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June 2017



June 1 , 2017

Stuck between the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop? Here's what you should consider

Microsoft’s Surface family is a premium PC brand, it shouldn’t be surprising that the Surface Laptop and Pro are expensive — some would say too expensive to contemplate. If you’re considering either of Microsoft Surface Pro Kickstand positionsthese, it is safe to say that you’ve already accounted for a high price, what you may not have accounted for is the price difference between the devices. While both notebooks are expensive devices, the Surface Laptop is less expensive than the Surface Pro for what you’re getting. Consider, for $999 you’re getting an i5 processor with 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, 14-hour battery life etc.

To get the same configuration with  Surface Pro 4, you would realistically be looking at $1200 or thereabouts once the cost of a keyboard and pen are factored in. No matter how you slice it, if you want to use your Surface Pro as a laptop, you’ll be shelling out a bit more than you’d do for the Surface Laptop.

Windows Ink is a key, but niche feature of the Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft’s Surface devices have mostly always supported inking features, with the Surface Studio, Laptop, Pro, and Surface 3 having stylus capabilities. With Windows Ink introduced, inking has become more of a part of Windows and been embedded in native apps like the Photos app and the Maps app. While the Surface {en is supported by the Surface Laptop technically, it works just as well as you’d imagine. It is unlikely that you’ll be scribbling out notes on this screen considering it’s a traditional clamshell laptop that doesn’t even bend all the way backwards. If Windows Ink is a concern of yours, the Surface Pro is the more viable device for this specific scenario.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro has a secret. It isn’t a two in one device, its a three in one. Aside from serving as a traditional Laptop and a tablet, it can also serve as a powerful desktop. With the optional Surface Dock, buyers can expand the Surface Pro from simple tablet to the core of their computing life. Since it’s a Windows 10 PC itself, you won’t skip a beat in terms of UI and UX, and you would be

For most people, a decision to buy the Surface Pro or the Surface Laptop will ultimately come down to Windows 10 Pro vs Windows 10 S. As its name implies, the Surface Pro ships with Windows 10 Pro, the most powerful version of Windows one can get if you’re a consumer. If you’re running Windows 10 Pro, aside from running Windows apps you can also play with the registry editor, command line, PowerShell, Group Policy editor, Hyper-V and more. If you’re really interested in Windows 10 Pro, you would already know that. Windows 10 S, on the other hand, is a more limited version of Pro. While it is still Windows 10 Pro underneath, all those advanced features I just described above are disabled.

Microsoft says this is for safety and security, and while that is true, many users may be frustrated by the ability to install and run apps like Google Chrome and whatever random Win32 app they want. Microsoft’s Windows Store is getting more robust by the day, and you’ll soon be able to find staples like iTunes, Spotify, and Office there. If that’s still limiting to you, for $50 (free till 2018), you can bump your installation up to Windows 10 Pro,




Four new Apple tablets spotted, new iPad Pro possibly among them
Phone Arena

Many expect that Apple’s WWDC event this year will bring not only software, but also hardware iPad Pro Tabletsannouncements, with news about upcoming iPad models among them. And new evidence has popped up recently, suggesting that several new tablets may be set for debut at WWDC 2017. 

Said evidence comes in the form of regulatory approval spotted by the French web site Consomac. It lists four new “tablet PC” devices running iOS 10, referred to by their model numbers: A1670, A1671, A1701, and A1709. There is also a wireless keyboard listed under the A1843 model number, which may be a new accessory for the tablets mentioned. By the way, we won't be surprised if the macOS devices also present in the table turn out to be new MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops.

One curious observation: the tablet numbers are grouped in pairs. With this in mind, we can assume that the four model numbers belong to two different iPad models, each of which will be available in two versions: with and without a cellular module

If you want to be among the first to know what Apple has to announce, you can watch the livestream of the company’s WWDC keynote event on June 5.



June 2 , 2017

The Dell Latitude 5285: A hybrid tablet primed for business

No, it’s not just you. The Dell Latitude 5285 hybrid is a dead ringer for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. But while Microsoft targets consumers and businesses with its Surface Pro 4, Dell has honed its Latitude Dell Latitude 5285 hybrid5285 2-in-1 for the enterprise, forgoing features aimed at entertainment in favor of performance, security, and connectivity enhancements that may just have businesses sold on the hybrid “tabtop” concept.

