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September 2, 2015

Lenovo's Miix 700: Like a Surface Pro 3 but with a better, included keyboard

Do you like the Surface Pro 3 but wish it came with the keyboard? Consider the Lenovo Miix 700 which includes the accessory and offers a better typing experience.Lenovo Mix 700 Tablet

've said many times over the past year or so that Microsoft's Surface Pro product line is among the best hardware the company has ever made.

I got my hands on one briefly and it looks very much like a Surface Pro 3, complete with integrated stand. The keyboard is not only better than Microsoft's but it's included: The starting price is $699 for a Miix 700, including the keyboard and it arrives in November.

While I like Microsoft's Type Cover, in just a short time using the Miix 700, I immediately preferred it. That shouldn't surprise: Even before Lenovo bought IBM's computer business, the devices were known for their excellent typing experiences.

Lenovo will also offer an optional "active pen" stylus with the laptop when it becomes available.




5 Drool Worthy Intel-Powered Devices for Back to School

The bad news about back to school shopping is that you have to go back to school. Bummer! The good news is that back to school time is hands down the best time to finagle a new device out of the parents — you can always give your birthday and the holidays a shot, but there’s no substitute for being able to play the practicality card. Lots of devices out there to choose from, though, so we’re here to help you out and make sure you end up being the coolest kid in class with one of these top 5 picks.

5 Drool-worthy Back to School Devices from Chip Chick on Vimeo.




Lenovo Launches ThinkPad Yoga 260 And 460 Models Plus ThinkCentre M900 Tiny SFF PC

In addition to the consumer PC refresh, Lenovo is updating and relaunching some of its business ThinkPad Yoga 260devices. The ThinkPad Yoga is the prosumer level version of the Yoga series, and includes the 360° hinge which allows it to be used as a laptop, or in three touch modes. Lenovo is also rolling out the ThinkCenter M900 Tiny, which is its latest rendition of the ultra-compact form factor for businesses.

The Yoga 260 features a 12.5-inch display with both 1366x768 and 1920x1080 offerings. The latest models are of course updated with Intel’s new Skylake-U series processors, with everything from i3-6100U all the way up to i7-6600U models available. You can outfit the laptop with up to 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and up to 512 GB of SSD storage. Battery life is rated at 10 hours on this model.

The ThinkPad Yoga 460 is the 14-inch version, and it can be had with either 1920x1080 IPS or 2560x1440 IPS panels. The processor choices are just listed as Core i5 and i7 models, but it should be the same U series as the smaller 260 mode but with an optional GeForce 940M GPU. The 460 can only be had with 8 GB of DDR3L memory, a 256 GB SSD, or a 1 TB HDD. Battery life is rated the same as the 260, coming in at 10 hours.




September 1, 2015

Sony sneaks Xperia Z4 Tablet into Telstra stores today

Sony has sneaked its flagship Z4 Tablet into Telstra stores with the slate going on sale today.Sony Z4 Tablet

Telstra is offering the LTE variant of the Z4 Tablet with an allowance of 4GB of data for $62 per month on a 24 month contract. Customers will receive a complimentary Bluetooth keyboard valued at $299; however, this is only available via redemption and stock is limited.

Alternatively, the tablet can be purchased outright from the telco for $888.

Sony’s Z4 Tablet is manufactured in two variants — the second being a Wi-Fi only model — and it will be sold exclusively from Sony’s retail and online stores for $799.

Launching the tablet under the radar is an opportunistic move for Sony. Apple is holding a 9 September launch event, which is supposedly dedicated to the unveiling of a succeeding iPhone and, potentially, a revised iPad.




What is the best 10 inch tablet?

Please take the time to consider which ecosystem is right for you, perhaps you’ve been living in the Family Tabletworld of iOS and are not looking to change. Maybe Apple devices have never tempted you and you still live on Windows or have moved to Android. Bottom line, the best tablet for you is likely the one that works on your chosen ecosystem.

Just how does one decide what the best 10 inch tablet is? For starters, we recommend looking for quality in materials and craftsmanship. From there, specifications are a factor one must consider carefully. Overall design and availability of accessories are important, and the price tag can be the final deciding factor for any tablet purchase.

