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Fujitsu Stylistic 5020 Tablet PC

Review by Linda A. Epstein
February  2005

5020Tablet pc

Fujitsu Stylistic 5020 Tablet PC

With its 12.1 inch display, 1.1 GHz processor, and longer life battery Fujitsu's st5000 series Tablet PC offers some nice improvements    Thanks to a narrow silver blue bezel the the look and feel of the Fujitsu Tablet PC is now smooth and sleek.

The ST5020 is a 1.1 hz slate style Tablet PC,  that boots in under 60 seconds with 512 ram installed. We got 3 Hours 41 minutes of battery life with the Tablet running in always on mode, with the wireless on, no standby, no hibernate and the screen and hard drive set to always on.  With the wireless off you can get close to 5 hours of battery time.

The ST 5020 shown above does not have an indoor outdoor display, but as you can see when not in direct sunlight the screen is easily viewable.   Be it on the beach, in the snow or by the pool, as long as your not in full direct sunlight you can see and use the screen on the Stylistic 5020.

Our favorite feature is the the "Fujitsu Menu" that gives you instant access to the Control Panel, Tablet pc keyboard, Tablet and pen settings, Fujitsu display controls, brightness control, sounds and audio devices, capture screen, capture window, Organize favorites, power options, printers and faxes, LCD brightness MIN, LCD brightness MAX,  Enable/disable Button Panel and the Fujitsu menu settings, which are customizable.  

Having all of these setting available with one tap of the pen is an exceptional feature that saves time and energy by allowing you to find access what you need without hunting to find where the the settings are located. 

Buttons:  conveniently placed buttons on the top and right side of the Fujitsu give you access to Power On/Off, ctrl+alt+del, email, screen orientation, escape, enter, function and in secondary mode,  Security, internet, display, application "A", application "b" and the Fujitsu Menu Utility button.

Ports: on the 5020 include two USB 2.0 ports, PCMCIA , FireWire, Gigabit Ethernet as well as dedicated slots for both smart cards and Secure Digital/Memory Stick storage cards.



Attractive and easy to use, the Fujitsu Docking station expands to accommodate an extended life battery.   The "Grab and GO" design allows you to remove the Tablet PC with one hand and run out of the office on a moments notice.

While we always recommend docking station for Slate style Tablet users, with or without a docking station  we highly recommend ordering the Folding Desk Stand on their accessories page.    (We were surprised to find that Fujitsu does not include an desktop stand of any kind in the box)  

Light weight but sturdy, the adjustable folding stand fits easily into a briefcase or backpack and allows you to comfortably use your your Tablet PC with a infrared or USB keyboard. 

An Otter Box 4600 turns the ST5020 into a rugged Tablet PC

Another advantage of owning a Fujitsu ST 5000 series tablet pc is the availability of the OtterBox 4600 Tablet PC case  that turns your Fujitsu into a rugged Tablet PC for a fraction of the cost.    (You can see photos of the Fujitsu ST5020 in a stream and in the snow at the link above)

Also worth noting is the fact that  the 5020 comes with both a users manual and a quick set up guide. both of which are easy to use and find what you need in.

The only feature on the Fujitsu ST5020 that we had a problem with was the software for the fingerprint sensor. 

OmniPass Software and the fingerprint sensor:  Omnipass asks you to choose a finger and then proceeds to a capture fingerprint screen that may require up to three captures.   "Finger speed to slow" and "finger speed to fast" errors over and over, I tried using my thump and several fingers, but I did not succeed in getting the Softex OmniPass Security software to work for me.

While its highly possible that this problem is user error,  I had the same problem with the OmniPass software on the Motion Tablet PC.  

scribbler boxWhat's in the Box:

  • Stylistic ST5020 Tablet PC
  • Battery
  • Pen & Tether
  • 2 Screen Protectors
  • User manual
  • Getting Started guide
  • Cleaning cloth
  • AC adapter & Power cord
  • warranty booklet
  • registration card
  • recovery cd's scribbler Application and driver CD's


  • Intel® Pentium M – LV Centrino - 1.1 GHz
  • 12.1" XGA TFT indoor (Transmissive) with up to 180° viewing angle
  • 512 MB (1x 512 MB) standard Maximum memory to 2 GB
  • 60 GB hard drive
  • Intel(R) 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller

The Display:  12.1 inch Pressure Sensitive Screen, is clean, crisp and clear and the 1/4 inch black border around the viewable portion of the screen eliminates the problem of trying to close an app from a non responsive corner of the screen.   While this is not the outdoor viewable screen you can see it well outdoors in indirect light

Battery Life:  3 Hours 41 minutes in always on mode, wireless on, no standby, no hibernate and the screen and hard drive on.


