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July 2017



July 3 , 2017

The New HP SPECTRE x2 – Amazing Power with Potent Artistry

The HP Spectre X2 is a beautifully crafted PC with performance capabilities that make you want to use it every day.HP SPECTRE x2

This laptop is PC provides excellent portability with its thin form factor and light weight.  Coming in at 13.2mm thin (with keyboard attached) and 12.3” diagonal display, this tablet PC is ready to move when you are.
The included HP Active Pen gives you freedom of input with sharp detail on all of your creative projects. This pressure sensitive input device lets your navigate menus, write, and draw with precise accuracy and control.

The power of Spectre x2 resides in the 7th Generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. The Intel Iris graphics 640 with a 300MHz base frequency easily handles high-end graphics demands.

Audio is provided by Bang & Olufsen and has been a staple with HP products.  These speakers are finely tuned and deliver crisp clear authentic sound.



July 4 , 2017

Happy 4th of July



July 5 , 2017

Lenovo Miix 510 review

While the new Surface Pro is the latest in the line, the Miix 510 is more comparable with the Surface Pro 4 as well as Acer’s Switch Alpha 12.

The Miix 510 follows up on the Miix 700 (yes, we know, confusing) with a new latest-gen Kaby Lake version of the Core i5 and a strong central pairing of 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. As we’ll explain, Lenovo Miix 510there are cheaper variants available, but this is the one to go for in our book.

The Miix design language centres around two watchband-style hinges that enable you to have more control and flexibility than Surface when it comes to the angle to the kickstand and therefore the screen. Another plus is that the keyboard cover is included with the device – unless you nab a deal you don’t get that with Surface Pro.

Like previous iterations, the latest Miix hybrid comes with an active pen. Pens have a lot more functionality these days thanks to the new Windows Ink feature in Windows 10, and they’re an essential add-on for any tablet that takes itself seriously. However, Lenovo’s stylus doesn’t attach to the device via a magnet, although there is a pen loop on the included slipcase.




July 6 , 2017

The new 10.5 inch iPad Pro is the best tablet there is – but is it too good?
City A.M.

In the hand, it feels barely bigger than the old version: it’s slightly heavier (30g) but it gets most of the extra screen real-estate by shrinking the frame around the edges to around 1cm at the sides and under an inch at the top and bottom.Apple iPad Pro

Beyond that, it’s aesthetically-speaking the iPad you know: it has the same physical Touch ID home button, the same aluminium chassis (available in the same gold, silver, rose gold or space grey), the same slightly extruding camera on the rear, the same beautifully bevelled edges. You could hand it to your mother who hasn’t seen an iPad since the first iteration, and within two minutes she’d be emailing you chain letters like it was 2010.

There are more striking differences, but you probably won’t notice them – at least not yet. It’s vastly more powerful, with a frankly ludicrous amount of hardware packed in. The screen is outstanding, with a wider colour gamut, incredible sharpness and the best brightness yet, making it just about useable in direct sunlight.

The A10X chip is a third faster than the previous model, which was already more powerful than most people needed. It’s able to multi-task seamlessly and run the most graphically intensive games. The battery, meanwhile, is brilliant, comfortably getting me through two day’s use before needing a charge. It’s also designed to get the best out of the new iOS 11 (coming in the autumn), which will make use of more intensive multi-tasking, as well as incorporating new augmented reality features.




July 7 , 2017

Windows 10 becomes more tablet-friendly with new thumb and pen support
Windows Report

Microsoft Research team is currently testing

After two months of announcements, hardware reveals and conferences, Microsoft has released news regarding new thumb and pen interaction testing. This follows the YouTube video the team released detailing what these interactions could look like in Windows 10. The whole idea is to compliment the current pen support with a more natural users flow. The team is currently testing drawing capabilities, as well.

Thumb and pen interaction on tablets addresses the use of pen and touch for interaction in laptop scenarios. These scenarios include using a Surface tablet on the couch, for instance, because in this case the nonpreferred hand must hold the device. In this particular case, the thumb is available and mobile enough to manipulate controls, enabling a whole new space for thumb and pen interactions.

For instance, you would be able to allow the use of a pen between annotation and cell-selection on a spreadsheet. You would also be able to select cells and copy them to another location on the sheet, illustrating how the pen and touch can afford a simpler form of productivity through the thumb usage.




