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Fujitsu Stylistic ST4121 with Indoor/ Outdoor display

Review by Linda A. Epstein
August  2003

As the editor and publisher of and a Microsoft MVP for the Tablet PC, the two questions I am asked most often are,  what is the best Tablet PC and which is your Favorite Tablet PC?.   Until recently my answer was, "which ever Tablet PC best suits your needs is the best tablet for you".  As for my personal favorite, it was a convertible, as it is what I believed was best suited to my needs.   I was Wrong.

The truth of the mater is that within 24 hours of opening the box containing the Fujitsu 4121 Tablet PC with its indoor outdoor display, everything changed.   With the ability to use the Fujitsu Tablet PC anytime, anywhere, in any lighting situation, a battery that consistently lasts three to four hours, a pen that I can't lose and its Bump Case, The Fujitsu 4121 quickly became my personal favorite Tablet PC.

What's In The Box:  Fujitsu Stylistic 4121 Tablet PC, Drivers and applications Restore Cd, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition CD, Pen, tether, extra pen tips, Screen Protector, Ac adapter + EMI-asorbing clamp filter, Getting Started With your Stylistic St 4000 series Tablet Pc, Users guide: Learn how to use your stylistic St series Tablet PC, registration card.


•Ultra Low Voltage Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor 933MHz - M
•10.4" XGA TFT with indoor/outdoor display
• 760MB SDRAM memory
• 60GB hard drive¹
• Built-in wireless LAN (802.11b), multinational² 56K³ V.90 modem and 10/100 Base-Tx Ethernet
• Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition
• One-year International Limited Warranty 10.4" XGA TFT, indoor viewable or indoor/outdoor viewable  for full spec's click here

Compare Fujitsu

On the left: Fujitsu stylistic st4121 with indoor outdoor display
  On the Right: Fujitsu stylistic st4110 with indoor viewable display

The Display:  The display on the st4121 can be viewed in any lighting condition, which set its apart from all of the other non-rugged Tablet Pcs currently available.  The display is clear and easy to easy to read in any lighting condition, and bright enough to uses as a flashlight if the power goes out.

I have used the 4121 in homes where wall to wall plate glass windows prevented me from showing clients other Tablet Pc's any where other than in their bathrooms.  I have I have used it at the beach, in the car, in outdoor restaurants, to take notes on hi end audio equipment in theatres being redesigned and from the comfort of my own balcony.

What ever the lighting, this display is clearly viewable and easy on the eyes.  The color depth may not br quite as bright inside as the st4120 with the indoor only display, but the flexibility and versatility of being able to use it in any lighting condition makes it well worth the trade off.    While there were times that not having a display that was outdoor viewable was a problem, I did not realize just how much more use I would get out of my Tablet with the ability to use it

Battery Life: A consistent 3 hours and 15 minutes with the backlighting and Wi FI turned on and just over 4 hours when I remember to turn off the WIFI.  When running the tablet for over three hours straight I was using a combination of Programs including MindJet's MindManager, MS Word, Windows Journal, One Note, Corel Grafigo, Alias Sketchbook Pro and solitaire. 

For those who are in need of longer battery life, Fujitsu offers a hi-capacity battery that I have been told will last seven hours.  While I have not had the opportunity to use the hi-capacity battery myself others who have, say that the seven hour claim is accurate.

Heat:    I am not in the habit of working with the Tablet PC in my lap, but I frequently do use the tablet with my hand behind it when its hanging around my neck from the bump case.  Due to the fan inside the st4121 and the design of Fujitsu's Bump Case I have used the 4121 hanging around my neck for over three hours at a time without heat being a problem, even in weather over 100 degrees. While you can feel the warm air coming from the vent in the case if  you put your hand over the vent, the heat has not been an issue. 

WiFi: Worked even better than expected, I have excellent signal strength from second and third floors of my home and both outside balcony's. 

Tablet Dock:  The convenient and exceptionally well designed Tablet Dock allows you to view The tablet in both landscape and portrait mode.  The latch is quick and easy to insert or remove the Tablet for "Grab and go" functionality and the designers thoughtfully included a pull down ledge to accommodate the hi-capacity battery when attached.    Fujitsu also offers a convenient adjustable folding desk stand that can be slipped into a briefcase for those times when you away from your Tablet Dock.

The tablet dock also includes connectivity to: RJ-45 port for 10/100 Mb Ethernet, external monitor, 3 USB ports, IEEE 1394 port, Line-out, DC-input power, and either a modular DVD/CD-RW or CD-ROM Drive.

Wireless Infrared Keyboard: For those times when you do need a keyboard, the addition of Fujitsu's Wireless Infrared Keyboard  gives you a complete desktop solution.  Thin and lightweight this wireless infrared keyboard works within three feet of the docking station, takes up very little space and slips easily into a bag or briefcase for travel.  

The Bump Case: Designed to prevent the Fujitsu 4100 series Tablet PC's from damage during everyday use while allowing access to the display, buttons, I/O connectors the Bump case is one of my favorite accessories.  Four D rings on the back along with a detachable shoulder strap allow the user to cary the Tablet OC anyway they prefer and have full use of the Tablet in landscape or portrait mode. 

For those who carry extra batteries the Bump Case is designed so that you can change the battery with out removing the tablet from the case Fujitsu also makes a Universal Bump Case that accommodates the extended battery.


Additionally, There are straps that form an  "X" across the back of the Bump case that allow you to hold the Tablet on one hand and write with the other without risking sending the tablet crashing to the ground.    Amazingly enough even after a month of being bumped around the case show virtually no signs of wear.

The Pros:  Indoor outdoor display gives you the ability to use your Tablet PC anywhere, any time in any lighting condition.,  long battery life, the pen tether and great accessories.

The Cons:  Ships System Restore disabled, because Drive Image SE(special edition) is installed, but this is easy to remedy.  

In Conclusion: As I said at the beginning of this review, it took less than 24 hours for the Fujitsu st4121 to become my  personal favorite.   I am still amazed at how much more I use the Tablet PC now that I can use it anywhere in any condition. Another advantage to the Indoor Outdoor display  is that it has allowed me to share the Tablet PC experience  with  many more people in more places, and the "wow" factor has yet to wear off.    

The best Tablet PC for anyone is still what is best suited to their individual needs but the indoor outdoor viewing flexibility of the Fujitsu Stylistic st4121 make it the Editors Choice and a top contender for anyone.

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