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April 21, 2017

Microsoft Surface Book 2: The Ultimate Laptop, Find Out Release Date, Specs & Features
Sports World News

As per the sources, the new model of Microsoft Surface Book 2 is going to launch very soon around Microsoft Surface BookJuly or August 2017. The device will come up with a unique design; it can be used as a tablet PC or compact size laptop (notebook). 

Microsoft introduces this device with tag lines like "tablet that can replace your notebook" and "the Ultimate Laptop" and "style of 2-in-1". According to The Verge, the device might not come up in 2-in-1 design. Microsoft Surface Book 2  will directly compete with traditional notebooks of brands like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Acer, I-Ball, Sony and Apple etc.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 is reportedly designed in such manner so that it become compatible with all the specialized software you require for drawing, engineering & all the further acts related to it. The Microsoft Surface Book 2 will be designed with creativity and it is a great laptop that is small enough to take anywhere without compromise with performance.




April 20, 2017

Microsoft brings new firmware update to Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has released its latest firmware update for the Surface Pro 3, just a few weeks after rolling out another update for the popular Windows 10 tablet.Surface Pro 3

The new firmware version is, and Microsoft's release notes state that it "improves system stability and performance when you change between power states". That should mean that owners of the device will experience fewer issues when switching between battery power and using it while it's charging.

Some Surface Pro 3 tablets were affected by issues last year that prevented the battery from retaining its charge when unplugged. However, Microsoft said that that problem was resolved in November, and there's no indication that this latest firmware update is directly connected to that.




Best Tablets in 2017

What does a user look for when it comes to buying tablets? The basic demands that exist among the users are the lightweight, easy to carry and almost an alternative to the laptops or computers at least.

Luckily, the Tablets have superseded the laptops and computers in the daily routine use. However, when compared with a smartphone, tablets see less innovation, advancements, and competition.

Android tablets again are highly preferred over Apple iOS tablets and iPads.

Samsung leads the Android tablets while Apple iPads and tablets are equal in interface and software with the Apple mobile sets.

Let’s have a look at the upcoming top 5 tablets in 2017:




April 19, 2017

Lenovo Miix 510 review: An affordable homage to the Surface Pro 4

Lenovo's Miix series sits in its Ideapad line, and so might not be a professional's first port of call whenLenovo Miix 510 looking for a laptop. But these 2-in-1 laptop/tablet hybrids come in three sizes, and may well be worth checking out. The 12.2-inch Miix 510 is the mid-range offering, flanked by the 10-inch Miix 310 and the high-end 12-inch Miix 700.

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery then Lenovo is flattering Microsoft's Surface devices with the Miix 510, whose design is very reminiscent of the Surface Pro 4. The specifications of the two devices don't match, and nor do the prices -- Lenovo comes in lower on both fronts.

The Miix 510 bundle comprises tablet, keyboard, a Lenovo Active Pen stylus, and a soft, flexible carry case.

Lenovo has brought its signature watchband hinges to the tablet's kickstand. Two of them sit on each side of the stand, which occupies the bottom half of the back of the device. The hinges are made from 280 individual pieces of stainless steel, and are used to set the kickstand at -- almost -- any angle required.




Microsoft debuts Wunderlist replacement To-Do on iPhone, Mac & iPad coming soon

Microsoft on Wednesday released the first edition of To-Do, an app that will eventually replace the Microsoft To-DOpopular multi-platform title Wunderlist, which it acquired back in 2015.

To-Do is currently available in preview form for iPhone, Android, Windows 10, and the Web. Mac and iPad versions will follow in the future, Microsoft said.

The app borrows many of the core concepts of Wunderlist, with options like reminders, due dates, and notes. Lists can be given their own visual themes though, and a key addition is the "My Day" view, to which people can add automatically suggested items, such as upcoming to-dos or unfinished holdovers.

As is common with many Microsoft apps, To-Do hooks into Office 365. Currently this is limited to sync with Outlook tasks, but Microsoft noted that it plans to expand integration later on.

Further updates will include integration with other Microsoft services, and more features carried over from Wunderlist, such as list sharing.



Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review
PC Advisor

With the mobile market all about making the best smartphone, it's refreshing to see some new tablets. Samsung's Galaxy Tab S3 is a gorgeous iPad Pro rival with some fancy features including HDR and a new S Pen.

The tablet market may have petered out somewhat but Samsung hasn’t give up on it, even if it seems the likes of Sony, HTC and Google have. At MWC 2017 it exclusively launched tablets, one of which is an iPad Pro rival running Android Nougat. Here’s our Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review. Also see: Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S3tablets 2017.

Although it feels premium because of the sleek combination of glass and metal. The back being glass makes the Tab S3 a slippery customer so you can't put it down on something that isn't flat without fear of it sliding off.

You’ll probably keep it in a cover most of the time, though, as the tablet has Pogo metal contacts (below) to easily connect to the keyboard case. You can get the official Book Cover for £32 from Amazon while the Keyboard Cover is available for £119.

It’s not waterproof like the Galaxy S7 which is a shame so you’ll have to look to Sony for that on a tablet (not that the firm has anything new so far this year on that front).

As you’d expect the Galaxy Tab S3 has USB-C and also four speakers much like the iPad Pro.




April 18, 2017

Apple iPad Pro 2 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 5: The Upcoming Battle of Flagship Devices
Sports World News

Apple iPad Pro 2 and Microsoft Surface Pro 5 reported to come up with ultimate specs and features. Microsoft Surface Pro 4Social media is full of rumors and speculations regarding the said devices. Apple and Microsoft are both gearing up for another showdown in the high-end tablet cum laptop devices.

