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NEC Versa Pro Tablet PC




The New Nec VersaPro

Weighing only 1.9 pounds and 11mm thick

Once its in your hands, you'll never want to let it go......

  Unfortunatly NEC has no plans to ship this model to the United States.

English translation of the Press release:

NEC’s 11mm VersaPro Tablet PC unveiled
 (Translated from the japaneese press release with babblefish )

NEC thickness 11mm, weight 885g and the world most of thin the tablet PC most light weight (type name VY11F/GL-R) merchandised 1 type this each time, for business note PC "VersaPro (the bertha professional) in the series", we started sale activity from this day.

The new commodity actualized further scantness and lightness the world most thin as a successor aircraft of the tablet PC which actualizes most light weight, we strengthened portable characteristic ease of use. In addition although scantness and lightness are pursued basic efficiency former ratio approximately 1.6 times

(Note 1) with improved largely with, e.g., in CPU ultralow voltage edition Intel (R) Pentium (R) M processor 733 (1.10GHz), MOBILITY (TM) RADEON (TM) 7500 is loaded in the graphic accelerator. Furthermore, parallax minimum conversion and you said that you look at the entry and the paper to the paper, the enlargement of the visible angle with high angle of visibility liquid crystal panel adoption and the adjustment etc. of slide condition of the pen with the adoption of the thin-shaped LCD cover glass due to, we pursued "the use impression of the paper" more.

With these strengthening, as for the new product, ease of use such as presentation present cheapness with the holdings substantially improvement. In addition, the presentation which uses animated picture there is no stress and has become operation possible. Especially, we have become, the commodity which such as sale is suited for wide use/stock management and medical electronic chart and diplomacy business terminal by the fact that light weight conversion and writing taste improves.

1. Thickness approximately 27% thin 11mm (Note 2), weight approximately 11% light 885g (Note 3) actualizes pursuit of scantness lightness in comparison with the commodity until recently. Because of this, with holdings such as sale/stock management and presentation furthermore showing ease of use in job.

2.  In strengthening CPU the basic efficiency Pentium M-733 (1.1AGHz), in the graphic accelerator MOBILITY (TM) RADEON (TM) actualizing the basic efficiency improvement of former ratio approximately 1.6 times by the fact that 7500 is loaded. Especially former ratio approximately 2 times (Note 1) actualizing efficiency improvement in regard to graphic efficiency. In addition improvement of battery drive time (Note 4) it actualizes, strengthening basic efficiency as Mobile PC. In addition, there is no stress and depending upon the improvement of CPU and graphic efficiency, business becomes possible, also expression power of the presentation and the like which uses the animated picture in user improves. Furthermore, as the above-mentioned battery drive time is strengthened, 2 batteries simultaneously the charge possible battery charger (Note 5) by the fact that you use, even in the long haul use with Mobile which is supposed corresponding possibility.

3.  Actualization "of the use impression of the paper" until recently similar to the machine, by the fact that the thin-shaped tempered glass of approximately 0.5mm is adopted for protective layer, it shortens parallax of the nib and display to approximately half in comparison with the acrylic board adoption product, actualizing the input whose strange feeling is little. In addition, as by the fact that the finishing film is stuck on the thin-shaped tempered glass, being taken included such as illumination is lightened, when writing to the paper, actualizing the use impression the way. Furthermore, while the top and bottom/actualizing the wide field of vision angle left and right respectively 120 degrees the high angle of visibility liquid crystal panel with adoption, looking at the picture with the group of people it corresponds to also previous arrangement use. In addition up-to-date Windows (R) XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 it is loaded promptly by the fact that, the improvement of character recognition ratio and input place is not locked and making the input panel favorite in the place indicate such as possibility, ease of use substantially improvement

Product summary (because of BTO correspondence, typical selection example statement) as follows is.
VersaPro tablet PC model example (* as for item of sign with BTO selection selective possibility)

Based model VY11F/GL-R CPU

ultralow voltage edition Intel (R) Pentium (R) M processor 733 (1.10AGHz)

memory DDR-SDRAM 512MB

(PC-2100) graphic accelerator MOBILITY (TM) RADEON (TM) 7500

OS Windows (R) XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

application it is not hard disk approximately 20GB

there is no CD-ROM drive

FDD it is not there is no keyboard

the battery lithium ion (M)

the communication facility standard internal organs (in 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T correspondence), at BTO selection the wireless LAN (IEEE802.11a/b/g)

the corresponding display 10.4 type TFT color liquid crystal (XGA) 285,000 Yen in desired retail price

incoming order target date August 30th

shipment target date 9 From month 30 day





nec nec

Nec Versa LitePad Tablet PC

The NEC Versa LitePad is available now through select distributors, including CDW, Amazon and PC Connection with standard configurations starting at $2,399 (U.S.).

One of the most highly anticipated Tablet PC's is the Nec Vera LitePad is the Thinnest and Lightest Tablet PC available. Engineered to blend the convenience of pen-based computing with the productivity advantages of Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition, the NEC Versa LitePad represents a new generation of portable, instant-on Tablet-based solutions for grab-and-go professionals.