July 10 , 2017

HP Spectre x2 vs Surface Pro: Which 2-in-1 Wins?
Laptop Mag

HP Spectre x2 vs Surface Pro

HP's impressive Spectre x2 is a clear sign that it's looking to seize the detachable 2-in-1 laptop throne from Microsoft’s Surface Pro. But while the Spectre x2's got the look down pat, how do its performance and endurance stack up?

HP Spectre x2 Microsoft Surface Pro
Price with Core i5/Keyboard and Pen $1,149 $1,559
Processors Intel Core i5 and i7 Intel Core m3, i5 and i7
Geekbench 4 score 8,633 (Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM) 8,652 (Core i7-7500U, 16GB of RAM)
Battery life 5:01 7:30
RAM 8GB, 16GB 4GB, 8GB, 16GB
Weight/With keyboard 1.7 pounds/2.5 pounds 1.7 pounds/2.8 pounds
Thickness/With keyboard 0.31 inches/0.54 inches 0.29 inches/0.54 inches
Ports 2x USB Type-C ports, with included Type-A adapter, microSD reader, headphone jack USB 3.0, microSD reader, Surface Connect, headphone jack, Mini DisplayPort
Battery Life

Let's keep this short, like the Spectre x2's battery life. The Surface Pro wins an easy knockout-victory here, turning in a runtime of 7 hours and 30 minutes, beating the Spectre x2's 5:01.

Winner: The Surface Pro doesn't last all day, but its life looks lengthy in comparison to that of the Spectre x2.

Value and Accessories

Sure, the Surface Pro starts at $799, but that model is just the tablet, skimping on the $159 Alcantara-covered keyboard and $99 Surface Pen,. And this is for the weaker Core m3 processor.




HP Spectre X2 (2017) review: A more refined Surface clone

The HP Spectre X2 is, in many ways, the ideal way to counteract Microsoft's Surface lineup. It retains HP Spectre X2the slick, high-end style that we loved from the original model, while improving things a bit to make it much more user friendly. Its unique design is a way for HP to show it can make premium devices on par with the likes of Apple. But while it's a better Surface Pro competitor than before, there's still plenty of room for improvement.

HP wisely chose to include the X2's keyboard cover and stylus inside the box, which gives it a leg up over Microsoft. (Surface Pro shoppers will have to purchase both accessories separately this year, tacking on at least another $230.) The X2's keyboard shares the same black-and-copper aesthetic as the tablet, and it sports an extra-wide touchpad. While it's pretty slim, it also features a layer of aluminum, which makes it more rigid than the Surface and other hybrid laptops. HP significantly improved the magnetic connection between the keyboard and stylus too — we had no problem holding up the entire system by the keyboard alone.

The X2's stylus offers 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, and there's a convenient holster for it right alongside the keyboard. That's not as slick as the Surface's ability to magnetically pin its stylus next to the screen, but it's far more secure, so you won't end up losing the X2's pen in your bag.




July 11 , 2017

Microsoft's One Day Sale: Huge savings on Surface Pro 4, Xbox One S and more

Microsoft Store US has just announced its one day sale to attract customers who are looking for good deals online on the Amazon Prime Day.

The best deal available from Microsoft Store’s sale is on Surface Pro 4. You can now get Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Intel Core i5 and 256GB SSD for just $849 (was $1,199). You also get 3 months of Groove Music free with the purchase. Find the deal here from Microsoft Store.




July 12 , 2017

New Surface Pro 4 firmware adds support for the new Type Cover

If you thought that Microsoft's new Type Covers and Signature Type Covers that launched alongside the new Surface Pro are the same old keyboard in fancy new colors of Alcantara, apparently you'd be mistaken. Today, the company released a firmware update for the Surface Pro 4 that enables support for the new covers, which is available for devices that are running all versions of Windows 10.

Obviously, the accessories should already work with all of Microsoft's existing Surface devices, as all Type Covers already do. The update should improve reliability and compatibility though.

Interestingly, there hasn't been an update for the Surface Pro 3, which would be the only other device that fits the new Type Covers properly. We'll be keeping an eye out for that one. There should also be an update coming for newer Surface devices to bring additional support for the new Surface Pen.

You can grab today's firmware via Windows Update, or you can download it manually here.



