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REO Speedwagon and Rick Springfield Rock the Greek Theatre

REO Speedwagon and Rick Springfield Rock the Greek Theatre
With Sound Controlled by Tablet PCs

Linda A. Epstein ~ June 2011


I'm not sure what I expected when I went to see REO Speedwagon and Rick Springfield at the Greek Theatre earlier this month.  I wasn't expecting to see so many people I knew attending the show and I certainly wasn't expecting to find the sound engineers for both of them using their a Tablet PC to control their sound for their shows.  None the less when we were walking around and passed the Sound Booth i spotted REO Speedwagon's Tablet PC and later discovered that Rick Springfield's sound engineer was also using a Tablet 

Apparently the Greek Theatre, like the Hollywood Bowl is using a Dolby Lake Processor &  Dolby Lake Controller Software to control sound so visiting bands can use the same system when they are at the Greek.   I do not know what the main Tablet for the Greek theatre is because they won't tell me, but I can tell you that The Hollywood Bowl uses a Mobile Demand T8700 Tablet PC to control the sound in the Bowl. 

The Sound for Rick Springfield being controled with Tablet PC

The Sound for Rick Springfield being controlled with Tablet PC at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles

The International Review of Music hit it in the head when they said "On Saturday night, many who were fans in the ‘80’s, and quite a few who weren't’t around yet, came out to the Greek Theatre in numbers to pay homage to these two acts.   On this night their performances offered a testimonial to the idea that you can rock convincingly for much longer into life than we may have once imagined" 

 The average ages of the performers was in the sixty's, nevertheless both Rich Springfield and REO Speedwagon rocked a Greek Theatre audience made up of long time fans, their children and their grand children and everyone in attendance seemed to be having a great time.    It was one of those rare nights that, brought back endless memories and you made you feel good and it didn't mater if you were six or sixty six, you had a great time and you left humming your favorite tune from the night.

REO Speedwagon with special guest Rick Springfield at the Greek theatre

Rick Springfield came out Saturday night and gave the audience everything they wanted to hear.  Singing many of his hits from the '80s including “Affair of the Heart,” “Jesse’s Girl,” “Human Touch,” and “I’ve Done Everything For You.”.   Although you wouldn't know it from looking at him, Rick Springfield who rarely stopped moving, tossed roses, microphones & guitars through the air, climbed through several rows of the audience and ended his set shirtless is now 61 years old.  His energy was endless, his fan still love him and he didn't disappoint them.


Rick Springfield singing Jesse's Girl at the Greek Theatre


 REO Speedwagon tablet pc at the greek theatre     REO Speedwagon Tablet PC

The sound for REO Speedwagon being controlled with Tablet PC at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles

REO Speedwagon was Saturday night show at the Greek Theatre was a celebration for the 30th Anniversary of their ten-times certified platinum Hi Infidelity Album, which was the #1 selling rock album of 1981. 

While the band goes back 44 years, their stage design was surprisingly modern. A streamline and elegant multi level design of consisting of bright digital lighting and platforms that were artfully integrated into the risers and amp racks.  Very modern, very clean and

With  Kevin Cronin on lead vocals/rhythm guitar, Dave Amato on lead guitar/ vocals, Bruce Hall Bass Guitar / Vocals, Neil Doughty on keyboard, and drummer Bryan Hitt,  REO  Speedwagon opened with “Don’t Let Him Go”  and continued to play many more hits from the Hi-Infidelity album including “Take it on the Run,” “Heard It From a Friend,” and “Keep on Loving You”  and went on to play many more of their hits through the years. The audience was transported to a place back in time.  People were remembering where they were when they first heard many of the songs and were on their feet swaying and singing along with the music from beginning to end.  This was one of the rare times when a band seemed to have played everything everyone wanted to hear and no one was heard saying " I wish they had played..." as they left the Greek theatre.

REO Speedwagon "Take It On THe Run" At the Greek Theatre

Hi Infidelity was a career-changing album for REO Speedwagon, achieving a staggering number of accolades, chart positions and sales, among them:

* Highest-selling rock LP of 1981

* Has sold close to 10 million copies in the US

* February 21, 1981; the album hit #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart and remained at   #1 for 15 weeks straight; taking over John Lennon & Yoko Ono's "Double Fantasy," which previously held the spot for eight weeks

* Remained on Billboard 200 album chart for 101 weeks, unprecedented for an American rock band at the time

* Album certified RIAA Gold and Platinum on February 2, 1981; since been 10x Platinum certified

* Single "Keep on Loving You," certified RIAA gold on March 4th, replaced Eddie Rabbitt's "I Love a Rainy Night" at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 on March 21, 1981

* March 21st, 1981, the first week of Billboard's then new "Top Tracks" chart (now known as the Mainstream Rock Chart) boasted four songs from Hi Infidelity: "Keep on Loving You" and "Take It On the Run," which both hit the top 10; and "Don't Let Him Go"(#11) and "Tough Guys" (#25); "Out of Season," joined those four a week later

* "Take It On the Run" was the 9th music video ever to be played on MTV

REO Speedwagon – Hi Infidelity 2CD 30th Anniversary Edition

REO Speedwagon – Hi Infidelity 2CD 30th Anniversary Edition
will be released on July 19th 2011

Hi Infidelity – 30th Anniversary Edition featuring the classic album in its entirety on disc 1. Disc 2 consists of never-before released studio demos of 9 of these historic tracks!

Legacy Recordings will be celebrating the monumental success of Hi Infidelity, an album that came to define arena rock 30 years ago this year by remastering this classic record and adding a second disc of never before released in studio demos of 9 of these historic tracks. Kevin Cronin is involved in every step of this new presentation and there is talk that Hi Infidelity will feature prominently in this years REO Speedwagon tour. 



Reo Speedwagon Logo



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