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Fujitsu Lifebook T4210 Tablet PC

by Linda A. Epstein
August 2006

Toshiba M400

Fujitsu Lifebook T4210 Tablet PC

Fujitsu continues to lead the pack in innovative features, introducing the first Tablet PC to incorporate a Bi-Directional Hinge on the screen.  The unique hinge allows users to share the screen with people on both sides of them in a meeting.  Currently, Fujitsu is the only OEM to offer this feature.  In addition to the new The touch pad on the T4210 also has a new feel to it, it's slightly textured and appears to be more precise that other touch pads. .

The Fujitsu Lifebook T4210 is a Convertible style Tablet PC that boots in under 50 seconds with 1 GB of memory installed.  We got an 2 hours and 53 minutes battery life with the Tablet running in always on mode, the wireless on, no standby, no hibernate and the screen and hard drive set to always on.

With a wide viewing angle, 12.1" XGA active digitizer indoor/outdoor display , 2 GHz Intel® Core™ Duo Processor, built in DVD writer and 80 gigabyte hard drive the Fujitsu Lifebook T4210 Tablet PC an excellent choice for those who spend a lot of time outdoors and want all the conveniences of a convertible notebook computer combined with the features of the Tablet PC.

Display with Bi-Directional Hinge

Allows users to share the screen with people sitting on both side of them at a meeting! 

It's no secret that here at we are big fans of the Fujitsu line of Tablet PC computers.  In March of this year the  Fujitsu P1510D became the first convertible style Table PC to win our Editors choice award.  The P1510D was the best travel Tablet PC I have ever used. (I have never missed a Tablet PC as much as I miss this one)

In August 2003 the Fujitsu ST4121 was our first Editors Choice Tablet PC.    Fast forward to 2006 and that same Fujitsu st4121 along with its docking station Tablet PC is still in use today, in fact it is currently being used to control the multi million dollar sound system in the Hollywood Bowl.

I have gone through more Fujitsu Tablets than any other,  and have yet to wear one out, even after I have passed them on to others.    I think it's its worth noting the fact that the Fujitsu Tablet PCs are definitely built to last, which makes them a good choice for students and road warriors alike.

Full Sun

Fujitsu Lifebook T4210 has an indoor outdoor display that is visible in full sun

What's in the Box:M400 Tablet PC  Box

  • Fujitsu Lifebook T4210 Tablet PC
  • Active Digitizer pen w/ additional tips & tool
  • AC adapter & Power cord
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Users Guide
  • Phone/Modem Cable
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Warranty book
  • Micro fiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 2 Screen Protectors
  • Restore CD
  • Optional bluetooth CD
  • Drivers and Application CD
  • Trusted Platform Mobile Application CD
  • Roxio Cyberlink Digital Media SE CD

Specs on Review Unit

  • Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2500 (2 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 667 MHz FSB)
  • Intel® 945GM Chipset
  • 12.1" XGA active digitizer indoor/outdoor display with wide viewing angles
  • 1GB DDR2 667 MHz with dual channel support
  • 80GB HDD (5400rpm, Serial-ATA)
  • Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g)
  • Modular Dual-Layer Multi-Format DVD Writer
  • Dual microphone array with IntelliSonic™ noise cancellation software
  • Integrated Fingerprint Sensor, embedded TPM, dedicated Smart Card slot, Fujitsu Security Application Panel
  • Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (up to 224 MB) for optimal graphics and system performance.

    The Lifebook T4210 can be configured with three different processor speeds. 

    • Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2500 (2 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 667 MHz FSB)
    • Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2400 (1.83 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 667 MHz FSB)
    • Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2300E (1.66 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 667 MHz FSB)

The Fujitsu Lifebook T4210 Tablet PC inside in normal lighting conditions

The Display: 12.1" XGA active digitizer indoor/outdoor display with wide viewing angles is an great choice for those who spend a good deal of time outdoors and need to be able to see the screen outdoors in sunlight on a daily basis.  

Keep in mind that outdoor screens are great to have when you need one, but outdoor screens are not for everyone.  The price you pay for the ability to use a Tablet PC in full sun is not having as clean or crisp a screen indoors.   Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the indoor/outdoor display screen when you are indoors, it's just not as clear or as crisp as an dedicated indoor screen.

That said,  If you will be using your Tablet PC indoors most of the time, or you plan on watching movies on your T4210 I suggest that you choose the XGA TFT indoor display,  which I'm sure in true Fujitsu fashion will give you a stunningly crisp and clean screen indoors where you use it most.  ( the photos are examples of an indoor screen)

Battery Life: 2 hours 53 minutes in always on mode, wireless on, no standby, no hibernate and the screen and hard drive on.

Heat:  sitting on the desk with the nothing blocking the fan, the T4210 tens to get warm.

WiFi: Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g) worked where ever we moved without a problem.

Fingerprint Software:    the Omnipass fingerprint software worked flawlessly.    From start to finish it took less than two minutes to recognize and enroll my fingerprints.


