  them to and let us know and we will post a screen shot and mention them her on TabletPC2 as well.

New features in GoBinder 2005 include:

Leverage Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 (included in SP2) - Use the new in-place Tablet Input Panel (TIP) [instead of GoBinder's in-place Writing Assistant] and take advantage of the many improvements in the ink recognition system. If you have installed XP SP2, you're ready to go with GoBinder 2005. (

  • Extensive Outlook and Palm Integration
  • Share Data with Microsoft Outlook
  • Share Data with Your Palm Device
  • Create Full Contact Profiles - Enhanced People Tab
  • Live Blackboard Integration Take Blackboard "To Go"
  • Improved Content Organization
  • Add New Courses Easily - New Course Wizard
  • Customize Your Tabs - Move Tabs to Top, Left, Right, Bottom .
  • See More at Once - Improved Two-Page View Mode
  • Expanded Document Storage and Enhanced Notes
  • Save the Originals - Store Native Files INSIDE GoBinder
  • Provide Access to Related Content - Create Hypertext Links
  • Organize Notes by Date - Daily Note Page

GoBinder 2005's customization is key to the programs versatility and ease of use in any situation.   To begin with Tab's can be added, removed, rearranged, relocated and re colored.   

Documents from other program can be imported into GoBinder and links are created to them so that they can be searched, annotated or opened in the original program.  This time saving features allows you to access any document in your computer, as well as the program it was created in from within GoBinder.

For all those little things that done require a separate tab, the Daily Notes page allows you the freedom to scribble a quick a note, jot down a phone numbers, or write your self a little reminder you can refer to later.

From the Gobinder web site:

"Sure people in big companies will find GoBinder useful, but this software is 100 percent focused on helping students. Will you use it after college? Absolutely. But, GoBinder is indispensable if you're hoping to keep up in class,get better grades, and learn more during your stay on campus".

  • Helps you organize your class schedule and assignments so you get better grades
  • Provides entirely new software that makes taking notes easier and faster
  • Lets you store, organize, annotate, and search information professors provided on web systems like Blackboard
  • Puts you in control of the learning process so you have the right answers

Here is an example of how my own GoBinder is customized

Having the ability to add and arrange my GoBinder Tabs to fit my lifestyle means I can track and see what I am doing both professionally and personally at any given time with just one program.

Among others, my own GoBinder tabs include, Calendar, Clients, Concerts, Notes and Travel and Photos.   Multiple pages under the Photos tab allow me to share photos with friends and family or show photos of different Tablets PC's and Tablet PC applications to clients.

Tablet PC Mobilizer

Unlike Outlook with a click of a button you can export all of the information or single pages in GoBinder from one computer and import to another with Tablet Pc Favorite

out jumping through hoops and everything is Mobilized.


There is no question that GoBinder 2005 is the its most most Pen perfect piece of software we've used to date which says a lot.   But Is GoBinder Perfect?

G0Binder 2005 is in fact almost perfect.  we look forward to the day Agilix ads the ability for users to change or set font sizes or colors and to color code events and categorize contacts in in calendar view.  Another feature we would like to see added is the ability to drag and drop from web pages and linking of web pages when info is cut and pasted into GoBinder.

The Pros : To many to list but here are some of my favorites:

  • Allows you to have everything you need organized and filed in one easy to use place.
  • Will teach students the value of exceptional organizational habits that can be used for a lifetime.
  • Allows you to import Word and other documents into GoBinder and links them so that they can be searched annotated or opened in the original program
  • Gives Student a fast and easy way to keep there assignments and class schedules up to date and organized.
  • Simple and Easy to synchronize on multiple machines and with friends.
  • Ability to customize to your needs for any profession
  • FREE Upgrades from Previous Versions of GoBinder

The Cons

  • Does not allow user to change or set font sizes or colors or to color code events in calendar view. 
  • If you like to view your calendar in month view, unless your using 600 x 800 res. the font is to small to read easily
  • Does not have the ability to organize contacts  by category
  • Does not import Outlook color coding in calendar
  • Requires the user to use Outlook as the default mail client

Pricing and Upgrades

GoBinder pricing remains at 49.95 until July 31. Pricing for GoBinder 2005 will be announced simultaneously with general availability at the end of July.

FREE Upgrades from Previous Versions of GoBinder

- Agilix has infused GoBinder 2005 with more value than ever, but that doesn't mean current customers will have to pay more. To demonstrate gratitude for and generosity toward current customers, Agilix is providing a free upgrade to GoBinder 2005 to anyone who purchased a copy of GoBinder in the past. Your feedback is what has made the product what it is today.


Each registration will be validated based on the information you provide before you will receive your complimentary unlock code.

gobinder tablet pc

Visit for more details and to download the Gobinde
r 2005 trial

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