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Children and Technology
Part 2

by Linda A. Epstein
September 2004


Jayd Motion Tablet pc

Children are the future and as technology continues to advance they grow with it.

There is no question that Jayd is a child of technology or that she will grow up surrounded by the latest and greatest gadgets of her generation.   But,  it is her love of learning to do something new on the Tablet and being able to do it herself that fuels her passion for learning.

Throughout history children have represented the future.   Jayd is not even three but she enjoys learning and loves using the Tablet PC.  Thanks to the forward thinking of companies like Vectiva and Jumping Minds children as young as two can begin developing skills on the Tablet PC that will continue grow with them.   Lora has quite a few Childrens programs listed under education section on TabletPCPost, and the majority of them are free.  

At two years and eight months Jayd's fascination with he computer and the Tablet Pc continues to grow.  On more than one occasion her parents have found her sitting at the desk going through photos on the notebook in the upstairs office.   As you can see from the photos below she is very intent on on her work.

Her life will be enlightened by technology, she will have more options and more choices than ever before.  And by the time she's old enough to write her name, using a Tablet PC will be second nature to her.    She is the big sister to 6 month old boy - girl twins and in all likelihood a few years from now she will be teaching them how to use the Tablet.  But for now Jayd is happy not to have to share her Tablet PC time.

Jayd Motion Tablet pc      Jayd Motion Tablet pc

  Jayd coloring "Scooby Doo" using VT Coloring Book on a Motion M1300 Tablet PC

Jayd finds VT Coloring Book by Vectiva very much to her linking.  After showing her just once how to change the color of the pen much to my amazement, as well as her parents she could navigate the program, change the both the color and the size of the pen with out anyone's help. 

Jayd Motion Tablet pc     Jayd Motion Tablet pc
The artist at work...

She is working at 1024 x 768 resolution because at the time it didn't occur to me to change it for her.  But the size of the colors boxes on the color pallet is very small at this resolution.    VT Coloring Book for Tablet PCs would be easier for young children to use at 800 x 600.   However, since most people do run their tablets at 1024 x 768, we're hoping that Vectiva will adjust the size of the color boxes in the next version, making it easier for little hands to click on the colors they want with the pen.

Will this pint size princess grow up to be a Professional Surfer, a Doctor,  a Lion Tamer, an artist?,  Time will tell.  BUt I have the feeling it's a pretty safe bet to say she will grow up a women of technology.

        Tablet PC coloring book    

VT Coloring Book 1.0",  is an innovative educational application for the new Tablet PC platform. VT Coloring Book 1.0 is a teaching tool for preschool and elementary aged children. It helps them to learn the skills they will need to successfully use a Tablet PC in an e-enabled learning environment, while entertaining them with familiar cartoon images and challenging them to complete the coloring pages. Children will spend hours coloring a variety of cartoon pages on their Tablet PCs. They can also save and print the images for gift giving and crafts. Parents will also like the fact that they can add an almost infinite number of cartoon coloring pages to the VT Coloring Book collection for free.   

coloring book pages can be found at

Additional software for the Tablet PC can be downloaded from

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