The Latitude 5285’s biggest drawback is its display, offering a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels versus the Surface Pro 4’s 2736x1824.  Considering it’s a business device, that may not be that big of a deal, given that for work purposes, resolution isn’t as high of a priority as it is for those streaming movies. The 1080p display is more than enough for the average user to be productive with email, document creation, and spreadsheet work.

The Dell Latitude can be customized with 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage -- all on par with the Surface Pro 4. But while the Surface Pro 4 still runs Intel’s 6th generation Skylake processors, the Latitude includes a 7th generation Intel Core Processor -- you can chose an i3, i5, or i7 -- with an Intel HD Graphics 620 graphics card, making it a more enticing option for IT departments looking for improved performance.


June 5 , 2017

Apple Special Event Live Stream

Apple Special Event Live Stream


Requirements: Live streaming uses Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology. HLS requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with Safari on iOS 7.0 or later, a Mac with Safari 6.0.5 or later on OS X v10.8.5 or later, or a PC with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Streaming via Apple TV requires an Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation) with software 6.2 or later or an Apple TV (4th generation).

New 10.5 incn iPad Pro

New iPad Pros

New iPad Pro Camera Features

New iPad True Tone Display




Microsoft's virtual keyboard for Windows 10 PCs and tablets lets you type using WordFlow

Fans of the swipeable Windows phone keyboard will be delighted to learn that Microsoft is currently hard at working building an onscreen PC and tablet version with the same WordFlow typing capabilities.

Both Swiftkey and the native Windows phone keyboard let users type entire words by gently swiping their finger across their phone's keyboard in a single motion. That feature is called WordFlow, and it can be much more quick and effortless than the traditional double thumb tap approach once you get into the swing of it.

News of the keyboard surfaced after Microsoft accidentally leaked a new Windows 10 build for phones and 32-bit PCs to a number of Windows insiders recently. Twitter user @h0x0d was one of those few, and revealed in a tweet over the weekend that the new keyboard will be based on Microsoft's own Swifkey keyboard.




June 6 , 2017

The iPad takes a big step toward being the computer for everyone
The Verge

Apple’s tablet has proven enduringly popular among those who’ve acquired one. At WWDC 2017, Apple underlined its commitment to pushing the iPad as its next computing platform, and for the first time ever, it even has me interested.





Wacom's first "Universal Pen" stylus for Windows 10 PCs is here, and it's called the Bamboo Ink
Windows Central

Wacom is jumping onto the Surface train with its new $69.99 Bamboo Ink pen. The Bamboo Ink is Wacom Bamboo Ink Penexciting because it's one of the first "smartpens" on the market that supports Wacom's Universal Pen Framework (UPF). That framework means it can seamlessly shift between Microsoft Surface devices and Wacom Active ES (electrostatic) ones, giving artists and pros more choices.

I spent the last few days with the Bamboo Ink, and here is what I think.

The Bamboo Ink (CS321AK) is a digital-inking pen for modern PCs, including the Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and new Surface Pro, as well as Surface Book and Surface Studio. Besides bringing Wacom's well-known brand to the Surface line, artists and ink users can also use it on Wacom AES-enabled devices such as HP's Elite x360 or the Dell Precision 5285.

Bambo Ink review conclusion: Who should buy it?

I have nothing bad to say about the Wacom Bamboo Ink. It's priced below the new Surface Pen ($69 versus $99), and it even comes with optional nibs (Microsoft charges $20 for a similar Pen Tip Kit).

Not only does Bamboo Ink feel great, but for Surface owners there is a slight improvement in overall sensitivity compared to the existing Surface Pen ($59). You lose the magnet, but you gain a slightly more ergonomic pen that also works better with splendid angles.




June 7 , 2017


Pre-orders for Microsoft's new Surface Pen go live

A few weeks ago at an event in Shanghai, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro and a Surface Pen. The company recently updated the product page for the new Surface Pen, and it’s now available for pre-order, but in just one color.New Microsoft Pens

As seen here, the new Surface Pen is available for the price of $99.99, though it qualifies for an education discount, which brings the price down for certain customers down to $89.99. Currently, only the Platinum pen can be pre-ordered, and the Burgundy, Black, and Cobalt Blue models are grayed out on the pre-order page. Pre-orders, nonetheless, will start shipping on June 15th, 2017, the same day as the new Surface Pro models.