As per reports, there are lot of things which will make Apple iPad Pro 2 and Microsoft Surface Pro 5 stand apart. Users are also looking forward to get their hands on these flagship devices. On the specs and features comparison both devices are looking very close.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is arguably one of the most highly anticipated devices of 2017. It is reported that the tablet will feature 4K display. The recent model of the gadget also has great display but Microsoft is highly speculated to feature the 4K UHD display in Surface Pro 5.

On the hardware front, Surface Pro 5 might come up with improved stylus or Surface Pen. The device's most highlighted feature is Intel Kaby Lake processor. The said processor is reported to be one of the best among laptops and tablets. Rumors suggest that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 might feature it. According to DroidReport, Surface Pro 5 could also mark USB-C Type for connectivity and fast charging.




Hands On With The Lenovo MIIX 510
Lifehacker Australia

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been looking at switching from an iPad Pro as the computer I use Lenovo MIIX 510when travelling to a Windows 10 device. I set out my wish list, did a bunch of online research, visited a few retailers and then put the call out to a bunch of vendors asking them to recommend and provide me with a review device. The ultimate aim of the exercise if for me to buy, with my own money, a new computer for when I'm working remotely. The first device to arrive on my doorstep is the Lenovo Miix 510.

What am I looking for

The list of criteria I provided to the vendors I approached was reasonably straightforward. I'm not too concerned about processor grunt as my needs are quite simple - text editing, light photo editing, web browsing and email. But I need enough storage to carry all my current work files with me as well as a few other bits and pieces.

  • 8GB RAM (I guess I could live with 4GB if I had to)
  • 256GB storage (must)
  • Pen input (preferred)
  • Detachable (preferred) 12 to 13 inch touchscreen display (must)
  • Under $1500 (must)
  • Cellular comms (strongly preferred)

The good news is the Miix 510 ticked all the boxes. On price, the recommended price is right on my $1500 budget but I've seen it discounted by as much as $250 recently making it a good deal - if it delivers what I need.




Fujitsu releases six new enterprise PC and tablet models
Press Release

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Client Computing Limited today announced the release of six new enterprise models across six product series. The new models are being rolled out in stages from mid-April in Japan.Fujitsu Tablet ARROWS Tablet with slide passport

In its Fujitsu Tablet ARROWS Tab series of tablets, Fujitsu is offering the new 10.1" ARROWS Tab Q507/P-SP tablet, featuring Fujitsu Biometric Authentication Slide Passport(1), the world's first tablet to incorporate Fujitsu's slide-style palm vein authentication functionality.

Main Features of the New Products

1. Compact tablet with "Slide Passport," world's first slide-style palm vein authentication function

As part of its ARROWS Tab series of windows tablets, Fujitsu has launched the new ARROWS Tab Q507/P-SP, a 10.1" compact and light tablet featuring Slide Passport, a slide-style palm vein authentication functionality offering both strong security and convenience. With the simple action of sliding your hand along the guides displayed on the tablet's touchscreen, the small slide-style palm vein sensor installed in the tablet's frame will read and authenticate the pattern of veins in your hand. The technology in this sensor was developed by Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., and by adopting an 8mm optical unit that Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. has been able to mass produce, it became possible to mount it in the narrow frame of a tablet. In addition, the tablet features both water resistance (IPX4) and dust resistance (IP5X)(3), enabling use in a variety of business situations.




April 17, 2017

Microsoft 'Surface Pro 5' Won't Be Making An Appearance On The May 2 Event, New Device LikelyWon't Have Grand Reveal

Microsoft will be having an event in New York on May 2, but fans expecting the unveiling of the "Surface Pro 5" will be disappointed as it will not be part of the festivities. The company won't likely have a big event when it finally reveals the 2-in-1 hybrid device.

According to a report from LearnBonds, the invitation Microsoft sent only had the #MicrosoftEDU educational hashtag. But the event will likely be a special event, where the company will reveal new software and hardware.

The report said that the event on May 2 have people speculating and anticipating that Microsoft will be revealing its new Surface device lineups, like the "Surface Phone," "Surface Pro 5," and "Surface Book 2." Unfortunately for them, Microsoft won't be able to reveal any of these speculated products during the event.





Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 Update: Microsoft to Unveil New Category to Take on iPad Pro 2
University Herald



The May 2 event, apparently, will not unveil any Surface Book iteration. Although the invitation does not detail further but experts have come to believe that the Surface Book 2 might not be ready. An informant has claimed that there will not be any Surface Phone either, The Verge reported.

That leaves Surface Pro 5 as one good reason why Microsoft is holding a hardware event. From the iPad Pro 2 reports, tech crowds have learned that Apple will market the 10.5-inch tablet to educational segment. Thus, it now makes sense that what Microsoft is doing with Surface Pro 5 and Windows 10 Cloud are the innovations might have the same purpose as Apple.

A few clues on the specs have pointed that Microsoft is switching to USB type C port for charging. This will enable the tablet to connect with wider range of third-party accessories. However, there is also a report that suggests the Redmond-company might be looking to retain the Surface Connector instead, Express reported.

The same media outlet reports that the Surface Pro 5 will have 16GB RAM and 256GB internal storage on board. Along with the revamps, Microsoft will also unveil the next-gen Surface Pen, which according to the leaked patent, will offer wireless-charging feature.




April 16, 2017


Easter at Rockefeller Center

Happy Easter



April 13, 2017

Will Microsoft Unveil Low-Cost Surface To Take On Chromebook In Schools?

Microsoft has recently started sending invites for its upcoming press event. There are not many details about the “Learn What’s Next” event, which is going to take place on May 2 in New York City, but it Microsoft Surfacelooks like the big event will be for the education market.

Microsoft is expected to make several announcements at the huge event, including a new managed Windows Cloud operating system, a new Surface device, and possibly some news about the next major Windows update, code-named Redstone 3.

It would probably be no coincidence if a low-cost Microsoft Surface with a cloud-based Windows operating system — something similar to Chromebook — found its way to the event, notes PCWorld. In U.S. schools, Windows PCs have already lost ground to Google’s browser-based laptops.