Power DVD console


  • Three USB 2.0
  • Infrared port (IrDA 1.1-compatible, 4 Mbps)
  • External monitor/VGA
  • modem (RJ-11)
  • Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45)
  • SD/Memory Stick PRO slot
  • docking connector
  • headphone/line-out/optical digital (SPDIF) jack
  • microphone/line-in jack

    Card Slots

  • One Type I/II PCMCIA slot, 32-bit PC CardBus architecture
  • One Smart Card slot
  • One shared slot for Memory Stick®, Memory Stick PRO™, or Secure Digital (SD) card

Notable Features:

From the Fujitsu Web Site: Groundbreaking performance. Cutting-edge technology. The LifeBook® T4210 Tablet PC with Intel® Core™ Duo Processor combines the functionality of a notebook with the convenience of a tablet The industry-first LCD hinge lets you swivel the display in either direction. The brilliant display provides 160°+ viewing angle and the modular bay supports an optical drive or second battery. BayLock™ protects the optical drive from damage while the system is in tablet mode. The system offers extensive security features, including Fingerprint Sensor, TPM, Smart Card slot, and security panel for the ultimate protection

  • Fujitsu Shock Sensor UtilityShock Sensor
    In the event your hard disk drive experiences an excessive vibration or shock, there is a possibility that the read-write head will come in contact with of the rotating platter, resulting in a "head crash." If this happens, data loss may occur. The Fujitsu Shock Sensor utility is a sophisticated hard disk drive protection system designed to minimize the likelihood of such an event.
  • Indoor/Outdoor (Transmissive) DisplayNew display technologies allow this screen to be viewed either indoors in your office, and home work environments or during outdoor usage. The bright 12.1" XGA display offers greater than 160° viewing angles.
  • Fujitsu Utility Menu  ( a feature we have always liked on the Fujitsu Tablet PCs) Not only is the hardware user-friendly and intuitive, but the Fujitsu-designed software utility bundle is, too. Pressing the Fn (Function) button twice will bring up the floating Fujitsu Menu Utility from which you have one-tap access to almost any setting imaginable for your LifeBook T4210 Tablet PC including brightness control, tablet and pen settings, Fujitsu Display Controls, power options, and more. The Fujitsu Menu is completely customizable so you can use what you want and remove what you don't want. In fact, it's so user-friendly that you can add your own preferences directly onto the menu to give you the most productive, custom-tailored environment.

  • One-Touch Application Launch and Function Buttons
    There are five intuitive and easy-to-use buttons that enable you to launch applications or easily navigate within them. With one-touch launch buttons you can easily rotate your screen orientation or scroll up and down within an application document. Each of these buttons also has a secondary function, and two of the secondary functions are user-programmable

    m400 Left SIde

    Fujitsu Lifebook T4210 left side view

    M400 Right Side view

    Fujitsu Lifebook T4210 right side view

    M400 back view

    Fujitsu Lifebook T4210 Back View


Included Software

  • Microsoft Office OneNote™ 2003
  • Microsoft experience pack for Tablet PC
  • Omnipass ( Biometrics)
  • Cyberlink Power DVD
  • Roxio Digital Media suite
  • 90 days trial Norton Internet Security



The Pros

  • Bi-Directional Hinge - Allows users to share the screen with people sitting on both side of them at a meeting!
  • Built in DVD writer
  • Dual array microphone
  • Full copy of OneNote 2003
  • Excellent assortment of accessories
  • Not loaded down with programs that you need to remove to optimize performance

The Cons: 

  • Like all Tablets with built in optical drives its on the heavy side
  • Tends to get very warm
  • sound quality of the speakers could be better.

In Conclusion: 

With the design of a notebook, the flexibility of a tablet and your choice of three Intel® Core™ Duo Processors and two diff rent screens the the Fujitsu Lifebook T4210 has something for everyone.   

The Bi-Directional Hinge for the screen makes the T4210 the best choice around for those who need to share the screen with others on a regular basis.   

The ease of use of the Fujitsu Lifebook T4210 make the Tablet PC user experience as easy and friendly as possible and the available accessories make it an excellent choice for users in any setting.


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Fujitsu Accessories





Port Replicator

This handy port replicator allows easy "one-click" attachment to your desktop peripherals including LAN. Its slim and smart design means you won't waste precious desktop space like other bulky docking systems. To maximize convenience, keep one for your desktop and one for your alternate work site.The port replicator provides the following ports: Fujitsu Port Replicator

  • DC-in
  • 4 USB ports
  • External VGA port
  • External DVI port
  • Line out
  • LAN pass-through
  • Suspend/Resume button

Retractable Pen Tether with Active Stylus

Want another option to tether your stylus? This device attaches to your belt or shirt pocket. The retractable reel has a lock button to lock the tether at a designated length.

Note: This device comes with a stylus that will not fit in the stylus garage of your Fujitsu Tablet PC.
  Part Number:   FPCPN16

Fujitsu Modular bay

Modular bay battery

Combine this battery with your main battery to significantly increase the battery life of your computer. This battery conveniently slides into your modular bay and doesn't add any more bulk to your computer.
Specification: 6-cell, 10.8V 3800 mAh


Fujitsu Bump case




Convertible Bump Case

Increase the functionality of your LifeBook T4210 Tablet PC by putting it into a case that lets you work easily, anywhere. The computer is securely held in the case with clear straps and the zip around enclosure allows you to fully open the case giving you complete access to your computer in tablet and notebook mode. Heavy duty elastic strap on the bottom of the case gives you a firm hold while standing and operating your computer. Made from sturdy ballistic nylon.
Features include: handles, openings for port access, adjustable padded shoulder strap, and a heavy duty elastic hand strap.


4 in 1 adapter

4-in-1 PC Card Adapter

A 4-in-1 PC Card Adapter is the fastest way to transfer pictures, music, data and more between your Fujitsu computer and flash memory cards. This PC card adapter makes your Fujitsu computer compatible with Secure Digital, multimedia cards, Smart Media, and Memory Stick.



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