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Electrovaya Scribbler SC-3100

Review by Linda A. Epstein

March 2006

It is our opinion that Electrovaya continues to provide the absolute best "Out of Box" user experience there is.  Form follows function and everything is designed to make the out of box user experience as user friendly as possible.

New to the Scribbler SC 3100 is an Intel® Pentium M – LV Centrino - 1.6 GHz processor, a new BOE Hydis 180° viewing angle screen and the option of a 120 gig hard drive. 

As the Tablet PC market continues to climb and we get ready for the new Microsoft Vista operating system later this year,  larger hard drives ad better graphics cards become important features in the Tablet PC.  Even if your not currently using programs like Adobe Photoshop, or Autocad, The speed and quality of the 128 MB Intel GMCH-M915GMS Graphics Controller in the Sc 3100 will be appreciated once Vista arrives.

Much like its predecessors the first thing you notice when you remove the Scribbler SC-3100 from the box is the beautiful ice white pearl finish of the case, which sets the look of the Scribbler apart from other Tablet PCs.   The distinct design and coloration of the Scribbler sets it apart from other Tablet PCs on the Market.  For those who like modern design and the look of straight clean lines, the Scribbler SC 3100 is an eye catching machine, that compliments any setting.

The Scribbler SC 3100 is a 1.6 ghz slate style Tablet PC that weighs 3 pounds 12 ounces without the keyboard and with the battery installed.
  With 768 ram installed the Scribblers boot time is just over 60 seconds, has a beautiful display and runs every program we tried flawlessly.

Buttons :  Old and new Tablet PC users alike appreciate having buttons to access the features they use most at the tip of their fingers rather than having to hunt for them. 

The conveniently placed buttons on both the right and left sides of the Scribbler 3100 give you instant access to the following features:

  • Power On/Off
  • Rotate Screen Layout
  • Windows Security/Task Manager
  • Windows Start Menu toggle
  • Windows Journal - Open New
  • On-screen Keyboard toggle
  • Escape (Esc)
  • Function for Tablet Buttons
  • Wireless
  • Direction Ball + Enter

The basic design and features of the Electrovaya Scribbler Tablet PC line remain much the same as they were when we reviewed the Scribbler SC 2100.  Electrovaya continues to design its Tablet PCs with the user in mind. 

scribbler keyboard

Top left square is a removable touch pad that can be attached
(see photo on right)

Cover-Stand-Keyboard-Touch Pad combo

The Cover-Stand- Keyboard-pad combo combines the functionality of a mouse and keyboard with desktop stand and display cover into a single product. Lightweight and easy to use, it works equally well on a desk, conference table or an airplane tray.

scribbler keyboard

Keyboard with touch pad attached.

The Scribbler SC 3100 Tablet PC with the with the cover snapped on and ready to go

Its no secret that at we love hardtop keyboards.  For a Slate user they are the ultimate accessory.   Designed to give you the convenience of having an attachable keyboard and stand as well as providing screen protection for your Tablet PC while traveling the Electrovaya's keyboard-cover- stand does what it is designed to do.   Lightweight and easy to use it requires no additional cable or adapters to use. 

scribbler standWe still advocate the use of docking stations with slate style Tablets, but for those who are not in the position to purchase the optional docking station for your Scribbler 3100, the wire stand does an excellent job.  THis remains one of our favorite stands available today.


The Scribbler SC 3100 fingerprint sensor:

When the Scribbler boots your greeted with a screen that asks if you want to enroll a fingerprint and then takes you through the process with both photos and speech . The program literally"talks" you through the process.   

You choose which finger you want to use, It scans up to 8 samples of your finger print and it works.  No jumping through hoops, no frustration, no spending hours trying to set it up, within a minute or two its set up and working.  

In 2003 Electrovaya was first to launch the fingerprint sensor on a Tablet PC.  to this day it remains the the easiest to set up and most usable biometric system I have encountered.   

Nice touches....

Located on the bottom right of the Scribbler Tablet PC is the Pen compartment, which is designed so that you can acess the ben quickly and easily - even with fingernails.

Also worth noting, the Electrovaya Scribbler 3100 does includes PCMCIA slot so those of you who use (or want to use) EDVO cards have the ability to purchase one from your wireless carrier, plug it in and be connected 24/7.