The clue comes from its title “Learn What’s Next” and the hashtag “#MicrosoftEDU,” indicating that the event could be focused around education. Many believe the event may be about the launch of the Windows 10 Cloud as well. However, there are only scant details about it, so we cannot be very certain.




Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review: The best Android tablet since the Google Pixel C
Expert ReviewsSamsung Galaxy Tab S3

It’s a while since an Android tablet really gripped my attention. We’re living in an era dominated by iPads after all, with Apple effectively owning the big-screen mobile experience. But Samsung’s surprise announcement of the Galaxy Tab S3 at this year’s MWC has piqued my interest once more.

It looks to be the biggest leap forward in the tablet game since the 9.7in iPad Pro landed back in 2015. It’s a seriously strong contender for the Google Pixel C’s crown, which otherwise remains the only Android tablet I’d ever really recommend.

The Galaxy Tab S3 doesn’t look much different to Samsung’s last premium tablet offering, the Galaxy Tab S2. It’s still got that gorgeous 9.7in AMOLED display on the front (more on that later) and it’s still seriously thin and lightweight. The big difference this year? Samsung lobs its enhanced S Pen in the box for free. And that’s almost worth the price of admission alone.




April 12, 2017

Microsoft's next hardware event: NYC, May 2—and no, no Surface Phonemicrosoft EDU event May 2, 2017
Ars Technica

Microsoft is holding an event in New York on May 2. We're expecting a mix of hardware and software news, but perhaps not the hardware or software news that some people will be expecting.

According to sources familiar with the matter, we won't be seeing a Surface Phone, which is no surprise to anyone no matter how much certain Windows die-hards want Microsoft to release such a thing. But what may come as a shock is that we're hearing that we won't see a Surface Pro 5 at the event either. The Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are both in dire need of a hardware refresh, and an upgrade is more than a little overdue at this point but... May 2 is not the day.

Microsoft is using the hashtag "MicrosoftEDU" to promote the event, which allows us to connect a few dots. Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has recently returned to the company after an extended sabbatical during which he travelled the world and tried a number of experimental hairstyles, and his new role includes acting as "education sponsor and advocate."




iPad Pro artist illustrates NBA stars
Apple Newsroom

Kevin Durant

Artist and illustrator Robert Generette III uses iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to bring Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant to life.

To celebrate the Golden State Warriors’ NBA-best regular season record—and star Kevin Durant’s return to the team just in time for the 2017 NBA Playoffs—artist, teacher and sports fan Robert Generette III shares an exclusive illustration of Durant coming to life on iPad Pro.

The Washington DC area native, who goes by the name “Rob Zilla,” is an art teacher and illustrator who uses iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and the Adobe Illustrator Draw app to create work that Mashable has described as "bright, arresting sports imagery.”




Microsoft Begins Rollout of Windows 10 Creators Update

Today's the day that Microsoft begins the worldwide rollout of the Windows 10 Creators Update. Windows 10 Creators UpdateHowever, as with most noncritical software updates, the software giant is releasing the update in stages, meaning users may have to wait up to several weeks for it to appear in Windows Update.

There is a shortcut: Microsoft's Update Assistant tool.

Update Assistant enables users to kick off the update process without waiting for Microsoft's servers to issue the necessary software components. It requires a bit more manual intervention than the Windows Update feature that's built into Windows, but aside from downloading and running the tool, it's a fairly automated experience overall.




April 11, 2017

Microsoft gives free Surface Dock with Surface Pro 4 purchase -- because of Surface Pro 5?

free Surface Dock

The Surface line of computers are absolutely wonderful. If you want one of the best experiences for running Windows 10, it is hard to beat Microsoft's self-made PCs. Heck, they recently beat Apple's iPad tablets in overall satisfaction. Not only can they serve as laptops and tablets, but desktops too. By connecting the Surface Dock to the Surface Pro 4, for instance, you can easily connect a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. The problem? That dock costs $199.99.

If the thought of shelling out two "Benjamins" for the dock gives you pause, I have great news. Starting today, Microsoft is giving away the Surface Dock when you purchase the Surface Pro 4! To get the deal, you must make the purchase from the Microsoft Store.




Microsoft Surface Pro 5 News: This Is Why You Should Upgrade To Pro 5
iTech Post

If you're thinking of buying yourself a new PC device, look no further as Microsoft's Surface Pro 5 promises to be the best PC product the company has ever made yet. It has been receiving attention lately as the company's next-generation hybrid PC that is packed with powerful hardware. The company has reported being hard at work developing it to be able to overcome some of the issues of past Surface Pros. So what other features make this new product so valuable that you might have to upgrade to it?


Aside from the powerful hardware, there is also the super-detailed screen and the latest Windows 10 software to improve your PC tech experience. While the previous Pros had been known to receive complaints about the device’s battery life, Pro 5 promises to fix that. Other minor changes include the use of Intel’s "Kaby Lake" processors which will make the Pro 5 a little more powerful.

According to The Indian Express, the upcoming premium Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has been said to keep the existing Surface Connector so that users can reuse cables and accessories from past products. The company had also assured buyers that Surface Pro 3 power adapters, docks, and Type Covers, would be fully compatible with the Surface Pro 5. The company is yet to decide if it should include a USB-C port with the Surface Pro 5 since many devices running Windows 10 utilize the technology.




April 10, 2017

Everything we know about the upcoming Surface, the Surface Pro 5

Microsoft changed the 2-in-1 computer industry completely with the introduction of the Surface lineup of devices years ago. The last version of the tablet, the Surface Pro 4 has been a huge success for Microsoft and its next iteration, the Surface Pro 5, is set to launch soon.Surface Pro 5 USB-C

Disgruntled Mac users have been leaving Apple everyday to embrace the Surface platform and Microsoft is quite happy with it. However the Surface Pro 4 is more than a year old and fans are yearning for a new iteration. Leaks and rumors were floating around for months, and it was rumored that the Surface Pro 5 might just be a spec refresh.

