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Tablet PC Line Product of the Month
August 2007 

by Linda A. Epstein

Tablet PC Line

Card Scan Executive

ablet Pc Line

With CardScan Executive entering new business contacts into your contact manager a pleasure, not a chore

CardScan Executive is one of the most valuable tools any business professional can have in their office.    If your a road warrior, the CardScan scanner is small enough to take where ever you go.  Attach the CardScan scanner to your Tablet PC or UMPC at home, in an office or in a hotel room and the task of scanning in business cards becomes part of your daily routine.  Introducing CardScan Executive

How many time have you come home from a business trip or event with a large stack of business cards that you need to input into Outlook (or any other contact manager)  but never got around to doing it?   If your like me, the answer is more times than you can count.    

Before CardScan Executive I had an assortment of ziplock bags from events through the years filled with business cards.   An hour after setting up the CardScan Executive I had close to two hundred cards scanned in, verified, synced with outlook and backed up on line with CardScan @your service feature. 

If your a person whose time is valuable, who needs to stay organized and likes access to your business cards and contacts without hunting through rubber banded piles or ziplock bags - CardScan Executive  is the the solution.

What's in the Box:

  • CardScan Executive Card Scanner
  • CD with CardScan Software
  • USB Cable
  • Set up Guide
  • Instructions
  • Calibration Card
  • Scanner Cleaning Card
  • CardScan @yourservice card
  • More ways to get organized -Dymo info
CardScan Box

The "welcome to CardScan" message below is a message from the president, which makes it clear that CardScan wants you to have the best experience with their product as possible, and lets you know that if the Cardscan does not meet or exceed your expectation your welcome to return it.   The welcome message also lets users know that there is an impressive two year warranty on the CardScan scanner.

CardScan can act as a powerful stand alone contact manager or you have to option of synchronizing it with Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm, Windows Mobile devices, iPod's and smart phones plus ACT!*, Lotus Notes, and Goldmine*

Card Scan can also interact with DYMO lablewriters to print business cards, shipping lables, name badges and even DYMO Stamps postage lables.   

Setup is fast and easy.  Install the CardScan software, attach the scanner a wizard takes you through the necessary steps to begin scanning in your piles of business cards.

CardScan Setup

Signature card

ablet Pc Line

Tablet PC Business card first scan

Not that you need practice scanning cards, but just to set you mind at ease the wizard has you test scan a business card.  Insert a business card in the card reader and the CardScan Software launches automatically and in 2 or 3 seconds you have a full color scan of each business card.  Once you begin using the scanner you have the option to scan in the back of the card and chose the category associated with the card. (You also have the option of scanning in grayscale if you prefer).

After scanning a batch of cards CardScan marks them unverified until you go through and check verify the information on them.  It took me less than an hour and a half to scan and verify about 150 -175 cards.   The Cardscan software highlights the scaned fields in yellow if it You have the option of verifying them after your done scanning, or cardscan saves them as unverified and you can go in an verify them later.   

Once you have all you cards scanned in an verified you have several options including synchronizing them with Outlook, which you can set Cardscan to do automatically.   Another option is to synchronize and backup to CardScan at your Service.

ablet Pc Line

Another nice feature of CardScan Executive is CardScan @yourservice, which allows you CardScan at your serviceto synchronize and backup all of your contact information, access it from allows you to access and edit your contact information from anywhere you have internet access.


Secure:    Having your contact information on At Your Service ensures it's never lost or destroyed. If your computer is lost, stolen or crashes, you will always have all your contacts backed up on CardScan At Your Service.

Accessible:  If you ever find yourself without your Tablet PC all you need is an internet browser and you have access to all your contact information.


ablet Pc Line


compact in size the Cardscan Executive takes up very little desk space.

Is CardScan OCR perfect?   I would say the accuracy of CardScan is in the area of 98% on the majority of business cards.    Where it runs into a little trouble is with high gloss Black and red cards- but it does read them.   The only read problem I ran into was with cards that are very pale in color with text that is only one or two shades darker than the card itself.  

There is a lesson to be learned here, pale cards with pale text are very hard to read.  You can not fault the CardScan scanner for not being able to read cards that you can't read easily with your own eyes.    After you scan in a card you can verify that the scanned in information is correct and chose the category to associate with the card.



1. If your going to write notes on the back of cards - write neatly. That way when you get home and scan in the back of the card you don't wince at the site of your own writing.

2.  Business cards with your name, city or state not capitalized are grammatically incorrect.

3. If you want people to be able to read your business cards easily, tone on tone cards are not a good choice.

Product Features
  • Accurately scans and reads business cards in seconds and creates a digital address book
  • Consolidates all your contact data using drag and drop from email and web sites
  • Easily categorize contacts, search, sort, de-dupe, print labels, map addresses and much more
  • Includes CardScan At Your Service: online backup, access from a browser, and contact updating
  • Synchronize or transfer to Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm, Windows Mobile devices, iPod's and smart phones plus ACT!*, Lotus Notes, and Goldmine*


From the CardScan web site:

CardScan makes managing, finding and reaching contacts a snap. Assign contacts to any of the scores of business categories provided, or create custom categories of your own. Find contacts as you type your search criteria with CardScan’s QuickSearch feature. Use the de-duping wizard to eliminate duplicate records. Print labels to any DYMO LabelWriter, to most every other label format – or print directly on envelopes. Just click to call any contact, to send email to single or multiple contacts, or to generate a MapQuest map for any contact location.

Use a PDA or handheld? CardScan’s ability to synchronize with these and other devices makes it the ideal contact management hub.

NEW! Export to iPod :

iPod owners: Take your contacts with you, without investing in a PDA. If you have a new iPod with an address book function, simply export your CardScan address book to our new iPod template, and then load the template to your iPod address book. It takes just a few minutes – and puts your contacts at your fingertips, wherever you go



  • Elegant Styling
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Makes entering new business contacts into your contact manager a pleasure rather than a chore
  • When you come home from an event with 50 - 100 new cards you can have them all scanned, verified and in your contact manager in less than a hour.
  • Saves an enormous amount of time
  • keeps you organized
  • takes up very little space
  • Two Year warranty


  • I have never been able to get the cards to show up in Outlook 2003 or 2007 - (but it may be user error)
  • must choose category before each batch it doesn't remember previous setting
  • may be pricey for some

In Conclusion:

CardScan Executive is great for anyone who like to  keep there contacts up-to -date and organized but doesn't have endless amounts of time to sit and enter data by hand.   Its an enormous time saver, which means its saves money as well.  When you come home from an event with 50 - 100 new cards and you have all of them scanned and in your contact manager in less than a hour, you will wonder how you ever got along with out it!


Click here to Purchase CardScan executive



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