July 13 , 2017

Apple will toss in a pair of Beats headphones for students who buy a Mac or iPad Pro

Starting today, Apple’s sweetening its education discount program by tossing in a free pair of Beats Beats headphonesheadphones for qualified students. The deal is timed to coincide with the looming back-to-school season, wrapping up on September 25.

The company will comp a pair of Beats Solo3, Powerbeats3 or BeatsX headphones for students (or teachers) who pick up an iMac, Mac Pro or any of the various flavors of MacBook. Those who pick up the 10.5- or 12.9-inch versions of the iPad Pro will either get a free pair of BeatsX headphones or a $150 discount on the pricier Solo or Powerbeats — non-Pro versions of the tablet don’t qualify for the deal.

The educational discounts themselves aren’t huge, capping out at $300 on the Mac side and $20 for the iPad Pro — but given that the Solo3 Wireless retail for around $300 themselves, this does sweeten the deal for those in the market




July 14 , 2017

This could be Microsoft's future USB-C Surface connector
The Verge

Microsoft is creating a Surface USB-C dongle for existing devices, but the software giant also appears USB-C Surface connectorto be preparing a USB-C Surface connector for its future laptops and tablets. In a patent filing, spotted by MSPoweruser, Microsoft reveals it’s working on a version of its Surface connector port that will work with existing USB-C devices.

The patent, filed by Surface designer Jan Raken, describes a solution that will maintain Microsoft’s magnetic connector for power, while keeping the port on the device USB-C. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s patent does say the connector will only support USB 2.0 speeds. This could render the port a little useless, especially as most USB-C implementations use USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 capabilities. However, Microsoft may have managed to implement USB 3 speeds on the Surface device port itself, and simply restrict the Surface connector to USB 2




July 17 , 2017

Some New Surface Pro Owners Complain About Light Bleed

All portable PCs suffer from some level of light bleed, so there’s that. It all comes down to individual PC designs, variances in individual build quality, and other factors. More to the point, I review a dozen or so portable PCs every year. And I see some level of light bleed on virtually every PC I use. Heck, I see it on iPhones too, along with other weird issues related to screens being jammed into ultra-thin form factors.

So when I look at my own 2017-era Surface Pro, I see no light bleed at all in normal usage. Which explains why I am so “Microsoft biased” and didn’t mention it in my review. But you can contort things to see a bit of light bleed by hiding the taskbar and using a solid color as the background image. It’s there, a little bit. Just like it is on other PCs.

Surface Pro Light Bleed


I struggled to take a photo that would show light bleed on my own Surface Pro, but I’m just not seeing it as worse-than-usual or notable in any way. Is there technically “some” light bleed? Yes. But it doesn’t bother me. And I do not notice it. In fact, the light bleed is worse on my Surface Book; in fact, it’s on the top and bottom. Which also doesn’t bother me.

Anyway, I’ve tossed aside my normal Microsoft bias—cough—to report on this issue. I hope that the customers bothered by this get a resolution from Microsoft. And that, in many ways, is the real story: How, and if, Microsoft responds to this issue. Whether its real, exaggerated, or just imagined.

And if you are seeing a light bleed, here’s an idea. Just sign-in to Windows and use the computer. It goes away when you do that.




July 18 , 2017

It's now easier to find apps compatible with Microsoft's Surface Dial on the Windows Store

Last October, alongside its Surface Studio all-in-one desktop PC, Microsoft introduced the Surface Dial, describing it as "a new tool for the creative process". Priced at $99.99, the rotary controller offers new ways to interact with a range of software - but it requires app-level support to be able to do so.

Microsoft has now made it easier to find apps on the Windows Store that support the Surface Dial. Microsoft's Jen Gentleman (@JenMSFT) revealed that the company added a new Apps for Surface Dial collection to the Store over the weekend, more clearly signposting such apps to users.

Apps for surface dial




Apple Has A Grand Plan Of Giving An iPad To Every Hospitalized Patient
CCT News

Apple has been pushing heavily into the healthcare sector and it seems that its latest endeavor involves making sure that every hospitalized patient has access to an iPad.Apple

Apple already kicked off the process of distributing iPads in hospitals across the U.S. It started in 2016 with various hospitals including the MetroSouth Medical Center in Chicago, Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles and the Jacobs Medical Center at UC San Diego. The Cedars-Sinai hospital has a pilot program which allows patients to access to view their health data as well as other educational tools using iPads.

