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The Tablet PC exists because Bill Gates had a vision. 

Hardware manufacturers joined in that vision and dared to be different. 


Now Oakley has done the same...

Creating the Most Unique and Innovative Accessory We Have Seen To Date's 2004

Accessory of the Year!

The 256 MB Oakley Thump

by Linda A. Epstein

From the lifeguard towers of Malibu to the snow covered slopes of Mammoth,  The Thump has the highest "WOW"  factor we have seen to date. 

How do you skip right past being a Accessory of the Month and go straight to becoming the Accessory of the Year?

By creating something no one has and leaving no detail undone,
Oakley has created a product everyone will want: the world's first digital music eyewear.

Thump with the new Sahara i213 Tablet PC

Attach to your Tablet PC, drag and drop your favorite tunes and you're ready to Rock!

Try as I might finding the right words to describe the sensation that overcome you when you put them on .....I can't.   The Thump is like magic.   Put them on and the world seems brighter, your wallet seems fuller not lighter, and an aura of fun and happiness surrounds you.... 

Seem too good to be true?  It's not.  In this case, the sound quality merged with style and function is a winning combination that produces an amazing sensation.

Designed to maximize the user experience Thump weighs only 1.8 ounces (10% less than an empty cd case) and is equipped with 256 megs of solid-state flash memory for up to 8 hours of absolutely ski free music.   Buttons on the right arm allow you to play, pause, shuffle or repeat songs, and buttons on the left control volume.  Earpieces are adjustable in length and move up and out of the way if you need to answer a cell phone.  Lenses flip up and out of the way when your indoors.  Oakley has thought of everything, no detail has been left undone.

The Thumps state-of-the-art digital audio system is ready to go when you are.   Attach them to your Tablet PC, laptop or desktop computer with the included USB cable, drag and drop your files into the Thump and your out the door in minutes.

Lil Jon Signature Edition

The Thump's built-in MP3 player is set to revolutionize the way we listen to music as well as store and transfer data.   

I've spent days driving with the top down,  enjoying Malibu sunsets and enjoying Mammoth's ski slopes in them. The polarized lenses worked well in all conditions and the sound quality is exceptional.  From the lifeguard towers of Malibu to the snow covered slopes of Mammoth,  The Thump has the highest "WOW"  factor we have seen to date.   A definite conversation starter, wearing the Thump is a great way to meet new people.

Thump's are so hot the only thing missing are the flames on the side.....

How Oakley managed to come up a frame that looks good and fits everyone who puts it on is beyond me, but they did.  Coming in seven color combinations the Thump looks good on everyone.  

They are the perfect accessory for anyone who thinks outside the box, appreciates and enjoys life and who doesn't want tangles of cords following them everywhere they go. 

Light and comfortable to wear with sound quality far and above any MP3 player I have ever heard before, they are both fun and functional ... it just doesn't get any better. 

From the Oakley Site:

OAKLEY THUMP™ is the world's first digital music eyewear. No more wires. Just high-performance optics forged with an integrated, state-of-the-art digital audio engine. Listen to music virtually anywhere. Change the way you see and hear the world. OAKLEY THUMP comes in seven color combinations and two types: a 128 MB version and a 256 MB version with polarized lenses.

Durable, solid-state memory means skip-free music in environments where music players with moving parts wouldn't stand a chance. And with no hard disk to spin up and drain power, the internal rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery offers up to six hours of continuous song play



Use OAKLEY THUMP to store and transport computer files. While you're playing your favorite tunes, you can haul virtually any kind of data. Transfer the files to another computer with the fast USB connection. Or use OAKLEY THUMP to backup critical files from work and keep them safe in your brainframe.

Load Songs Instantly
OAKLEY THUMP comes with a High Speed USB 2.0 cable for connecting to your computer. USB 2.0 is lightning fast, so you can copy over 4 hours of music to your OAKLEY THUMP in under 2 minutes. OAKLEY THUMP recharges itself through the USB cable, and optional external chargers are available for car and wall outlet recharging.

Right out of the box, OAKLEY THUMP works with your Tablet PC. . No set-up required. No software to install. . And use whatever music library program you want. MusicMatch, Windows Media Player, whatever - we've got you covered. OAKLEY THUMP is the world's first cross-platform, plug-and-play digital music eyewear.

When you connect OAKLEY THUMP to your computer, it shows up on your desktop. All you have to do is move song files - MP3, WMA or WAV format - with a simple drag and drop. Once the copying is done, you're ready to go. OAKLEY THUMP also supports multiple compression levels, and even variable bit rate (VBR) encoding for MP3 and WMA is supported.

A specially designed rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery minimizes weight and provides up to six hours of continuous music. For the ultimate in convenience, charging can be done through the USB cable or an optional external charger


  • 256 megabytes of solid-state NAND flash memory for storing up to 120 songs
  • Absolute music freedom with no wires or cords to dangle or tangle
  • Up to 6 hours of playback time
  • 75MHz DSP with 18-bit Sigma Delta DAC for state-of-the-art audio fidelity
  • Acoustic expansion speakers with forward/back booming and sideways pivoting
  • Flip-up lenses with raked-back contours for maximum protection against sun, wind and side impact
  • Patented XYZ Optics® for razor sharp clarity at all angles of vision, even at lens periphery
  • Plutonite lens material blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light
  • Durable O Matter® frame with less than 1.8-ounce total weight for all-day comfort
  • Supports storage of data files along with song files
  • Includes high-speed USB cable for transferring song files from Mac or Windows PC

Optional Accessories:

Soft Box
World charger
usb cable
Car Charger
Soft Vault
Soft Box
World Wall Charger with
International Adapters
USB Cable
Car Charger

Click here for Full specs


  • Ultimate convenience for those who always wear sunglasses and cary USB drives

  • New, different and innovative Wearing them makes you feel good 256 MB USB storage blocks 100% of all UV, and Iridium® lens coatings optimize vision in any light Perfect for the Music Lover or the road warrior who constantly moves data six hours of continuous song play.

  • Wearing them is a great way to make new friends.
  • Excellent assortment of accessories makes them as mobile as it gets.


  • Pricey to purchase in multiple colors

  • Demand has already exceeded the supply

  • Limited choices in frame colors

In Conclusion :

The Thump has something to offer everyone. The polarized lenses make them perfect in all conditions.  At beach or in the mountains, a ride in a convertible or a walk on rodeo drive and everywhere in between.   There are both fun and functional ...and it just doesn't get any better than that. 


Order Yours Now!

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