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GoBook Rugged Tablet PC

The GoBook Tablet PC is a rugged “slate” Tablet PC, that puts the power and flexibility of tablet computing to work in environmentally-challenging situations. Mid-sized, lightweight and ergonomic, the GoBook Tablet PC boasts the rugged and weatherized features you’ve come to expect from Itronix. With multiple integrated wireless technologies, the GoBook Tablet PC is ready for any wireless network. It offers the performance and flexibility needed to keep field-deployed, mission-critical workers productive. Itronix took the best aspects of Tablet PC technology and improved on them for high-performance mobile applications. Ideal for industries such as insurance, telecommunications, public safety and commercial field service, the GoBook Tablet PC is backed by Itronix’ innovative “total-solutions” approach for implementation at the enterprise level.

Itronix brings the wireless performance and rugged capabilities of the GoBook line to the demanding world of Tablet PCs.

Whether your field team is new to wireless computing or if you are looking to enhance your existing mobile computing line-up, the GoBook Tablet PC will provide years of performance at the stroke of a pen.

The Itronix GoBook Tablet PC becomes an extention of the user. Its size, light weight and intuitive operation brings seamless communication, uninterrupted connectivity and “always ready” performance to field computing!

  • Ergonomic size and design

  • MIL-STD rugged in a Tablet PC

  • Integrated wireless communication options

  • Runs Windows XP Tablet PC applications

  • End to End solutions implementation

  • 40 GB Hard Drive

  • Die-cast magnesium case

  • Optional carry case and straps

Specifications: 3ft drops onto plywood over concrete meets MIL-STD 810F, 516.5 IV _Blowing rain/water resistance at 4" per hour at approximately 40 psi for 10 minutes on all 6 axes per MIL-STD 810F, 506.4 II _ Dust per IP-54 _Vibration per MIL-STD 810F, 514.5 and ASTM 4169-99 truck assurance level II, Schedule E Product GoBook Tablet PC specification.

Compact Size: Length: 10.6" (27.0 cm) _ Width: 7.2" (18.4 cm) _ Depth: 1.65" (4.2 cm)
Weight: 3.7 lbs (1.7KG)
Processor/Memory: 866 MHz Ultra Low Voltage Mobile Intel PIII with 512K L2 cache _ 256 to 640 MB Low Voltage SDRAM
Storage: Shock mounted 2.5" 30 GB hard disk drive
Power: Smart 3200 mAH (35.5W) Lithium-Ion main battery pack _ 3200 mAH (35.5W) Lithium-Ion 2nd battery pack option
Display: 8.4" SVGA TFT Outdoor Transmissive display with Digitizer Control Panel Touchscreen
Pointing Device: Digitizer Control Panel Touchscreen
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Interfaces: PC Card slot for (1) Type I or II card with 32 bit Card Bus 2.1 Interface _ Compact Flash slot for (1) Type I or II card _ Built-in RJ-11 and RJ-45 jacks for integrated
fax/modem and Ethernet _ (2) USB 2.0 connectors _26-pin docking connector _External speaker and microphone jacks _Connector for 2nd Battery
Audio: Internal microphone and speaker _ PCI Audio with AC-97 compliance
Integrated Wireline
Communications: 56 Kbps V.92 fax/modem _10/100 Mbit Base-T Ethernet LAN
Integrated Wireless GPRS _ CDMA _ 802.11b WLAN _ Bluetooth (various combinations available depending on specific requirements)
Communications: _ Up to 3 RF modems can be integrated at one time
Hot Keys: Enter _ Up/Down Arrows _ Escape _Security (Secure Attention Sequence) _ Rotate Display Image (landscape/portrait) _ Function Key
_ Suspend/Power on/off _ WLAN/Bluetooth on/off

Options: Desk Stand with 15-pin external video (CRT) port _ (2) USB ports, and 2nd Battery Charger _ Port Replicator _Vehicle power supply _ Vehicle dock with keyboard
and touchpad, lock, and serial, parallel, USB, and external monitor connectors _ Hand strap _ Carry cases for system and accessories with handle and shoulder strap
_ iCare Mobility, seamless roaming connectivity
Environmental Die-cast magnesium for structural components _Operating temperature -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F) _Storage temperature -55° to 75° C (-67° to 167° F) _26 repeated

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