One thing is confirmed. The Surface Pro 5 is coming, and it is coming soon. As for the specs and design, nothing new had been revealed until now. A new patent filed by Microsoft has been discovered which clearly shows a USB-C connector port. This is exciting as all the Surface devices till now had to be connected using a Surface Connector which was quite inconvenient.

The addition of the USB-C will be a major change as users can use a single cable to charge all their devices then, including the Surface. Also, we can use it connect external GPU’s and screens, if the port is configured to be a Thunderbolt 3 type. There are endless possibilities, but they’ll be only possible if Microsoft allow them.




iPad (2017) review: With a stripped-down iPad for $329, you may not need to go pro

Now, obviously you won’t get all the same features or technology that’s in the more expensive iPad Pro. The new 2017 iPad is more or less a mashup of parts we’ve seen before: the same A9 chip that 2017 iPadspowers the iPhone 6s, the same size and weight as the first iPad Air (minus the physical lock switch, sadly), and the same camera as the iPad Air 2. This is more of a throwback than a brand-new product, kind of the iPad equivalent of the iPhone SE.

An iPad is basically a screen you hold in your hands, so the screen quality is important, and Apple didn’t skimp on this one. First of all, it’s plenty bright. Apple says it tops out at 500 nits, thanks to a stronger backlight, which is the same brightness as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and 25 percent brighter than the iPad Air 2. It can still be tricky to see in the very brightest sunlight, but overall you can notice the improvement.

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro has the P3 color gamut as well as SRGB, and iOS manages the colors so you always see the most accurate image. The same iPad Pro also has True Tone, which further adjusts the display to match the color temperature of the room’s lighting. This new iPad has neither of those: no True Tone (although it does have Night Shift), and just SRGB color. But since those features are available on the higher-end tablet, it makes sense to cut them from the lower-cost model—they’re nice-to-haves, not need-to-haves, and I haven’t missed them when using the new iPad in a variety of lighting situations.

The new iPad also lacks Apple Pencil support, the iPad Pro’s four-speaker setup, as well as the Smart Connector. Again, I don’t miss them much. The iPad gets loud enough to watch movies and TV and enjoy music without relying on headphones or a Bluetooth speaker, even if the sound doesn’t have all the gravitas of the iPad Pro’s. Yes, it has a headphone jack, and let’s pray that iPads always will.




April 7, 2017

Microsoft tops Apple in tablet satisfaction (including design)

J.D Power has just emitted its US Tablet Satisfaction Study and it declared that Surface owners experience deeper sensations of satisfaction than iPad buyers.

Apple fanpersons might turn pale when they learn the main reasons for this greater Surface joy are, according to the Power people, "its top rankings in the features and styling & design factors."

And the darkness descends. Apple being beaten in styling and design? Does Jony Ive know? Will someone dare tell him?

J.D Power says the Surface scored 855 out of a possible 1,000. This beat Apple by 6 points.

The study relied on the feelings of 2,238 US tablet owners who have owned their tablets for less than a year. It was performed between October and December 2016.

It measures tablet joy across five areas: performance, ease of operation, features, styling and design, and cost.

Surface owners were, apparently, most elated with the Surface's connectivity, pre-loaded apps and accessories. They were also moved by machine's size, build and, yes, the beauty of the design.

Here, though, is something else that Cupertino might find disturbing in this study. Surface owners tend to be younger. They're also more likely to be early adopters. They also seem to rather like being first among their friends to get one.




First details emerge about Microsoft's Surface Pro 5
The Verge

While we’ve heard some rumors around Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 plans, very little has emerged about the Surface Pro 5. Paul Thurrott has now revealed that the Surface Pro 5 will not change the proprietary Surface power connector, and that Microsoft’s next laptop / tablet hybrid will switch to Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors. Thurrott claims there’s “nothing dramatic” about the Surface Pro 5, which could mean the device is simply a refreshed design with upgraded components.




April 6, 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Specs Rumors: New Speculations Suggest a Fall 2017 ...
Christian Post

Much is being speculated about Microsoft's upcoming Surface Pro 5 device despite a lack of official release date announcements.

Previous rumors suggested that the upcoming hybrid device would be unveiled in March, but the month has come and gone and enthusiasts are now speculating that Microsoft will probably unveil the Surface Pro 5 this fall. A Microsoft employee, however, said that the device might launch later on 2018 or even 2019.

A report from LearnBonds also suggests that Microsoft might coincide the Surface Pro 5 announcement with the Windows 10 Creators Update, the company's upcoming major update which is slated to come in fall.

A TechRadar report, however, points to an April 11 release for the Creators Update and says that some Windows users might have already received the update. 

As for the features and specs of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, there are also a lot of speculations, but nothing is confirmed yet.




April 5, 2017

Microsoft patents an e-paper Surface Touch Cover

Microsoft has applied for a patent for what they call a “Dual Display Device”, one side of which would have a regular screen and the other made of e-paper.Microsoft Dual Display patent

The patent notes that the normal screen would be used for rendering visually dynamic user input controls while the e-paper screen would rendering visually static user input controls such as a keyboard for example.

Microsoft also notes:

Although many of the examples described herein relate to textual input by the user, the user controls need not relate to textual input. For example, the visually static user controls may comprise controls for a music / video player and the visually dynamic user controls may show thumbnails of album art (e.g. for the particular song or album or related / similar songs) or related videos. The visually dynamic user controls may in addition or alternatively comprise other, dynamic, controls for the music / video player such as a slider for scrolling through the track (where the visually static controls are the controls for stop, play, pause, skip, etc.). Similarly for gaming, the visually static user input controls may provide the standard user input functionality (e.g. left, right, jump) and the dynamic user input controls may provide user input functionality that is only available at certain points in the game or for which the visual representation changes frequently (e.g. where the control displays the number of lives or bullets that a user has left).