Featuring tilt detection, 4,096 pressure levels, and 21 milliseconds of latency, the new Surface Pen was called “the fastest digital pencil on the planet” and”natural and responsive,” by Panos Panay. Apple, however, recently gave Microsoft a run for the money, and announced the next generation Apple Pencil, which has 20 milliseconds of latency.





Apple is trying to become Microsoft faster than Microsoft can become Apple
Business Insider

Something funny is happening in the age-old battle of Apple versus Microsoft. 

Each is trying to get its products to be more like the other's, but taking a different route to get there.Apple Pencil, Covers, and keyboard 

In one corner, there's Apple. With the iOS App Store, Apple already boasts the premiere destination for app developers on the planet. But with a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and the new iOS 11 coming this fall, Apple is building features that make its tablets work a lot more like Macs or Windows PC's.

In the other corner you have Microsoft, which has spent the last half-decade building its Surface lineup of touchscreen-enabled computers into serious Mac competitors and now seems to be aiming at the iPad. With its newest Windows 10 S operating system, Microsoft is attempting to make some of its Surface devices act more like the iPad and is betting it can grow the Windows Store into a serious rival to the iPhone and iPad App Store. 

Both companies want the same thing: To be the platform of choice for people trying to be creative and get work done, even as the very definition of "computer" grows increasingly fluid. But the end result is that we're in a weird situation where Microsoft is trying to make Windows work more like Apple iOS, while Apple tries to make iOS work more like Windows.

The race is on to see which can complete its transition first.

Microsoft's biggest advantage is the iPad's Achilles heel. The Surface devices, except for the Surface laptop, ship with a full version of Windows 10 and offer users access to full desktop programs. Owners can use the version of Office they already have, as well as the desktop version of the Google Chrome browser, the Steam game store, and more. 



June 8 , 2017

Surface Pro vs. Surface Book: Which should you buy?
Windows Central

Surface Pro vs. Surface Book

The never ending question: which one should I buy? In this guide, we'll help you decide whether you should get a Surface Pro (2017) or a Surface Book.

Although this feels more like a refresh, the new Surface Pro (2017) is lighter and thinner than its predecessor with rounded edges. The new version also sports the latest Intel processors. Some models have a fanless design, the kickstand goes down further, and you can expect longer battery life.

Indeed, it's the best Surface Pro yet, but it's not the only one. If you've been looking to get a Surface, you probably came across the Surface Book, which is also a 2-in-1 that packs some serious horsepower in a sleek and compact design that can make your buying decision a bit more difficult.

While Microsoft is targeting these devices to different audiences, the decision to which one to buy can come down to design, graphics, battery life, and pricing.

The Surface Pro sports a 12.5-inch display, while the Surface Book includes a 13.5-inch screen. And even though, you're getting a larger viewing real estate with the laptop, interesting enough, both provide the same 267 pixels-per-inch (PPI) density, 3:2 aspect ratio, 100 percent sRGB color, and support for the Surface Pen.



June 12 , 2017

The early 10.5-inch iPad reviews are in, and the verdict is expensive but near perfect

It’s been a week since Apple announced the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and the early reviews are now in. While reviewers do express a few reservations along the way, the overwhelming tone is positive.new 10.5-inch iPad Pro

Phrases like ‘Apple pays off its future-of-computing promise’ and ‘the biggest step forward the category has made yet’ suggest that tech writers are finally taking seriously Apple’s claim that an iPad is for many a realistic replacement for a PC.

There is disagreement about just how far that claim stretches, and eyebrows raised over the all-in price of a device that makes little sense without a Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, but those are the only real reservations found …

ArsTechnica says this is the first iPad to make a convincing argument for the Pro label.

It’s got a bigger, better screen; it’s got a better, faster chip with more RAM; and its enlarged Smart Keyboard makes it a whole lot nicer to work on than its predecessor. It might not convince you that an iPad can really be a “pro” device, but it makes a much more convincing argument for itself than the 9.7-inch tablet it replaces.