WiFi: Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection (802.11b/g)

Notable Features:

Less than 1 inch in thickness and 3.5 pounds

  • Bluetooth™ wireless personal area network for file transfer, data synchronization with other Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Built-in dual array microphones with IntelliSonic™software that provides background noise cancellation and suppression
  • Biometric fingerprint swipe sensor
  • optional 12.1" indoor/outdoor display (ST 5022)
  • OtterBox turns it into a rugged Tablet PC

Software included:

  • Microsoft Office OneNote™ 2003
  • Fujitsu Display Controls
  • Fujitsu Hot Key Utility
  • Fujitsu Security Application Panel
  • Adobe® Reader
  • MS Reader
  • Softex OmniPass


  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Dedicated SmartCard reader slot
  • Biometric fingerprint swipe sensor
  • Fujitsu Security Application Panel
  • Kensington™ lock slot

The Pros

  • The "Fujitsu Menu" makes it number one for ease of use.
  • upgrade to indoor outdoor display available
  • excellent assortment of accessories
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Otterbox Accessory (below) turns the Fujitsu 5020 into a Rugged Tablet PC.

The Cons:  which are far and few between and in this case with the exception of the finger print sensor are more personal preference than cons........

  • No desktop stand included
  • No hardtop style keyboard available
  • unable to set up and use the fingerprint sensor.
  • on-off button for wireless is on the bottom, requiring you to remove it from docking station or case to access it.

In Conclusion:    You can't go wrong with the The Fujitsu ST5020 Tablet PC.   It looks good, feels good, both the hardware and software configurations make the Tablet PC user experience as easy and friendly as possible and the available accessories make it an excellent choice for users in any setting.


OtterBox  Tablet PC Case

Waterproof, Dustproof, and Drop Protection
for the Fujitsu Tablet PC

  • Makes a standard Fujitsu Tablet PC the most Rugged Tablet PC available. Ruggedize your Fujitsu Tablet PC Case for Thousands Less than the Rugged PC's on the market.
  • Access to all major functions through the case (power, PCMCIA slot, ETC.) Useable with standard 4800mA,h 6-cell battery and optional 7200mAh, 9-cell battery
  • Allows customers to ruggedize their Fujitsu Tablet when needed, but use the Tablet in its standard form in less harsh environments.

Fujitsu Accessories


Fujitsu Dock

Tablet PC Docking Station

Designed to transform the Stylistic ST5000 Series Tablet PC into a complete desktop solution, the Tablet Dock holds the unit for easy viewing and provides full access to all desktop feature. The Tablet Dock is innovative designed to firmly latch to the back of the Tablet PC, allowing you to easily swivel from portrait to landscape mode. When you're ready to take your Tablet PC and go, it can be safely removed from the Tablet Dock whether it is operating or not. The Tablet Dock provides connectivity to: RJ-45 port for 10/100MB Ethernet, external monitor, 3 USB ports, IEEE 1394 port Line-out, DC-input power, and either a modular media drive.

  Folding Desk Stand

This lightweight, adjustable desk stand holds the Stylistic ST Series Tablet PC for convenient use on a desktop in either portrait or landscape orientation, with or without the optional keyboards. The desk stand folds flat for easy transport.

fujitsu keyboard

Wireless Infrared Keyboard

Designed to create a complete desktop solution when combined with the Tablet Dock. This thin and lightweight keyboard features full-size 19mm pitch, Windows key, and comes in US (87-key) version. Wirelessly communicates with the infrared port within 3 feet. Includes AAA batteries. Dimensions: 12.5" x 6" x 0.5"

A long time favorite

Fujitsu bump case

This tough, padded case protects the Stylistic ST Series Tablet PC while providing full user access to the main functions of the Tablet PC. Allows access to the display, launch application buttons, suspend/resume button, rocker switches, status LED's, and DC-input power. Cut outs provide openings for the PC card slot, SD media slot, USB port and vents. The case also allows access to the battery locking switch and can be removed through one of the Velcro enclosed openings. The unit can be held vertically or horizontally by repositioning the detachable shoulder strap on the D-rings located at the corners.

Photo Not Available

Deluxe Pen Tether

Upgrade your tether. This Deluxe Pen Tether includes an integrated swivel to minimize twists in the cord. The tether attaches the pen to the Tablet PC or to a carrying case, minimizing accident dripping or loss of the pen.

To configure and Order a Fujitsu 5020 of your own click here



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