Let’s look at a few contenders for best 10 inch tablet. Note: Keeping in line with how these devices are generally marketed, we will consider any tablet from about 9.7-inches up to 10.5-inches in this 10-inch category.

Starting off this list, that is in no apparent or logical order, is the Apple iPad Air 2. As Apple’s current flagship tablet, the iPad Air 2 is an excellent tablet option for those looking for a fairly powerful device to keep up with their favorite games or productivity apps.

It is an understatement to say that Samsung has more than one device on the market, as such, it would have been really easy to squeeze in more than one tablet here. The difference between some of the tablets is subtle, but once device jumps out at us today, the newly released Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

Running around with a powerful Exynos 5433 SoC, 3GB of RAM and an optional detachable keyboard, this Android tablet is one of many Samsung tablets worthy of your consideration.




Sling TV launches on Fire tablets

The Sling TV app, which is already available on Andoid, iOS, XBox One and Roku devices, and recently became available on Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, can now be downloaded on the Amazon Amazon TabletAppstore. Some tablet owners can also use the opportunity to gain access to a free 14-day trial of Sling.

Sling, which is owned by Dish Network, launched in January 2015 as an attempt to target cord-cutters with mix-and-match plans starting at $20 per month. It originally partnered with Maker Studios as part of its $20 “Best of Online TV” package, and it recently launched a new channel with content from Maker’s gaming brand Polaris as part of its “Best of Live TV” package (also $20). It also secured live streaming and VOD rights to Univision’s news, entertainment and sports portfolio.




Microsoft cuts prices on Surface Pro 3 in anticipation for the upcoming Surface Pro 4

We know without a doubt that Microsoft will bring us a new member of its popular tablet-line, the Surface Pro,  later this year. Most likely bearing the name Surface Pro 4, the upcoming tablet will very likely capitalize on features introduced in the latest OS from Microsoft, Windows 10. It also has to be a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3, which did surprisingly well, considering Microsoft is hard-pressed by rough competition in the tablet market, with giants Apple and Samsung pushing out yearly flagships that leave little breathing room for competitors.

Speaking of which, the Surface Pro 3 might just become even more popular, since the Bill Gates-founded company has been slashing prices on Surface Pro 3 tablets considerably, with as much as $150 on some models. While this is good news by itself, it’s also a strong indication that the Surface Pro 4’s release date might be closer than anticipated. While Microsoft has not announced any particular release dates, specs or prices for its upcoming tablet, it’s safe to assume it will come out sometime this fall.

Now, this leaves consumers facing two options. The first is to obviously hold off on any purchases and see what the Surface Pro 4 and all the surrounding hype is all about. The other, based on recent Pro 3 price reductions, is to make the most of these and pick up a solid tablet for a surprisingly good price. The cheapest version of the Pro 3, the 64 GB one, sadly did not receive any price-trims. It will still set you back $799. However, more high-end versions of the tablet-PC hybrid have seen some pretty hefty reductions across the board, with the i7 CPU, 512 GB version of the Pro 3 going down to $1,799 from $1,949, or the i5 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage version going down to $1,149 from $1,299.




August 31, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Gets Pricing and Release Date

If you like totting around a tablet for your daily commute, you won’t find another that is lighter than Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 in two sizesthe newly launched Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets, whether they have an 8-inch or 9.7-inch display, or offer Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity.

With the Wi-Fi-only, 8-inch Tab S2 weighing just 0.59-pounds (9.4oz), and the 9.7-inch at 0.82-pounds (13oz), both tablets feel practically weightless and are surprisingly strong, thanks to their svelte 0.22-inch (5.6mm) metal frames. The LTE-version of the 9.7-inch Tab S2 weights just a touch more at 0.86-pounds.

According to Samsung’s internal research, most users are increasingly using their tablets while they watch television at home. With the Tab S2s, you can stream whatever you’re watching on compatible Samsung TVs to these tablets (via a proprietary Bluetooth connection). You can also ‘throw’ whatever you’re watching on the tablet to your TV (even if it isn’t made by Samsung).

All variants of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2s will be available in stores starting September 3. The Wi-Fi-only versions will come in black, white and gold; the 8-inch display will retail for $400, while the 9.7-inch display will cost $500.