Apple wants its product to play a part in improving health care

The latest idea revolves around giving patients access to their medical information and this is something that has not been done before. However, it comes with some concerns, especially about security. However, it still offers a lot of advantages to patients and doctors making it quite an appealing option.

“It’s a lot easier now to communicate. Opening up API’s and adding data standards so [the information] is accurate,” stated Michelle Williams, a nurse at Cedars.

According to a recent TechCrunch report, Cedars has also deployed iPads to allow mothers to keep an eye on their newborn babies especially when they are born sick or premature. In such cases, mothers are usually not able to see their babies for a few days but having live feeds on iPads makes it easier.




July 19 , 2017

Microsoft Surface Book 2 and all there is to know about it
Blasting News

Microsoft Surface book

The technology giant is reportedly working on launching its latest Surface Book 2 device towards the end of this year.

If reports are believed to be true, then the upcoming device will most probably sport a 13.5-inch display with 3,840 x 2,160-pixel resolution and support for 4K-viewing as well. Microsoft is also apparently working on a technology that will enable its fans to experience different trends such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and others. The upcoming device won’t fall anywhere under the $1,000 price-tag for sure. The next big highlight in Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Book 2 is its motherboard. It appears like the device will be powered by the latest version of #Kaby Lake processor. Moreover, the Kaby Lake architecture will necessarily be based on quad-core processors as well.



Windows 10 Creators Update rollout remains slow, and there's bad news for Surface Pro 3 owners

The Windows 10 Creators Update rollout began in April, but unless you took it upon yourself to manually update your PC, there’s a good chance you won’t have been offered it, especially if have an older system. In June, according to AdDuplex, just 35.7 percent of Windows 10 users were running the latest feature update.

AdDuplex has just updated its figures for July, and this shows that 50.1 percent of Windows 10 users now have the update. That might seem like a big jump forward, but to put the speed of the upgrade into context, three months after its rollout began, the Anniversary Update was already on 3/4 of all PCs.




July 20 , 2017

Xplore releases Xslate R12 rugged tablet with PCIe SSD integration; Refreshed mobile PC now more powerful than ever
International Business Times AU

Xplore Technologies announced on Wednesday that its powerful Xslate R12 rugged tablet PC now Xplore Xslate R12 rugged tabletincorporates Intel PCIe solid state drives. The Windows-powered machine boasts of more-than-potent specs and features, and is built to withstand the most demanding working conditions.

Xplore is a distinguished name in the rugged computing industry. The Texas-based company has made a living churning out award-winning reinforced business solutions over the years. Now it sets yet another milestone as it becomes the first rugged tablet maker to integrate Intel PCIe SSDs into its roster.

The R12, which was first launched in October of last year, now comes with PCIe SSDs as a standard feature on its Intel Core series i7 variants, with a new 1 TB configuration option to boot. The tablet now enjoys a significant boost in disk performance thanks to the drives, and even boasts of a 48 percent improvement in overall system performance when they’re put together with the i7 vPro processor.


July 21 , 2017

WATCH: A quick hands-on with Microsoft's Surface Studio



The Studio is an all-in-one computer featuring a 28-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of nearly 5K, and illustrating tools Surface Dial and Surface Pen. It was lauded when it was announced in October 2016 for its great design, which includes a zero-gravity hinge that allows the screen to be tilted at any angle spanning the range of the arms.

What caught many people's eye though was the Dial.

The $100 accessory can be placed on the screen itself, controlling a variety of parameters from color to the width of the brush. The dial, based on our hands-on experience, can be pressed softly or for a longer period of time to access a variety of functions.

The Studio's display is gorgeous. Curved corners, and very sleek for its size. Microsoft says it's the thinnest display at its size. The back has a matte silver finish, contrasting well with the shiny chrome hinges. The Microsoft logo can be found on the back too.

Prices start at $2,999 for the Studio. It comes with Windows 10 Pro, up to an Intel Core i7 chip, 32GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GTX 980M processor.




July 24 , 2017

Lenovo Showcases a Fully Foldable Android Tablet Prototype
Technology Personalized

Lenovo has been prepping a foldable Android Tablet and this time around Lenovo is showing off its latest innovation at the Lenovo Tech World. The company has been experimenting with form factor from quiet some time, and the Yoga series is one of the best known Lenovo lineups. The new Android Laptop shown by Lenovo folds outwards instead of inwards, and then the screen is left visible at the edge. In fact, the edge displays information like in the Galaxy Note Edge.

