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Tablet PC

The next stage in the evolution of the PC....

What is Tablet PC?

Combine the reliability and power of Windows XP, the portability of a laptop and the convenience of pen and ink, and what do you get? ...Power, Mobility, Versatility, all in a portable computer the size of a writing tablet.

The Tablet PC is a fully functioning notebook that runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Built on top of the Windows XP Professional operating system,Tablet PC Edition offers new, advanced handwriting and speech recognition capabilities that enable the creation, storage, and transmission of handwritten notes and voice input.

Write and store information in your own handwriting or speech and easily convert your notes into typed text that can be pasted into other Windows XP-compatible applications. Or input text using a digital pen, on-screen keyboard or standard keyboard, the choice is yours.

Lightweight, long battery life, high resolution displays, advanced chip technology, built-in wireless connectivity, screens that quickly rotate between portrait and landscape along with multiple options for customizing make the Tablet PC a perfect solution for today's fast paced lifestyle.

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Convertible or Pure Tablet ?

The Tablet PC comes in two basic styles, "Convertible Models" and "Pure Tablets," and with more than a dozen Hardware manufacturers there will a variety of Tablet PCs to choose frsking which model is the "Best" is like asking what flavor of ice cream is best: everyone is going to have their own opinion.

If you're in and out of your office all day, a Pure Tablet with a docking station may be your choice. If you're a road warrior, a convertible model may be what best suits your needs. It's not a matter of which model Tablet PC is "best," its a mater of individual needs and personal preference.

Looking very much like today's' laptops, there will be "Convertible Models" with attached keyboards that allow you to rotate the screen and lay it flat for note taking and pen input. "Convertible Models" are an excellent choice for those who are always on the go and rarely at a desk.

"Pure Tablets" are extremely lightweight, ultra-slim and have the ability to easily dock at a desktop giving users access to full sized monitor, keyboard and mouse Pure tablets are ideal for those who spend much of their day away from their desks in meetings. ( Also known as "Slates.")


Microsoft Office XP Pack for Tablet PC will support digital ink within Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Initially, however, digital ink will be stored as a separate file attachment rather than embedded natively in the document file. The company has signed up 16 software partners, including SAP AG and Salt Lake City-based FranklinCovey Co., which will offer a tablet-enabled version of its day planner software.

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