Andrew Cunningham says that iOS 11 will make this the most computer-like iPad ever.



June 13 , 2017

Microsoft Surface Laptop review:


The Good The Surface Laptop has a slim, modern design and comes in a selection of cool colors. Battery life is very good, and the keyboard and touchpad are both excellent.

The Bad The included Windows 10 S operating system can only install preapproved apps by default (but it's upgradable). The long-term life of the fabric covering remains a question. The cooler colors are only available in more expensive configurations, and the port selection is limited, skipping USB-C entirely.


June 14 , 2017

Should you buy Microsoft's pricey Surface Dock?
Windows Central

Microsoft Surface Dock

If you plan to turn your Surface device into your main home PC, the Surface Dock is one of the best ways to do it.

Surface started out as the tablet that could replace your laptop, but over the years it has grown into so much more. The Surface family offers flexibility in your computing lifestyle that's hard to beat, and thanks to the hardware inside the Pro, Book and Laptop, they're all capable of being your only PC.

Still, you might need a little help with that. As versatile as Surface products are, they have some limitations. That's where the Surface Dock comes in. This little black box has everything you need to turn your portable into a full desktop PC.

By hooking up with a single SurfaceConnect cable you transform the Surface into a desktop PC with connections galore. You'll also deliver power to the Surface through the same cable that you're pushing everything else.

The Surface Dock allows you to hook up a pair of monitors, Ethernet and a bunch of USB accessories, just like you could on a regular desktop PC. It's a neat arrangement, with only that solitary cable running to the dock, allowing all the other cables to be managed out of sight.

It's a great product that only has one potential barrier to entry: the price. At $200, the Surface Dock is a significant investment on top of the already premium price you pay for a Surface in the first place.

But that also makes it possible to draw an easy conclusion. Should you buy the Surface Dock? And is it worth $200? Yes, absolutely, but only if you plan to use it frequently to turn your Surface experience into a desktop. If you're enjoying your Surface mobile and have no plans to use it in this way, keep the cash in your pocket. It's that simple.



June 15 , 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) review: still the best Windows laptop/tablet hybrid, but who is it for?
T3Surface Pro 2017

Surface Pro v5 is the best laptop replacement tablet a creative could wish for, but most users would be better off with a Surface Laptop

Our Verdict

A highly impressive piece of hardware that is less than the sum of its tablet/laptop parts


  • Superb screen
  • Good battery life
  • Undeniably versatile


  • Expensive at higher specs
  • Keyboard costs extra and is poor
  • Stylus costs extra again, although it is, admittedly, excellent






June 19 , 2017

iPad Pro vs Surface Pro: Which Pro Tablet is Best for You?
The Bitbag

Tablets are now becoming a way of life for some people these days. Most people use a tablet as a iPad Pro vs Surface Protool for entertainment. However, in today’s market, there are tablets that can be used to entertain while at the same time, used for something rather more professional. Case in point are the iPad Pro and Surface Pro from Apple and Microsoft, respectively.

While these tablets have merits of their own, it tends to get quite confusing which one will work best on a user. There a lot of things to consider in purchasing a tablet especially if it is going to be used professionally. Starting off with performance.

New iPad Pro vs new Surface Pro

So far, a lot of first time users of the new iPad Pro have been quite happy with the tablet. There are a number of reviews online praising Apple for the new tablet. Furthermore, benchmark tests revealed that in some cases, the iPad Pro even performed better than a MacBook Pro.

If GeekBench is your main metric for device performance, then the iPad Pro will suit you best. Based on the current results, Apple’s newest tablet can best even the MacBook Pro, let alone the new Surface Pro.

This is mainly because internally, the new iPad Pro has a total of six physical processor cores. On the other hand, the Surface Pro’s Intel i5 chip has two physical cores. With hyper threading enabled, this amount to a total of four virtual cores.

In any case, it would seem that Apple hit the sweet spot when it comes to making the new A10X Fusion chip. However, since the Surface Pro offers far more models to choose from, this performance issue can be resolved by a simple processor upgrade.