The primary use case that I can see is a tablet that can be folded into a smartphone or vice versa. In any case, if one needs to use a larger display they can simply unfurl the smartphone to reveal a larger display. That being said the display still doesn’t fold completely flat and one can see the ridge formation on the display where the bend takes place. Whats drool worthy is the back of the smartphone, that will double as a camera mirror when folded.





July 25 , 2017

Lenovo Miix 720 Windows 10 2-in-1 review, is it a Surface Pro 4 in disguise?


There is no shortage of Windows 2-in-1 devices these days, and Lenovo recently unveiled the Miix 720, which is their answer to Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup. As expected, the Miix 720 takes many cues from Microsoft and features a similar kickstand, pen, keyboard, and more. Well, the folks at Lenovo were kind enough to send me a unit to review, and I’ve been spending the last few weeks with the device in my life. So, please, follow along with me as I give you a tour of the device, helping to guide your purchasing decision.

  • The Miix 720 features wonderful build and design, reminiscent of the very first Surface, and the Surface Pro 2. It has the added bonus and durability of Lenovo’s strong watchband hinges.

  • The Miix 720 is more future proof than the Surface Pro 4 and includes USB C and multiple ports. Unfortunately, USB C requires the use of dongles for older accessories and you can’t charge and use an external display at the same time without a dongle.

  • The Miix 720 features a vibrant and very bright IPD QHD+ Glossy 12 inch display, with 2880×1920 resolution. The screen is .3 inches smaller than the one on the Surface Pro 4, so it is hard to multitask on, but still brings more pixel density for deeper and richer colors.

  • Included with the Miix 720 is Lenovo Active Pen 2, which has more screen friction and 4 times as many pressure points compared to second generation Surface Pen. Unfortunately, there is no magnetic attachment to snap the pen onto the device.

  • Unlike with Surface, a Folio Keyboard is included for free with the Miix 720, and the keyboard is too cramped but includes an awesome trackpad. On the bright side, the inside of the keyboard is made of a plastic which makes the keyboard feel more like a traditional laptop.

  • The Miix 720 well on par with the Surface Pro 4, but fans kick in after extended use, and the device gets hot quickly.

  • The Miix 720 has subpar battery life that is lower than the Surface Pro 4.




HP Spectre x2 vs. Microsoft Surface Pro: Which 2-in-1 gives you more for your money?
Windows Central

Should I buy the HP Spectre x2 or the Surface Pro?

HP's Spectre x2 is aimed at taking on Microsoft's outstanding 2-in-1 device, the Surface Pro. Like the latter device, the Spectre x2 has a removable keyboard, a kickstand to prop it up when you're in need of a notebook, and a beautiful tablet with a display that works with a pen for Windows Ink.

While these devices are really quite similar, it's the differences that you'll want to take a look at when deciding which one is best for you. Let's do that now to see which one gives you more for your money.




July 26 , 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) vs. Apple iPad Pro (2017): Best Productivity Tablet
PC Perspective

In the original premise for today’s story, I had planned to do a standard and straight-forward review of the iPad Pro 10.5-inch model, the latest addition to Apple’s line of tablet devices. After receiving the 12.9-in variant, with the same processor upgrade but a larger and much more substantial screen, I started using them both as my daily-driver computing device. I was surprised at how well both handled the majority of tasks I tossed their way but there was still some lingering doubt in my mind about the usefulness of the iOS system as it exists today for my purposes.

The next step was for me to acquire an equivalent Windows 10-based tablet and try making THAT my everyday computer and see how my experiences changed. I picked up the new Surface Pro (2017) model that was priced nearly identical to the iPad Pro 12.9-in device. That did mean sacrificing some specifications that I would usually not do, including moving down to 4GB of memory and a 128GB SSD. This brought the total of the iPad Pro + Pencil + keyboard within $90 of the Surface Pro and matching accessories.