The patent continues that they e-paper screen would be touch sensitive, rigid, removable and act as a cover, seemingly a good description of a Surface Touch Cover.





April 4, 2017

Apple iPad (2017) review: the best feature is the price
The Verge



I simply need to tell you three things:

  1. It is an iPad.
  2. It costs $329 for the base model.
  3. You should get it if your old iPad is dying. You should not get it if your old iPad is fine.

That's really it, but of course there are details to consider within each of those bullet points. I will go through them point-by-point since I just spent a week with the new iPad. After I do, you will discover that those are the main points and go on with your life until you need to buy an iPad to do iPad things, at which point you will buy this iPad.

iPad (2017) specs and price

  • 9.4 x 6.6 x 0.29 inches, 1.03 pounds
  • 9.7-inch display, 2048 x 1536 resolution
  • Oleophobic coating, but not laminated
  • Apple A9 processor
  • 8-megapixel rear camera, 1.2-megapixel front camera
  • Touch ID home button
  • No support for Smart Connector, Apple Pencil
  • Two stereo speakers, located at bottom
  • $329 for 32GB Wi-Fi model
  • $100 extra for 128GB of storage
  • $130 extra for LTE version



Xplore Launches New XSLATE D10 Rugged Tablet PC with Android 6.0.1, Marshmallow ...

Xplore Technologies Corp. today announced its flagship Android™ rugged tablet, the XSLATE D10, is available with the upgraded Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system. The Intel®-powered XSLATE D10 has long been considered the "fully rugged Android champion" in its 10.1" tablet class. This latest OS improvement provides Xplore customers with even greater return on investment (ROI) thanks to Marshmallow's security, power management and mobile device management enhancements.

The new Android 6.0.1, Marshmallow OS improves the battery life of the Xplore XSLATE D10 rugged tablet more than 10 percent, extending the use time beyond 8 hours*.  Google's latest battery optimization techniques work in combination with a new Marshmallow-specific application standby feature to prevent workflow applications from draining the battery and causing undue disruptions to the user.  A hot-swappable second battery option provides up to 22 hours of continuous work time. The upgraded XSLATE D10 tablets also provide IT managers and users with several enhancements to the Android for Work and Voice Assist APIs, each of which will prove indispensable to organizations seeking greater worker efficiency and, therefore, faster application responsiveness.




April 3, 2017

How to get the Windows 10 Creators Update
Windows Central

How to get the Windows 10 Creators Update


This new version is packed with new changes, such as new Paint 3D app and support for mixed reality with Windows Holographic. Microsoft Edge will introduce support for e-books and a new tab management system. On gaming, you'll get Beam integration for in-game broadcast, and a new Game Mode to improve gaming performance. Windows Defender Security Center will become your new dashboard to control malware protection, system performance, and security. You'll see a slew of visual and under-the-hood tweaks, and a lot more.

The roll out of Windows 10 (version 1703) is planned to go progressively, which means that not everyone will get updated the same day. It'll take a few days (even months) for all devices to get access to the new version.

In this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through the different ways to download and install the Creators Update on your PC, laptop, or tablet even before it becomes generally available.




Netflix brings offline viewing to Windows 10 PCs and tablets

Netflix added support for offline viewing on iOS and Android late last year, and today it’s bringing the same feature to Windows 10, with the exception of Windows 10 mobile devices. Arriving now in the Netflix brings offline viewing to Windows 10 PCs and tabletsupdated Windows 10 application, a subset of the Netflix catalog can be downloaded to your PC or tablet computer, in order to be viewed when a network connection is not available – such as when traveling.

The addition was spotted earlier today by MSPoweruser, an unofficial source for Microsoft and Windows news.

A spokesperson for Netflix confirmed the feature saying, ” Today, the Netflix app will support the downloading feature on Windows 10 laptops and tablets. We are constantly exploring new ways to make this feature available to more members and make it easier for more people to enjoy Netflix on the go.”

Similar to the launch on iOS and Android mobile devices, offline viewing is not available for just any title on Netflix, due to rights issues. Instead, the feature is limited to a mix of Netflix Originals and select licensed content.

Downloading content is not difficult – in the updated app, you just tap the down arrow next to the show, movie or episode you want to watch to save it to your Windows 10 device. You can also browse for things that can be downloaded through the new section in the app, “Available for Download,” via the menu. Here, another tab called “My Downloads” will let you manage that content.

The feature is now available to users worldwide, Netflix also confirmed.




March 31, 2017

Samsung's latest tablet is its best one yet


The stylish Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the first HDR-ready tablet, and it comes with an impressively comfortable stylus.




March 30, 2017

NFL Referees to get better in-game replay reviews with expanded Surface deal

In 2014, Microsoft’s Surface became the official tablet for the NFL, a deal that cost the tech giant a whopping $400 million through the year 2019. From the deal, Microsoft would gain considerable NFL Referees with Surface tabletexposure by having its logo appear on the sides of instant replay stations, and the devices in the hands of the referees, with teams using the tablets on sidelines to analyze on-field action instead of physical photographs and diagrams.

Well on Tuesday, the league’s 32 owners voted to approve a new instant replay system using the tablet on field, for situations like reviewing challenges or rewarding unsure points. While watching the instant replay, the referees will communicate with the NFL’s officiating headquarters in New York to reach a final determination.

“We’re pleased to build on our partnership with the NFL and help lead the digital transformation of the game with yesterday’s approval of NFL referees conducting video reviews on Surface this upcoming season,” said Jeff Tran, Director of Sports Marketing and Alliances at Microsoft. “The introduction of Surface to this aspect of the game will improve consistency and accuracy of decisions and also speed up the overall review process to enhance the viewing experience for fans.”




