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Gearing Up for Greatness

The Hollywood Bowl "Gears Up"  for the 2005 season


Linda A. Epstein - May 2005


Hollywood Bowl

Its early April and as I make my way up to the sound booth there is a lot going on for this early in the year.  Walls with new sound baffles, lots of fresh blue paint, stacks of L-ACOUSTICS  speakers being hung, a fork lift delivers the main mixing console  into a newly carpeted sound booth, box after box Yamaha sound equipment being opened brought in and set into the racks,   the boys at the Bowl are getting ready for the Hollywood Bowls eighty third season.  Somewhere in this mix of equipment are four tablet PC's, one of which is mine.

Fred with Oterbox

Fred Vogler, Sound Designer for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Disney Concert Hall and the Hollywood Bowl with his Fujitsu 4121 Tablet PC in an Otterbox Rugged Tablet PC Case

Boxes of Yahamaha Gear     L-ACOUSTICS speakers

SOund Rack   Audio BOard

Later that Month....

Cher Road Case
Fred Vogler with the Fujitsu 4121 & Michael Cooper with Toshiba M200

Getting ready for Cher's Final Concert

Between The Village People, Cher, THe Hollywood Bowl and myself there were SEVEN Tablet PCs and an Elephant being used in the Hollywood Bowl that day including the Sahara i213, 2 Fujitsu's, a Toshiba M200 an Xplore and 2 Motion M1300s

more tablet pcs

Michael with the Toshiba M200 and Fred with the Sahara i213

Chers Elephant

Cher's elephant waits in the wings....

Tablets in the booth

From the sound booth

Fred with the Fujitsu 4121 Tablet PC running Lake Controller software

Cher's crew using the Lake Controller software on the Xplore Tablet PC

Lake Controller software on the Motion m1300 in the sound booth

Early model Fujitsu Tablet PC (in road case) with Fujitsu 4121( top left )


Opening Night at the Bowl featuring the 6th annual Hall of Fame 

Friday, June 24, 2005

Kick off the Bowl season in style as John Mauceri and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra host a star-studded celebration featuring 2005 Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame inductees Joshua Bell and Trisha Yearwood, a special tribute to Frank Sinatra, our famous fireworks, and much more, all in support of Music Matters.



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