What's in the Box:


  • Scribbler SC-3100 Tablet PC Premium Edition
  • 7.4V Super Polymer Lithium-ion battery
  • Wire Stand
  • Pen & Tether
  • Scribbler SC 3000 User manual
  • Scribbler SC 3000 Quick Start guide
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Power cord
  • Scribbler limited warranty card
  • Windows XP Tablet pc edition booklet
  • zippered faux leather case with mesh interior pouch
  • Scribbler recovery cd's scribbler Application and driver CD's

  • Specs:  

  • Intel® Pentium M – LV Centrino - 1.6 GHz with 2MB L2 Cache

  • 12.1 Ultra Slim WXA Wide Angle Viewing w/ Optional Outdoor Viewing

  • 768 RAM (upgradeable to 1280 MB) 533MHz, DDR2

  • Dual Aray Mics

  • 60 GB hard drive (upgradeable to 120 GB)

  • 128 MB Intel GMCH-M915GMS Graphics Controller

  • PC Card Controller PCMCIA x 1 TypeII

THe Scribbler Sc 3100 outside in indirect sun

The Display:  12.1 Ultra Slim WXA Wide Angle Viewing   While this is not the outdoor viewable screen the display easy on the eyes and easy to read outside in indirect light.

Battery Life:  4 Hours 11 minutes in always on mode, wireless on, no standby, no hibernate and the screen and hard drive on.

Heat:  thanks to a fan and ventilation heat is not a problem or an issue with the SC-3100

WiFi: Intel Pro 802. Wireless 2200BG  network connection

Main Features:

Main Features
• State-of-the-art SuperPolymer® Lithium-ion 75 Whr battery
• New BOE Phyllis 180° viewing angle screen
• Dual Array Microphone System for better quality of sound
• Now available “Outdoor Viewable Screen” for your Scribbler
• Extended battery run-time of up to 9 hours*
• Fast Intel Centrino 1.6 GH processor with 2MB L2 Cache   ensures superior performance, efficiency and power   management
• Very bright 12.1 inch Pressure Sensitive Screen
• Light Sensor adjusts screen-to-environment brightness
• Integrated Biometric Device for Finger Print Sensor
• Integrated IEEE 1394, Intel 802.11a/b/g wireless network   connectivity, gigabyte RJ45 LAN
• Sleek, thin, and lightweight design
• Over $300 worth of software included

Software Included:

• Corel Grafigo (Full Version)
• Far stone Virtual Drive Lite (Full Version)
• Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.1 (Full Version)
• Note Taking
• Ink Annotation
• MS Reader
• Speech Recognition
• On-screen Keyboard
• Franklin Covey TabletPlanner (Trial Version)
• Alias SketchBook Pro (Trial Version)

The Pros:

  • Designed with end user in mind
  • Premium unit includes the Keyboard/Stand/Base with Touch pad , case and wired stand
  • Optional Outdoor screen now available
  • Fingerprint reader that is easy to set up and use.
  • Both a users manual and a quick set up guide are included
    • The Cons:

    • No bluetooth
    • a little heavier than most slate Tablet PCs
    • Keyboard cover can only be used in landscape mode
    • Fan can get loud at times
    • optical drive must be purchase separately


    In Conclusion:   

    Following their long standing tradition, Electrovaya continues to improve on a good thing.  The Electrovaya Scribbler SC-3100, was designed for ease of use and convenience and it doesn't disappoint in either, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone interested in purchasing a Slate style Tablet PC. 

    users will especially appreciate that the Keyboard/Stand/Base with Touchpad and a carrying case are both included in the premium package.   

    Form follows function and everything is designed to make the out of box user experience as user friendly as possible.  It is our opinion that Electrovaya provides the absolute best "Out of Box" user experience there is.

    scribbler dock

    Tablet PC Docking Station   -  (We were not Provided with a docking station, information below from the electrovaya web site)

    • Cradle for SC-2000/3000 series Tablet PC
    • Built-In Optical Storage — DVD / CDRW Combo
    • 3 USB 2.0 Ports Type A
    • 1 Line out
    • 1 10/100 Ethernet port
    • 1 Cradle Interface


    Wire stand for Scribbler SC-2000/3000 series, is meant to dock the Scribbler when a better viewing angle is needed
    (5 different angles).

    External Pocket DVD/CDRW USB 2.0

    Portable CD-RW 24X and DVD-ROM 8X Combo
    Measuring only .75 x 5.2 x 6.3 inches
    Weighing only 1 lb

    Other Features:
    Comes with an additional AC Adaptor to give more power

    Ruggedized Protective Case for SC-2000/3000 series

    Electrovaya’s Ruggedized Protective case is designed
    for users who require a rugged carrying case solution.
    It is designed for user on the go. The protective case utilizes
    SoftSteel(TM) molded foam padding to provide additional
    protection from everyday bumps and scratches without adding  significant weight or bulk.
    In addition, the display area is covered with optically clear
    polycarbonate anti-scratch coating screen. The case has
    cross-link foam interior corner protectors, a rear cross-hand strap, and a shoulder strap to provide ergonomic support for the user. The design gives maximum access to all function buttons while providing a cover that provides protection from shock and vibration, and allows the Scribbler to "breathe" in its ruggedized environment.

    . To configure and Order a Scribbler SC-3100 of your own click here


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