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Alias Sketchbook Pro 2


Alias SketchBook Pro 2

Available for Customer Download

Significant improvements to usability revolutionize the way creative professionals work, whenever and wherever inspiration strikes


Alias Sketchbook Pro 2

Toronto, ON - Monday, June 20, 2005 - Alias announced today the launch of Alias SketchBook Pro 2, the latest version of its award-winning paint and drawing software application. Recognized for its unique ability to turn a digitized pen tablet or Tablet PC into an intuitive, mobile sketchbook, this release takes SketchBook Pro software to a broader audience of users, appealing to a growing number of creative professionals looking to add to their digital toolset.


"To meet the needs of our growing community of SketchBook Pro users, Alias completed an extensive study, pin-pointing the need for improved usability and additional functions in the current version, 1.1," explains Colin Smith, Alias product manager for SketchBook Pro. "Significant improvements to the program's user interface, a multitude of new features and improved pen-based capabilities are amongst the numerous changes made to version 2. Alias looks forward to advancing the workflow and development process of our customers, helping to maximize creativity and performance."


"Version 2 was clearly a result of free and open dialogue with community users, listening and understanding our numerous needs and desired enhancements," comments Michelangelo Capraro, owner of Tin Lion Creative and dedicated SketchBook Pro user. "The superior combination of a pen tablet and Alias SketchBook Pro software has really changed the way I work, revolutionizing my creative progressions, giving me the freedom and ingenuity to do better work." Tin Lion is a multimedia design consultancy firm specializing in user interface design and interaction for its clients.


Best-of-Class Sketching

Alias SketchBook Pro is a nimble, high-quality paint and drawing application designed specifically for use with a tablet and stylus. The product features an artist-friendly, gesture-based user interface designed with patented Marking Menus(tm) technology from Alias. With a flick of a stylus, users access best-of-class sketching tools: fast, reactive pencils, markers and brushes; pen-driven layers; background templates; a 75-brushstroke undo/redo option; and unique tools for move/scale/rotate tool and pan/zoom. Bundled with hardware from leading original equipment manufacturers including, HP®, Lenovo®, Wacom®, Motion Computing® and ViewSonic®, this software application is used by designers, illustrators, visualization specialists, educators, artists and others looking to capture their ideas and communicate visual concepts.


"This new version of SketchBook Pro reveals Alias' dedication to the evolutionary needs of creative professionals," says software user Troy McFarland, former owner, Elemental Motion. "As a critical and influential tool in my development process, Sketchbook Pro 2 is the kind of software I dream about.  Its interface is elegant and unobtrusive, easy to learn, with a realistic, responsive and tactile feel." Elemental Motion is a motion graphic and motion capture services firm.


New Features Take Users Farther

This is the software's first full-feature release since its introduction to the digital sketching market in 2001. Noting significant improvements to overall usability, the new version of SketchBook offers many improvements to already refined features. Enhanced brush controls allow users to resize each default brush or the option to create and store up to 28 custom brushes, based on individual needs. Improvements to image layers results in unlimited layers extending graphic possibilities. A layers window provides Marking Menus to add, hide, lock, clear, name, move, order and change the transparency of layers. Now, users can move, rotate, scale, mirror or flip layers. Additional new features include:


·          Image types: Alias SketchBook Pro employs layered TIFF images but also reads and writes BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG files. Users can now save a layered PSD file for use in Adobe® Photoshop®.

·          Add images: Users can now import images into a layer stack, and move, scale or rotate them to fit.

·          Lasso select: Users can select any arbitrary shape and copy the selection to another layer.  Selected areas can also be scaled and rotated using a modified version of the pan/zoom tool.

·          Interactive Brush resize:  This unique floating tool enables the user to quickly change the size of the brush without the need to open a dialog box.

·          Image and Canvas resize: Users have the ability to adjust the size of the canvas and the size or resolution of an image.

·          Undo and Redo: Users can undo up to 75 brushstrokes or actions. One-flick undo is available from the tool palette.


Pricing and Availability

Available for use on both the Windows® and Mac® platforms, Alias SketchBook Pro 2 can be downloaded at for $179.00 USD*. A CD-ROM version of the software will be available for purchase for $199.00 USD* starting June 29, 2005.


About Alias

As the world's leading innovator of 3D graphics technology, Alias develops software for the film and video, games, web, interactive media, industrial design, automotive, architecture and visualization markets. Launched in the fall of 2002, Alias SketchBook Pro is the company's first consumer level product. Alias SketchBook Pro customers include: Brooks Stevens Design, General Motors, GE Medical Systems and Research in Motion (RIM).


Alias has headquarters in Toronto and a custom development center in Santa Barbara. Please visit the Alias web site at or call 1-800-447-2542 in North America. International contact numbers include: Northern Europe, Middle East and Africa, +44 (0) 1494 441273; Germany, East & Southeast Europe, 0049 89 31 70 20; France, Spain and Portugal, +33 1 44 92 81 60; Italy, 39 039 6340011; Japan and other parts of Asia Pacific, 81 3 5797 3500 and Latin America, 770 393 1881.

© Copyright 2005. Alias Systems Corp. All Rights Reserved. 



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