Surface Pro (2017) vs. iPad Pro (2017) Comparison
Processor Intel Core i5-7300U (Kaby Lake)
Apple A10X
(3x high performance Hurrican, 3x high efficiency Zephyr cores)
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 620 12-core Custom PowerVR
Memory 4GB 4GB
Screen 12.3-in 2736x1824 IPS 12.9-in 2732x2048 IPS 120 Hz
10.5-in 2224x1668 IPS 120 Hz


Camera 5MP Front
8MP Rear
7MP Front
12MP Rear + OIS
Wireless 802.11ac 802.11ac
Connections USB 3.0
Mini DisplayPort
Battery 45 Wh 12.9-in: 41 Wh
10.5-in: 30.4 Wh
Dimensions 11.50-in x 7.93-in x 0.33-in 12.9-in: 12.04-in x 8.69-in x 0.27-in
10.5-in: 9.87-in x 6.85-in x 0.24-in
OS Windows 10 iOS 10
Price $999 - Amazon.com 12.9-in: $899
10.5-in: $749 - Amazon.com




July 27 , 2017

Every iOS user should update to 10.3.3 now to avoid this Wi-Fi hack

Apple recently released version 10.3.3 of its iOS software, which was largely security updates. One of the most critical ones was a patch for a Wi-Fi hack called Broadpwn, which targets Broadcom Wi-Fi chips common in many mobile devices.

iPhones as old as the 5 series will get the update, along with iPads from the 4th generation or newer and the 6th or newer iPods. There's no word on whether older models are going to get the update, which is troubling: their Broadcom chips come from the same family and may be susceptible as well.

If they are then it's just another security hole in the wild going unpatched.

What is Broadpwn?

Most iPhones, iPads, and iPods contain Wi-Fi chips made by Broadcom (although some contain Intel chips). The chips with model numbers BCM4354, BCM4358, and BCM4359 all have a vulnerability that allows a nearby attacker to take control of the affected device completely in the background.

A user with a Broadpwned device won't even know they're affected, yet all the while the attacker can inject code, steal data, and completely control the device.

Broadpwn is serious enough for the National Institute of Standards and Technology to rate it a 9.8 on a threat scale that goes up to 10. In short, you don't want to fall prey to this hack.



July 28 , 2017

Why The New Surface Pen Finally Converted Me To Digital Ink


I have used every model of the Surface Pro since the initial launch, and I have carried around the Surface Pen since 2012. I have rarely used it, though, until now. The new Surface Pen that Microsoft rolled out this year alongside the launch of the latest Surface Pro is a game changer. It may look like the same pen from the outside, but there are significant updates to the Surface Pen itself, as well as sweeping changes in Windows and across Microsoft Office applications that integrate the device more seamlessly into the computing experience.

Back in May I spoke to Jared Spataro, General Manager of Office for Microsoft, about the Surface Pen. He explained that the goal for Microsoft was to make using the Surface Pen with a Surface device better than a traditional pen and paper. He told me, “Not only does it allow you to do all of the things you can do with paper – it gives you a variety of tools and features that paper can’t provide.”




Build 16251: Microsoft's latest 'Windows 10 Insider Preview Build' enables users to link their Android phone to PC
Pc-Tablet Media

A few months earlier, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) revealed its plan to bring PCs and Phones working together and on Thursday, 26th July; the Redmond-headquartered company brought the new Microsoft Android linktechnology to life. In an official event, Microsoft has launched the latest ‘Windows 10 Insider Preview Build’ which will allow users to connect their PC with their android phones.

On 26th July, Microsoft has pushed out the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16251 to PCs to Window Insiders in the ‘Fast ring.’ The new build is the newest to come forward from the Redstone 3 development branch, once Microsoft starts rolling out the build to all Windows 10 users, the build will eventually become the Fall Creators Update. As planned, the complete version of the build will be rolled out to all Window 10 users within next couple of months or so.

As confirmed by the tech giant in its previous event, the latest build of Window will let users link their android phones with PCs, just by going to Settings >> Phone. Connecting PC to the phone will ensure users to continue the sessions from their phone on to the PC that they have selected. After adding your phone to be connected with PC, the user will receive an SMS from Microsoft with a link, directing them to install a test app called “Microsoft Apps” for Android Phones. Download of this app will complete the link between the phone and PC and eventually will allow users enjoy the cross-device web-browsing experience.




July 31 , 2017

Tech review: Microsoft Surface Laptop – great design, good price and a pleasure to use
South China Morning Post

Hitting many of the right notes for both casual and work users, Microsoft’s latest device is definitely one to get the competition worried

Microsoft makes original equipment manufacturers nervous with every new PC device it releases, and the Surface Laptop is likely to do the same. Although Microsoft says the device is geared towards students, its highly desirable blend of price, design and useability means that many people will be tempted to get one for work.






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