Microsoft Updates Surface Pro 3 in Preparation for Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft has today issued an update for the Surface Pro 3. Specifically, the driver release is for units Surface Pro 3running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The company has updated the driver for Realtek USB 3.0 Card Reader. Aside from that, there is nothing new in terms of other driver updates or fixes.

By updating the USB 3.0 Card Reader, Microsoft is enabling SD card slot compatibility for Windows 10 Creators Update.

If you are browsing the Update page, the new driver will show as: Realtek USB 3.0 Card Reader (10.0.14393.31230) ensure SD card slot compatibility with upcoming OS release. If you cannot pull in the update from the device, you can alternatively download it from the Surface Pro 3 Drivers and Firmware Page.

It is easy to forget that the Surface Pro 3 is still alive and kicking. The device was released way back in 2014 and was well received by customers and critics.




New 9.7-Inch iPad Teardown Confirms It's Basically an Original iPad Air
Mac RumorsiPad 5 vs ipad air 1

iFixit has shared a brief teardown of Apple's new 9.7-inch iPad unveiled last week, and unsurprisingly, the tablet looks just as much like an original iPad Air on the inside as it does on the outside.

iFixit said the new 9.7-inch iPad remains difficult to repair due to the front panel being glued to the device and strong adhesive holding everything in place. One plus is that the battery is not soldered to the logic board.

The new 9.7-inch iPad is all about price. It's the cheapest new tablet that Apple has ever sold, starting at $329, yet with a brighter display and a faster A9 processor compared to the now-discontinued iPad Air 2.

The fifth-generation iPad, as it is officially known, is also somewhat thicker and heavier than the iPad Air 2 since it lacks a fully laminated display with anti-reflective coating in order to keep costs down.




March 29, 2017

Porsche Design's BOOK ONE convertible 2-in-1 PC now available for pre-order in the UK

Porsche Design's BOOK ONE convertible 2-in-1 PC

Porsche Design’s BOOK ONE convertible 2-in-1 PC is now available for pre-order in the UK.  It’s the world’s first convertible and detachable 2-in-1, sporting a gearlike, stainless steel 360-degree hinge that spins the display for use in multiple positions.

The silhouette of the BOOK ONE uses a milled aluminum housing with a matte anodized surface finish and features subtle Porsche Design branding on the top of the tablet and the bottom edge of the screen. The main highlight of the device is its hinge. This new hinge not only allows you detach the tablet but also allows you to rotate 360 degree when needed. The well-crafted hinge and its stainless steel cog wheels are inspired by the transmission of a sports car.

BOOK ONE comes with 7th-generation Intel Core i7-7500U processor, which clocks in at up to 3.5 GHz, 13.3” IPS display with QHD+ resolution, 16 GB of RAM and up to 512GB of SSD. It includes two USB Type-C ports and two full-size USB 3.0 ports. Also, the built-in USB 3.1 Type-C/Thunderbolt 3 port not only powers a variety of USB peripherals with just a single cable it also guarantees fast, hassle-free data exchange. It also supports Windows Hello through infrared camera and touchpad gestures through its Precision Touchpad.




Samsung Aims To Steal Apple's Business Customers With New Devices And Partnerships

Hot on the heels of announcing new tablets and a 2-in-1 PC replacement at Mobile World Congress, Samsung's back with another set of product launches. At the Unpacked event in New York, Samsung Samsung DeX Docklaunched the Galaxy S8, the much-anticipated replacement for the Galaxy Note 7 in its flagship line of smartphones.

True to expectations, the company continues to focus on improving the smartphone/phablet category with a redesigned phone that is thinner with a larger infinity display screen. The company also discussed Bixby, it's new AI cognitive assistant that will help customers leverage all of the phones features. The similarities and differences between Samsung's Bixby and other products such as Siri, Cortana and Google warrant its own post. While I could discuss all of the latest features of the Samsung smartphone and the state of the global smartphones market, there are many articles that will address that topic in great detail.

The Unpacked event also brought us a surprising new addition to the lineup called the Samsung DeX. It’s a docking device roughly the size of a hockey puck that allows fast charging of the phone as well as two USB 2.0, Ethernet, USB type-C power-in and a cooling fan. Samsung describes the DeX as providing an Android-based desktop-like experience that enables users to seamlessly access apps, edit documents, browse the web, watch videos, reply to messages directly from the smartphone on a larger display. It also allows you to use a keyboard and mouse. DeX provides new ways to improve the usability of consumer apps such as photo editing, but Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft and Virtual Desktop vendors also make it a win for the enterprise.




March 28, 2017

Microsoft Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 5 might skip April event

Forget the Surface Phone, there might not even be a new Surface Book or Surface Pro. At least not in Microsoft’s Spring event next month. Given what the Surface Book 2 is rumored to be, which is quite different from its predecessor, there might be no tears shed. Microsoft does have a new Surface Surface Book with performance basedevice prepared, however, though what exactly that will be is still anyone’s guess.

The Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4, which both launched at the same time, is over a year old. In the fast-paced, high turnover age of devices today, that’s already way too old. Since Microsoft announced the Surface Studio late last year instead, there was a bit of hope that it would announce new tablets at its Spring hardware event next month. Emphasis on “was”.

Sources are supposedly silent on both the Surface Book 2 and the Surface Pro 5. Or to be more specific, sources are saying that the Surface Book 2 is not yet ready for Spring. But Microsoft is also expected to announce new devices that will showcase the upcoming major update to Windows 10, a.k.a. the Creators Update. The Surface Studio, which is as creator-oriented as you can get, is already out of the question. So what else could it be?

