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Children and Technology
part 1



She enjoys surfing,  skateboarding and drawing on a Tablet PC,  all at the tender age of two and a half.......

Two year old Jayd finds the Toshiba M200 Tablet PC and Alias Sketchbook Pro very much to her linking.  She prefers the paintbrush, highlighter and the marker to the pencils and would like for the colors to be easier to get, and to have more colors on the palette. 

It wasn't my intention to show Jayd how to color a Tablet PC or teach her to use one,  far from it.  I had my New Toshiba M200 Tablet PC with me to show her daddy so that he could consider it for his next suite of offices.   But before I even had a chance to show it to him, Jayd spotted the Tablet in my hands and wanted to check it out.  So I swiveled the screen to hide the keyboard to avoid her getting the idea that it was ok to use a crayon or a marker and try to draw on her parents laptop and off we went.

It started with me drawing ghosts and kittens using Alias Sketchbook Pro.  From there It took all of about 5 minutes before she wanted to try it  herself and even less time for her to learn how to change the color and drawing tool by herself.   While she didn't always get the color or the tool she was going after she continued  trying and was fascinated with the process.   

I am looking forward to showing her VT Coloring Book for Tablet PCs  & Fun Paint for Tablet PCs  in the near future.

Jayd 1 Jayd 2 jayd 3
I try it ...
Two year old Jayd
with the Toshiba M200 Tablet PC
I do it ...


Jayd with Toshiba M200
I keep it!

Watching Jayd enjoy herself with the Tablet PC reminded me of Lora's posts at   on Women in technology and Kids and Tablet Pcs.  It occurred to me that today's children are the products of technology.  They represent the future and what is to come.  

      M200 Tablet PC                                                       Sketchbook Pro

         Toshiba Tablet PC                                Alais Sketchbook

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