As mentioned, the Microsoft offers a number of variations for the Surface Pro. While nothing external is changed, most of these differences are made internally. For instance, the Surface Pro can be had starting with an entry-level processor such as the Intel m3. The mid-range version sports an Intel i5 processor while the top-tier one comes with a snappy Intel i7 chip.




Microsoft Latest And Powerful 2-in-1 Surface Pro Beats Out Other Laptops In The Market
Science Times

Microsoft already released their latest and powerful 2-in-1 Surface Pro device and got great reviews Surface proabout it. Reports are saying that it beats out other existing laptops on the market today even the device is not a laptop in nature. The Surface Pro remarkable specifications and features allegedly is what it makes stand out with other competitors.

According to Gizmodo, the newest Surface Pro believes to be the best Surface models ever made by Microsoft. Though it is not molded as a laptop, the latest 2-in-1 Surface Pro could be considered as the best combination of a tablet and laptop feature. But Microsoft made it clear that it is not the successor of Surface Pro 4 and called it plainly as Microsoft Surface Pro.

Microsoft packed the latest 2-in-1 Surface Pro with a 7th generation Intel Core processor that is fast enough to edit a picture, watch a video and do other tasks without slowing down. Its extraordinary battery life is also to be proud of as the device purportedly could last for 13.5 hours, more impressive than other existing laptop's battery performance.

Digital Trends further added that the 12.3-inch square display of the latest 2-in-1 Surface Pro is also a perfect complement to its Intel i7 processor to bring out the sharp, colorful, quick and high CPU performance. It is also ideal for video playback that brings a lot of versatility and solid functions for a Microsoft device.




June 20 , 2017

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga unboxing and first impressions

We reviewed the X1 Carbon last month, and unboxed the X1 Tablet a couple of weeks ago. Now, it's time to take a look at the ThinkPad X1 Yoga.

The convertible PC has a few interesting features, and my personal favorite is that the keys retract when the user folds back the display. The keys can be a minor pain point when putting a 360-degree device in tablet mode, and sometimes it's that little bit of thought in solving a minor annoyance that makes a world of difference.





Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 First impressions: Apple's iPad Pro gets another competitor

the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is not for the budget buyer, but has the makings to be the best Android tablet available today. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 pen and ink

It is a high-end tablet even positioned as a laptop alternative, and hence has a pretty good resume. However, being an Android tablet restricts Samsung from making the Tab S3 as productive as Windows or iOS. This is mainly due to the lack of support for tablets on Android apps. To bridge this gap, Samsung has its own layer of software on top of Android, which certainly makes it better than many Android tablets. Things like alt-tab, multi-window and the native support for Samsung’s S-Pen, which is included with the tablet is supposed to make the tablet more productive. However, it is still an Android tablet and if you want to use regular apps, like instagram, you will get stuck with an enlarged mobile app, which can only be viewed properly in portrait mode.

If we put software out of the way however, the Galaxy Tab S3 seems like a very good tablet and the addition of an S-pen certainly makes things easier. Borrowed from Samsung’s Note series, the S-Pen works seamlessly here, as it does on the phones. You can use the S-Pen as a cursor to move about or navigate the tablet and you can call upon dedicated air commands by tapping the button on top of it. Best of all, you can type notes in your own handwriting and the tablet will convert them into text automatically. This is not new from Samsung, but it remains quite interesting and useful. We don’t yet know if the S-Pen is at par with the Apple Pencil or Surface Pen, but it feels quite good.



June 21 , 2017

Microsoft Surface Laptop review

Microsoft continues its winning streak with the brilliant Surface Laptop, which combines a thin and light design with powerful components.

Microsoft has been steadily impressing us with its range of Surface devices, and its latest addition, the Surface Laptop, continues that trend with a sleek and powerful notebook that’s been designed to be a showcase for Windows 10 S.

With the premium design and powerful specs of the Surface Laptop, Microsoft has Apple’s MacBook devices firmly in its crosshairs. Has Microsoft built a device that can topple the might Mac? Read on to find out…




June 22 , 2017

A guide for buying one of Microsoft's excellent Surface computers
The Verge

Microsoft Surface Computers 2017

Microsoft now has a variety of Surface devices that are designed to replace your laptop. There’s the Surface Book with a removable display, the Surface Pro with a kickstand, and now the new Surface Laptop that is the most traditional laptop Microsoft has ever made. I’ve been using all three extensively recently and have been able to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each. If you’re thinking about buying one of Microsoft’s Surface devices, here’s what you need to know.