It could, instead, be some sort of “cloud book”. Microsoft is expected to also announce its locked down Windows 10 Cloud Edition, which is believed to be Redmon’s answer to Google’s Chrome OS. And what better way to mark that with some Chromebook-like devices. Windows 10 Cloud, despite the name, is more about restricting access to what can be installed on devices. Only those apps on the Windows Store can be installed, though “desktop” UWP apps are definitely possible.




Microsoft's Spring fling: Is another new Surface device category coming?

Microsoft's anticipated Spring hardware launch is unlikely to feature the Surface Book 2. So what else might be on the docket?Microsoft Surface

We're officially one week into "Spring" in this part of the world, and still no word on Microsoft's long-rumored Spring 2017 hardware launch.

Since early 2016 or so, a number of us Microsoft watchers have been hearing and predicting that the company would roll out its next versions of its Surface Book PC (Surface Book 2) and Surface Pro tablet (Surface Pro 5) at a Spring 2017 event.

Recently, however, I've heard from a couple of contacts that Surface Book 2 is not going to be announced here, as I mentioned during a recent episode of the Windows Weekly podcast. I'm not sure whether Surface Pro 5 will debut at the still-unannounced Spring hardware launch either.

I continue to hear from my sources that there will be a Microsoft Spring 2017 hardware launch. The question is what will Microsoft be showing off at there, besides Windows 10 Creators Update?

DigiTimes -- known for its fairly unreliable track record on new product announcements -- claimed recently that Microsoft was manufacturing new 13.5-inch clamshell form-factor Surface Book laptops that could retail for around $1,000.

As I mentioned above, I'm hearing no Surface Book 2 machines will be announced this Spring, as they're not quite ready yet.




March 27, 2017

Microsoft's Surface Spring Event may not feature the Surface Book 2 or Surface Pro 5

Microsoft was previously expected to announce the new successors to the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book this Spring at a “Spring hardware launch event”, but a new report suggests that isn’t what’s going to happen.

According to ZDNet’s prolific Microsoft watcher,  Mary Jo Foley, conversations with numerous sources have led to the impression that Microsoft isn’t launching successors to the older Surfaces just yet. This means that there will be no Surface Pro 5, nor will they be a Surface Book 2 – this spring at least.

However, there is still strong support for a Windows 10 Surface Event this week, which leads to speculation about what Microsoft has up its sleeve regarding its hardware. Windows 10 Mobile and Hololens powered hardware are right out, and Microsoft typically holds gaming focused events for its Xbox consoles.

We reported earlier about a purported Surface Book 2 which ditched the hinge for a conventional clamshell form factor. It has been theorized that these Surface clamshell PCs aren’t actually Surface Books but instead the very first of Microsoft’s Windows 10 on ARM devices.




Apple patent points to thin Smart Cover-like accessory that turns iPhones and iPads into laptops

An Apple patent filed last Thursday, hints at a modular take on computing where your iPhone or iPad Apple accessory turns iPhones and iPads into laptopsbecomes the brains of an otherwise dead, laptop. The patent filing points to a thin portable hardware dock-like laptop accessory that packs in the components needed to turn your iPhone or iPad into a full-fledged computing device.

The news comes from AppleInsider, where the blog points to a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) filing for an “electronic accessory device” that comes in various configurations.

From what can be seen in IP, it shows two use cases for the device. Starting with the device itself, it basically adds the missing bits that are needed to turn the iPhone or iPad into full computing machines, that would be similar to the concept behind the Motorola Atrix and the Asus PadFone.




March 24, 2017

Apple iPad Pro 2 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Battle Of The Flagships
Sports World News

Apple iPad Pro 2 and Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is the upcoming tablet cum laptop devices. Both are said to come up with ultimate specs and features. Apple and Microsoft will rival each other with these high-end tablets.Panos Panay with Surface Pro 4

Apple iPad Pro 2 is said to come up with three variants, which is 9.7 inches, 12.9 inches, and 10.5 inches screen. If reports are to be believed, the gadget could mark a 4K display. Apple's flagship is also rumored to sport an A10X chipset.

In terms of storage, Apple iPad Pro 2 would feature a 4GB RAM and internal storage with three options, which is 128GB/256GB/512GB. While on the camera front, iPad Pro 2 could feature 5MP secondary and 12MP primary camera. The stylus and design of the tablet will also come up with changes. Apple iPad Pro is also rumored to run on iOS 10.

On the other hand, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is also one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year. Rumors on media outlets suggest the tablet cum laptop will be equipped with incredible specs and features.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to come up with Intel's Kaby Lake processor. The processor is said to be one of the powerful and fastest CPU. Another feature is the 4K UHD display, which might be sported in the gadget. Reports suggest that the US tech giant might also mark the USB C-Type in Pro 5, reports DroidReport.




Looking Forwards To Microsoft's Surface Pro 5
Know Your Mobile

Surface Pro 5: Release date

All the rumors point to an “early 2017” release. However, given that March is almost over, it’s possible the Surface Pro 5 could be pushed back to summer. What is most likely is that the Surface Pro 5 will be announced sometime in the end of March or April and ship about a month later.

It’s likely Microsoft is holding off releasing the Surface Pro 5 until the next major Windows 10 update, called Redmond 2, is ready as it's likely the Surface Pro 5 will require Redmond 2 to run.

Surface Pro 5: Display

All rumors point to the Surface Pro 5 having a 4K display, which will be a huge improvement over the Surface Pro 4 display.

If they do include a 4K/UHD display it will likely be either a screen with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (a 16:9 ratio) or a screen with 3,840 x 2,560 pixels (a 3:2 ratio). For now we’re betting on the 3:2 ratio size since they’ve been using 3:2 since the Surface 3.

Surface Pro 5: Specs

Almost everyone expects the Surface Pro 5 to sport Intel’s new Kaby Lake processors, which will be a massive improvement over the Surface Pro 4’s Skylake architecture. Kaby Lake benefits by using a 14nm architecture, however the Surface Pro 5 could possible use chips that are even better.