Overview: The NEC Versa LitePad is the thinnest and lightest Tablet PC solution on the market, engineered for the enterprise market. Considered a "pure" Tablet PC solution, the Versa LitePad has an ultra slim profile of 8.8-inches wide by 11.7-inches long by .6-inches thick and is a feather light 2.2 pounds – comparable to even traditional paper-based notepads. A primary feature of the Versa LitePad is its 10.4-inch wide-angle display, which allows a user to interface with the product like "digital paper," electronically capturing handwritten notes and radically simplifying daily business collaborations. The Versa LitePad ships with several pre-bundled business productivity applications and connectivity options. It is ideally suited for organizations looking to replace their traditional paper-based clipboard systems with a mobile solution that can drastically simplify business collaborations, field data collection and improve communications with remote employees

Key Features:
* 10.4" XGA TFT color display with digitizer
* Intel® Ultra-Low-Voltage Mobile Pentium® III Processor at 933MHz-M
* 2.2 pounds
* 256 MB RAM, expandable to 512 MB
* 20 GB hard drive
* Integrated Wireless LAN 802.11a + b connections
* External USB CD-ROM drive
* External USB keyboard and mouse
* Several pre-installed business and productivity applications, including Adobe®
Acrobat® Reader® Version 5.0, Alias/Wavefront™ SketchBook Pro™,
Colligo™ Networks Personal Edition, Corel® Grafigo™, FranklinCovey®
TabletPlanner™ and Zino Reader


Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor ULV-M, featuring Intel SpeedStep™ Technology 933 MHz 133-MHz Front-Side Bus (FSB) L2 cache - 512-KB
256 MB of high-speed PC133 memory in one SO-DIMM slot
BIOS Read-Only Memory (ROM) - 512-KB flash ROM
Cache Memory - L1 Cache; 16 KB code and 16 KB data

Memory Expansion
512 MB of PC133 memory upgrade in SO-DIMM slot2

Storage Devices
20 GB hard drive 1.8-inch, 5mm, IDE, UltraDMA/1003
External USB 24x CD-ROM drive
Optional external USB industry-standard 3.5-inch, 1.44-MB1 diskette drive
Optional external USB 24x CD-R/RW drive

Calendar Clock
Year/month/day/hour/minute/second maintained by internal back-up battery

Core Chip
Napa2-T (North Bridge) and Ali 1535+ (South Bridge)

Video Controller - embedded in core chip (North Bridge)
Video RAM - 16 MB (UMA)
Resolution - XGA (default) and SVGA VGA out - support for simultaneous LCD/CRT display

Extended Graphics Array (XGA) LCD panel
10.4-inch reflective active-matrix Thin Film Transistor (TFT) color display
Protective covering - tempered glass with coating
Resolution - 1024 × 768 max
Color depth - 24-bit Digitizer
Tablet: Electromagnet give and receive method

Pens: Slim pen (5.5mm) and clip pen (9mm)

User Controls - Buttons : Change screen orientation, Escape, Function, Security, Down ,Enter Up

User Controls - Switches: Power Radio wave

Audio: Controller - embedded in core chip (South Bridge), Sound Codec - ADI 1981B Internal monaural speaker, Internal microphone, SoundBlaster compatible, Software beep control, Buzzer support S/P DIF support

Keyboard: Slim, space-saving USB keyboard with standard QWERTY-key layout, Function keys - 12 keys, Cursor control keys including 4 arrow keys arranged in inverted T layout, Windows key set Num lock, Caps lock, Scroll lock, and Fn status LEDs, Sleep button Embedded numeric keypad

Mouse: Mini 3-button USB optical wheel mouse

Input/Output (I/O) Facilities: Integrated industry-standard interfaces, LAN Port - 1 port, RJ-45 jack
DC In - 1 port for AC adapter cable, USB Ports - 3 ports, one with power port,VGA - 1 port, 15-pin high-density D-sub, Microphone In - 1 port, 3-pin, Mini-Pin jack, Stereo Headphone Out - 1 port, 3-pin, Mini-Pin jack (with SP DIF)

LAN: 10Base-T and 100Base-TX, Wake-On LAN support on S3/S4 states, LAN boot support (network boot), Remote Power On support, Full duplex support Software support for management server Integrated on main board

Wireless LAN: Mini PCI - 802.11a + b Outside antenna

Card Slot:One CF card slot for Type I or Type II CF Card

Power: ACPI power management support; power status and battery charge status LEDs

Batteries: Main Battery Lithium ion (Li-Ion), 4 cell battery pack RTC Battery

AC Adapter: Input Voltage - 100 to 240 volts (V) AC, 50 watt (max.) Output Voltage - 19 volts DC, 50 watt (max.)

Security: Kensington lock slot, Power-on password; can set with pen

Dimensions and Weights:
Width - 8.82 in (224 mm)
Length - 11.69 in. (297 mm)
Thickness - 0.59 in. (15 mm)
Weight - 2.24 lbs. (1015 g)1

Factory-Installed Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC
Limited Warranty
One year parts and labor limited warranty4
Concurrent one-year Express service at no extra charge

property of NEC Solutions (America), Inc. All rights reserved.

Click her to view the Accessories for the Versa® Litepad™

USB Cable PortBar with AC Adapter -- OP-560-74702

Four Bay Battery Charger -- OP-570-75401-1

Lithium Ion Battery -- OP-570-76201

AC Adapter -- OP-520-72501

Battery Charger -- OP-LPAD-CHARGER

USB Floppy Disk Drive -- OP-USBFDD

USB CD-RW Drive -- OP-260-76102

5mm and 9mm Stylus Pen Set -- OP-LPAD-PEN

512MB SDRAM Memory Module -- OP-410-74804

Protective Carrying Case -- OP-LPAD-PCS

Executive Carrying Case -- OP-LPAD-ECS


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