If you're considering all three Surface devices, then here are some really simple suggestions:

  • Surface Pro - If you want the lightest computer you can get and you don't care about lap use. Around seven hours of battery life on Core i5 model with a 12.3-inch display. You'll need to purchase a Surface Pen and Surface Type Cover separately.
  • Surface Book - If you want a powerful laptop and you're not worried about weight or a slightly top-heavy display. Around seven hours of battery life with a 13.5-inch display. Base keyboard and Surface Pen included.
  • Surface Laptop -If you want a traditional laptop that’ll do everything most people need and lasts all day. Around eight hours of battery life with a 13.5-inch display. Surface Pen sold separately.




Apple iPad Pro Review: A superb tablet waiting for its time to shine

The problem with reviewing Apple's 10.5-inch iPad Pro shortly after launch is that the tablet is alreadyiPad Pro 2017 at a disadvantage. Apple has already shown us iOS 11, with specific features designed to change how we use the iPad, the release of which is still a few months away.

It's unlike Apple to release a new hardware product without a software update alongside it, especially when the software update is as transformative as iOS 11 is for the iPad Pro and Apple has made those changes public knowledge.

Even the iPad Pro demo models we used after the WWDC keynote when both iOS 11 and the iPad Pro were announced were running iOS 11. Better multitasking, drag-and-drop of text or photos between apps, and a revamped app dock all add a Mac-like feel to the iPad when it is released.

Instead, those who pick up an iPad Pro now will have to deal with iOS 10 and its annoyances on the iPad Pro until this fall. It's not a deal-breaker, just disappointing.

Even with that caveat, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is the best tablet I've had the pleasure of using. It's also too bad the iPad Pro's full potential has yet to be realized.



June 26 , 2017

Microsoft's new Surface Pro: the most versatile laptop ever

The main thrust Microsoft has taken with the new Surface Pro is to attempt to make it the most Microsoft's new Surface Proversatile laptop ever built – no small task. Of course, the Surface range has always been about flexible hybrid devices which can be used as tablets or notebooks, but how has Microsoft pushed further in the versatility stakes with this latest model?

Let’s take a look at the new features introduced with this year’s Surface Pro, bearing flexibility foremost in mind.

For starters, Microsoft has introduced a plethora of slick new design elements, which include ensuring that the Pro is the lightest Surface device ever. It weighs in at only 768g (for the version with an Intel Core m3 processor) and is just 8.5mm thick. Of course, this lightweight nature means the device is that bit more portable than its predecessors, which never hurts in the quest to take a notebook anywhere.

Further flexibility comes courtesy of the redesigned hinge mechanism, which allows the integrated kickstand to go further back, meaning the screen can be taken to an almost flat position. This allows for a much more comfortable experience when using the stylus for writing or sketching on the Surface Pro’s display.

Furthermore, it’s now possible to use the Surface Dial – a clever peripheral designed for the likes of painting apps – with Microsoft’s convertible notebook when it’s in a near-flat position, opening up a whole new spectrum of possibilities for creative types.

Incidentally, speaking of the stylus, Microsoft also redesigned the Surface Pen which partners the laptop, giving the pen tilt sensitivity and many more levels of pressure sensitivity (4,096 levels in total), along with a much lower latency (21 milliseconds) for a more responsive writing experience all-round.




Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 720: Proper Competition for the iPad Pro and Surface Pro
Paste Magazine

For mobile users, Lenovo’s Miix 720 is a powerful tablet that can replace your laptop with its bundled Lenovo Mix 720detachable keyboard folio cover and active stylus. With its familiar convertible form factor, the Miix 720 joins a growing list of competitors that aim to ape and outshine the category defining Microsoft Surface Pro. And the Miix does just that—balancing performance, futureproof port selection and pgradeability, making this the ultimate “pro” level tablet.

Despite its placement at the top of Lenovo’s consumer tablet lineup, the $1,029 starting price of the Miix 720 makes it a more affordable alternative to other solutions. This year’s model packs in Intel’s latest 7th Generation U-series Core i5 or Core i7 processor and ships with Lenovo’s Active Pen stylus as well as the keyboard cover.