Some rumors say Microsoft might opt to include Cannonlake processors in the Pro 5. Cannonlake processors are set to succeed Kaby Lake and use a 10nm architecture. However, Cannonlake processors aren’t set to be out until the second half of 2017, so if Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 5 before then, it will almost certainly have Kaby Lake processors.

But it’s also likely the Surface Pro 5 will come in a range of spec options, running the gamut of everything from Intel Core M chips to higher-power Intel Core I chips. You can also expect varying amounts of RAM and storage. There’s a chance the Surface Pro 5 could come in multiple screen sizes–or a 4K version and a lower res version–but that’s debatable at the moment.

It’s also very likely that the Surface Pro 5 will feature USB-C ports since that is quickly becoming the industry standard I/O. As for battery life: a 4K screen is going to suck power like there’s no tomorrow, but architecture and battery improvements mean the Surface Pro 5 will last as long as the Surface Pro 4 does.




March 23, 2017

How to sync settings in Windows 10How to sync settings in Windows 10
PC Advisor

Windows 10 includes a helpful feature that allows you to sync your passwords, web browser settings, colour schemes, notifications, device settings and web browser preferences across all your Windows devices. We show you how to enable the setting and tailor it to your needs.

How to enable sync settings in Windows 10

Before you can get the sync feature up and running you’ll first need to log into your device using your Microsoft account. Once this is done tap the Windows key and click on the Settings icon (which looks like a gear cog) that you’ll see in the bottom left corner of the screen .

In the window that appears you’ll see an option for Accounts. Double click on this and then select the Sync your settings section at the bottom of the left hand column.





Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review: More than Just a Tablet
Droid Report

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 was one of the most hi-tech and luxurious products of Samsung. It has even gone head-to-head with Apple's latest iPad Pro when it comes to its specs and features. But how far can Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 get to own its tagline as "more than just a tablet?"

When comparing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to Apple's iPad Pro, it was hard to decide which one is better. To get to know more about the Samsung's newest Galaxy tablet, let us narrow down its specs and features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has a 9.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, HDR video playback, and 2048x1536-pixel high resolution. However, according to CNET, having the AMOLED display has an advantage since there was no easily accessible way to view HDR content on it. Netflix will not support HDR on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 while Amazon and FandangoNow will have the feature since the HDR content will be available soon. Nevertheless, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 can still provide you a sharp and vibrant viewing.

Other external features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 are a fast-charging USB-C port, four speakers, a fingerprint sensor and its very own stylus pen, the S pen. Buyers can also get a keyboard/cover separately for $129.99.

The two most prominent features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 are the S pen and the keyboard. The stylus serves as a pointer. Apart from that, a number of reviews have stated that there are more uses for the S pen with applications compatible with it. These purposes are for doodling, sketching, writing notes, translate words and save snippets of texts and pictures among others.




March 22, 2017

Apple Quietly Replaces iPad Air 2 With $329 iPad
PC Magazine

Apple products are not typically thought of as budget devices, but Cupertino today announced a brand new iPad model, and the focus is on affordability.2017 iPad

The new iPad is simply called the "iPad" with Apple marketing it as "best-in-class performance at its most affordable price ever." It costs $329 and replaces the iPad Air 2$409.00 at Amazon in the tablet lineup.

For your $329, Apple is offering a 9.7-inch iPad with a Retina display (2,048-by-1,536 resolution) and 32GB of storage powered by the 64-bit A9 processor (also found in the iPhone 6s$649.00 at Apple Store). It runs iOS 10, offers Wi-Fi and Touch ID, 8MP and FaceTime HD cameras, weighs 1 pound, and boasts 10 hours of battery life. Color options include Silver, Gold, and Space Gray. You may also be happy to hear it does retain the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Apple decided not to offer a 64GB storage option, instead jumping to 128GB, which will cost $429. If you want the extra storage and cellular, expect to pay $459. All options include a Lightning-to-USB cable and power adapter.

Apple will start accepting orders on Friday, March 24, with stock arriving in Apple Stores next week




Apple announcements video recap: Red iPhone 7, $329 iPad, Nike bands, and more
9 to 5 Mac



Microsoft's new tool helps you easily migrate your stuff from Mac to Surface
The Verge

Microsoft appears to have quietly released a new piece of migration software that makes it easier to switch from Mac to Surface devices. The Mac to Surface Assistant, as it’s aptly called, is pretty straightforward: you download it from here, and the software walks you through transferring documents, photos, and media files into a zip file on your desktop that you can then transfer to another device. The company didn’t formally announce it, but Microsoft watchers and Windows sites have nonetheless discovered it.

Mac to Surface Assistant



March 21, 2017

Review: Lenovo Yoga Book Windows Version Makes Certain Tasks a Dream



You know when you see a video for a soon-to-be-released piece of tech and you start to make all sorts of noise because you really must have it? That’s me. When I saw the above video for the Lenovo Yoga Book, there were noises. Not only is the Yoga Book aesthetically pleasing, but the things I could do.

The thing that excited me the most was the Halo keyboard that doubles as a writing area. You can put paper on it and it will transfer what you’re writing on the paper to OneNote, Word, Outlook, and other Windows programs that have the draw functionality. I had all sorts of dreams about digitizing my paper Midori journals, plus other uses that are related to my preference to write things down because it helps with memory retention and recall.




March 20, 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Latest Update: Hybrid Featuring AMD Ryzen & Windows 10 Creators Releasing This Spring
Droid Report

Latest reports and rumors about the highly anticipated Microsoft Surface Pro 5 claims that device is expected to launch this spring with AMD's latest Ryzen processors and the latest Windows 10 Creators Update. There are also some rumors which say that there will be two variants of the Surface Pro 5- one with the AMD CPU and another with Intel's Kaby Lake.





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