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Tablet Accessory of the Month

September 2003



Fujitsu Bump Case

dock  bumpcase


Designed to prevent the Fujitsu 4100 series Tablet PC's from damage during everyday use while allowing access to the display, buttons, I/O connectors the Bump case is one of my favorite accessories.  Four D rings on the back along with a detachable shoulder strap allow the user to cary the Tablet OC anyway they prefer and have full use of the Tablet in landscape or portrait mode. 

For those who carry extra batteries the Bump Case is designed so that you can change the battery with out removing the tablet from the case Fujitsu also makes a Universal Bump Case that accommodates the extended battery.

Additionally, There are straps that form an  "X" across the back of the Bump case that allow you to hold the Tablet on one hand and write with the other without risking  sending the tablet crashing to the ground.    Amazingly enough even after a month of being bumped around the case show virtually no signs of wear.

Many manufacturers offer a similar style case, so If your Tablet is not a Fujitsu check to see if they offer a similar case as the functionality of this style of case is well worth the small investment.

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