The Miix 720 marries Microsoft’s slate-like design from the Surface lineup with Lenovo’s signature watchband hinge from its Yoga series convertible for the kickstand, creating an elegant tablet with Lenovo’s design DNA. Like other premium detachables in this category, the Miix 720 employs a metal alloy unibody construction, and the slab’s black paint makes it look and feel more like a ThinkPad than a member of Lenovo’s consumer IdeaPad family.

The result is elegant, and the black hue makes the Miix 720 a nice alternative to Microsoft’s silver-bodied Surface lineup. The sea of black on the back is only broken up by two small areas along the left and right edges where two small watchband hinges are located, which helps the tablet recline up to 150 degrees. Lenovo states that the hinges are comprised of 256 pieces of stainless steel.



June 27 , 2017


Brilliant 14”Sunlight Readable Touchscreen Display, Maximum Performance, Dual Hot-Swappable Batteries, and Suite of Security Features Create Awesome Mobile Solution
The new Getac A140 fully rugged tablet is the largest, most secure GETAC A140 RUGGED TABLETtablet the company has ever produced. Equipped with a brilliant 14-inch, 1000 NITs sunlight readable display, available Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, dual hot-swappable batteries for continuous use, and a suite of security features, the A140 is the most robust, purpose-built fully rugged tablet for public safety, automotive and military personnel in the industry. The optional multifunction hard handle serves as a support stand and cradle when working and an effective way to grab-and-go when time is critical.

"Getac continues to set new standards for product development, especially for those working in the field and in extreme environments,” explains Scott Shainman, president of Getac. “With the introduction of the A140, customers will now have access to the largest fully rugged tablet we have ever produced.  Whether public safety or field operations, the ability to quickly see more data on the screen is exactly what our customers have been looking for.  Advanced security features, incredibly fast performance and an awesome outdoor viewable screen make the A140 one of our most exciting launches."

The large, 14-inch 1000 NITs sunlight readable HD display (optional 800 NITs 14” Full HD IPS display available) incorporates Getac’s revolutionary LumiBond® 2.0 touchscreen technology, which uses an optically clear resin to bond the display glass to the touch panel and LCD to create a single panel that is more durable and readable. The A140 supports Touch/Rain, Glove and Pen touch modes and includes a hard-tip stylus to keep users productive in a variety of scenarios and extreme conditions.

For more information about the new Getac A140 fully rugged tablet, visit Getac.com.




Windows 10 Device Usage: New Surface Devices Hit the Charts

They’ve only been available for purchase for a few weeks, but Microsoft’s new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop are already making a dent in the Windows 10 device usage charts.Surface usage

As with previous months’ usage data, this month’s peek comes from AdDuplex, which bills itself as the largest cross-promotion network for Windows apps. AdDuplex empowers developers and publishers to promote their apps for free by helping each other. And each month it provides a glimpse at which Windows devices people are actually using.

Here’s what we see this month.

New Surface Pro and Surface Laptop arrive with a bang. Though they shipped less than two weeks ago, the new Surface Pro (with 2.2 percent of usage) and Surface Laptop (with 0.4 percent) are already appearing in the Surface usage charts. Granted, these figures are still well below even the first (6.7 percent) and second generation (4.8 percent) Surface Pro devices. But they’re already ahead of the morbidly expensive Surface Studio (0.1 percent).

Yes, Surface Pro 4 still rules. Looking at the top of the Surface usage charts, we see Surface Pro 4 (43.7 percent of all Surface devices in use), Surface Pro 3 (22.6 percent), Surface 3, and Surface Book (7.2 percent) in the top four. And if you add up all Surface Pro devices, you get 80 percent. Toss in Surface 3 (arguably a low-end Pro) and you get 92.1 percent. Right: Over 90 percent of Surface devices in use are tablets.




June 28 , 2017


Microsoft Surface Pro review: very nearly almost the future of Windows PCs
The Guardian

Though held back by the lack of USB-C and barely acceptable battery life, the expensive Surface Pro is the finest example of the tablet-laptop hybrid

Microsoft’s vision of the future of a Windows 10 PC comes in the form of the new Surface Pro.

