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  Web Product of the Month  June 2004

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Diskeeper Pro from Executive Software

Review by Linda A. Epstein

Rarely do you come across a product that actually works so well that you want to shout it from the roof tops. But that's exactly what I'm doing with Diskeeper 8.0 Pro from Executive Software!

As amazing as it sounds Diskeeper Pro from Executive Software is a program that actually does what it is supposed to do with out the user having to jump through hoops or spend hours to get it done.   If I had to pick a single program that I wouldn't want to be with out, it's Diskeeper Pro.

I am a firm believer that the best way to keep your computer in good working order is to keep the hard drive defragmented.   And I have spent years teaching my clients, family and friends the importance of defragmenting on a regular basis.  

For many people the problem was time.  Using the built in Windows defragmenter could take hours, especially on a Laptop or Tablet PC.   Norton's Speed disk doesn't get along particularly well with Windows XP and has a habit of reporting a freshly defragmented hard drive as being very fragmented.   Using Diskeeper these problems are eliminated.

On any give day I can install, test, uninstall, delete and reinstall beta and trial software on multiple Tablet PCs (as well as my desktop).   Needless to say that can lead to a very fragmented hard drives and considerable performance hits to the Tablets.    With Diskeeper Pro I can defragment multiple drives in a mater of minutes.

diskeeper screen shot

Launching Diskeeper Pro, the first thing you notice is that the interface is neatly laid out and easy to understand. 

Tabs marked performance, reliability, fragmentation, drive map and set it and forget it allow you to get to the information you need in a single click.  There are also easy to understand recommendations and explanations in the right panel for those who want to read them, however the graphical interface allows you to see what going one with out having to stop and read the information. 

The change your settings sections allows you to customize Diskeeper to suit your personal needs as well as giving you the option to stop defragmentation when on battery power.

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Highlighting a drive in the left hand pane and clicking on analyze in the quickly gives you performance analysis results that show you the percentage of improvement defragmenting will produce.    And clicking on start under Defragment selected drive begins the defragmenting process.   Another great feature in Diskeeper Pro is the ability to defragment up to 4 drives simultaneously in a mater of minutes.                                                    

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"Set it and Forget It"  contains Diskeeper's scheduling options.  The program can be set to run  hourly, daily, nightly, weekly , weekends only or you can set a custom schedule.   This feature literally allows users to "Set it and Forget It"  Which means I get a lot fewer phone calls saying that peoples computers are running to slow and asking me to come fix them.

Diskeeper Professional & Diskeeper Administrator Editions are Tablet PC compatible.  Additional Editions include: Diskeeper Diskeeper Home Edition, Diskeeper Server Standard Edition and Server Enterprise Edition.  To see which version best fits your needs or to download Fully-functional, 30-day evaluation version click here.

Defragmenting Simplified: 

Think of your hard drive as a record album.  Imagine what it would sound like if the needle of the record player was continually encountering scratches and falling into spaces or holes as you tried to listen to the record.   Not only would this slow down the speed at which the record would play, the sound would far less than optimal.

Your hard drive functions on the same principle.  If the hard drive is fragmented it slows down and hampers the speed at which your computer functions.  Which in turns slows down everything your trying to do. 

On the other hand If all the music was neatly arranged without spaces or holes the would play smoothly and clearly as it is intended to play.   Similarly your hard drive functions at it best when it is not fragmented.

diskeeper 8.0 

NEW! Diskeeper® 8.0 (from the web site)Diskeeper is the most recommended automatic defragmenter ever built. In fact, your system performance is incomplete without it. Automatic defragmentation is the only workable solution for keeping fragmentation eliminated and performance at peak. New Diskeeper 8.0 is fast, easy to use and very flexible. Used with Diskeeper Administrator (separately purchased), you can remotely schedule and manage defragmentation and receive reports and alerts on every system Diskeeper Version 8.0 is installed on. Designed from the ground up for high efficiency with Windows Systems. Click on the headline for more info and how to buy online now.

New Features Include:

  • Faster, more efficient defragmentation engines designed specifically for your operating system.
  • Greatly expanded centralized administration. Every Diskeeper 8.0 defragmenter can integrate with new Diskeeper Administrator Edition for full network control, detailed reports and automatic alerts for dangerously low free space and disk corruption problems.
  • Completely new user interface designed from the ground up for fast and easier scheduling and access to all Diskeeper features.
  • Quick tabs graphically display performance gains achieved with defragmentation. Also evaluates the condition of your disk against documented factors know to affect reliability and stability.
  • Graphically displays actual performance gains achieved.
  • Power management feature for laptop computers.


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