The Surface Pro – Microsoft dropped its numbering scheme – follows on from last year’s Surface Pro 4, which was an excellent computer plagued by heat and battery life issues. So with longer battery life and laptop-level power is the new version ready for prime time?

The screen is brilliant. It’s pin-sharp with excellent viewing angles and a new “enhanced” colour option that really makes the display pop. You can toggle between enhanced colours and sRGB, which will be useful for anyone needing to edit photos for colour accuracy. The display is more reflective than the best on the market, but with the full range of tilt through the kickstand it was easy to avoid glare from flourescent strip lights in an office.

Microsoft’s computers tend to have the smoothest, fastest Windows experience out of the box, as unlike most other PC manufacturers they’re not bundled with any software other than Office, meaning start-up times are fast. The Surface Pro also has one of the fastest Windows PC resume from standby responses I’ve ever tested, with Windows Hello facial recognition detecting me and logging me in before I’ve brought my hand back from the keyboard or power button.



June 29 , 2017

Huawei MateBook line of Windows 10 devices available for pre-order starting tomorrow

My favorite Windows 10 device of 2016 was the Huawei MateBook. Much like the Surface Pro, it is a Huawei MateBooktablet that can become a laptop with an optional keyboard purchase. While it was less powerful than Microsoft's offering, it was also less expensive. For basic needs, such as web surfing and word processing it was an absolutely fabulous value. Despite the meager internal specs, Huawei made the device feel premium with a beautiful outward design and the addition of USB-C (something no Surface has).

Last month, Huawei announced that it would expand the MateBook line beyond a single tablet to a total of three distinct machines -- MateBook X, MateBook E, and MateBook D. The "E" variant is the successor to the aforementioned tablet (which now comes with the keyboard), while the X and D are traditional 13 and 15.6-inch laptops, respectively. Sadly, exact availability and pricing for the USA was unknown. Today this changes, as Huawei not only reveals cost and pre-order date, but configuration options too.

"Since we unveiled the new MateBooks in May, we've received positive feedback about our PC designs, portability and build quality. We are excited to expand our device lineup in the U.S. with the addition of the latest MateBooks. We pushed the limits of what's possible to deliver all-in-one devices that could do everything customers need, seamlessly -- from sun up to sun down. Creating the best user experiences that result in long-term customer satisfaction is our priority," says Robin Zhu, President, Huawei Device USA.




June 30 , 2017

2017 Microsoft Surface Pro review
Tech Advisor

2017 Microsoft Surface Pro


The original Surface Pro marked Microsoft’s entry into the tablet market and the 2-in-1 has been refined and improved over the years. We were impressed with the Surface Pro 4 and now, 18 months later, we’re just as bowled over by the Surface Pro.

You’ll have noticed the absence of the expected ‘5’ – this is just Surface Pro. Why did Microsoft change the naming scheme? We don’t know for sure, but the 2017 Surface Pro is such a slight iteration that perhaps it didn’t deserve the suffix.

This isn’t to suggest the new Surface Pro is in any way sub-par. Far from it: it takes a great product and makes it excellent.




5 Reasons To Buy Microsoft's Surface Laptop

I’m still working my way through my full Surface Laptop review, but here’s a teaser: it’s good. Surface laptop

So good, in fact, I’m reasonably certain that Microsoft should’ve started its foray into hardware here, rather than arriving at the Laptop after the more usual Pro and Book. 

In any case, there are a few good reasons to make the Surface Laptop your next computing purchase - and few solid reasons not to. Here are my top 5.

A Core i5 and 8GB of RAM, combined with a stripped down OS, means the Surface Laptop boots-up in roughly 20 seconds, which is approaching Chromebook levels. Obviously this is a new computer, so it’s going to be quick either way. But a laptop that's running Windows, booting up this quickly, is impressive.

Microsoft says that it will remain that fast, no matter how long you’ve had the device, which is thanks to the new Windows 10 S. I haven’t had the device long enough, or will have it long enough to test that properly. But early results are positive.

Battery life

Constant and intermittent use of the Surface Laptop throughout a work day meant I didn’t need to reach for the charger by the time I closed the lid at 7pm. That’s 10 hours of (not constant) use, on medium performance and medium brightness.





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