Microsoft Corporation Surface Pro 4 To Be A Game Changer
Tech News Today

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 needs to be a game changer and that is because not only Windows 10 depends on it, but the tablet market share for the company as well. The one billion goal for Windows 10 has the Surface Pro 4 doing its part. It will not be a major chunk but does play a vital role for the company to get there. The tablet market share could spike to 20% by 2016, after the Surface Pro 4 hits the market. This would definitely be a good signal for the company. The smartphone OS market share paints a bleak picture for Microsoft Windows but the tablet category holds promise.

The rivals like Apple and Samsung have taken notice of the success that Microsoft Surface has garnered. The Surface Pro 3 has been compared with the like of Apple’s iPad, MacBook, top Android tablets such as Galaxy Tab. Even laptops and ultrabooks have been matched against the Surface Pro 3, it’s that versatile.

The only limiting factor is the price Microsoft is retailing the Surface tablets. Users have complained that the base model of the Surface Pro 3 does not match up and deliver compared to a laptop in the same price category.


The upcoming Surface Pro 4 needs to do better, not just in terms of specifications but a compelling enough reason for users to switch from their iPads and notebooks to the Microsoft device. Leaks and rumors have been trying to identify what the new Surface will carry under the hood. We also covered extensively as to what the Surface Pro 4 needs to have and what’s circulating out there already.



Ten days with the Microsoft Surface 3 with AT&T LTE


My primary daily computer is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and it continues to prove its the best computer I've ever owned. However, I spent the last 10 days testing out the new Surface 3 with AT&T Surface 3 Tabletintegrated LTE service while on my daily commute and on a week-long business trip to New York City.

Experiences with the integrated LTE

Free hotel WiFi is rarely fast and stable enough to get work done so many business professional travel with a WiFi hotspot from their cellular provider or other device capable of providing a fast connection. Every iPad I have owned has had support for integrated Verizon Wireless service and I found it essential for working while on the road.

The SIM card slot is located at the bottom left corner of the device, under where the Type Cover keyboard connects to the Surface 3. I experienced download speeds ranging from 14 Mbps to 25 Mbps using the Surface 3 with AT&T service in New York and Washington.

The integrated AT&T LTE connected in every location I tested it out and the device performed well at maintaining the connection. I was able to use the LTE for email, streaming music, streaming video, social networking, and web browsing. The Surface 3 battery easily lasted more than a full day of work over the last 10 days.

We also experienced a rather damaging wind storm this past weekend and lost power for 24 hours. I used the Surface 3 to continue working, checking on the status of the power outages, and stream ESPN live stats during the Seahawks preseason game.




August 28, 2015

Tablet screen sizes expanding as iPad Pro approaches
Reseller News

Large screen sizes are gaining favour as the tablet transforms into a productivity device, with New iPadshipments growing 185 percent year-on-year in 2015.

According to a new Strategy Analytics’ ‘Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies’ report, Apple’s iPad Pro will join a market that is primed for growth, thanks to the success of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 and larger 2-in-1 detachable tablets from traditional PC vendors like Lenovo, Acer, and Asus.

By 2019, shipments of tablets with screen sizes 11” or greater will nearly double to 19.3 million units, grabbing a seven percent share of the market - a combination of enterprise adoption of large screen-sized tablets (for PC replacement and workflow transformation) and consumer adoption of 2-in-1 tablets will contribute to this strong growth.





August 27, 2015

Apple event confirmed for September 9th

Apple confirms an invitation-only press event set for Wednesday, September 9th in San Francisco. Hey Siri, Give us a hintThis event will take place at 10AM Pacific Time and SlashGear will be covering the event on-site. This event has been confirmed with an invitation which includes the top of an Apple logo with multiple colors waving in and out. Also included is the phrase "Hey Siri, give us a hint." This event will likely contain reveals of several devices including the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

While this event will likely play host to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus primarily, we're also expecting updates to Apple's smart home system and Apple TV. The Apple TV is expected to be the central control system for the full Apple smart home ecosystem in the near future.

What we won't be expecting is a new iPad. Instead we'll see a separate event closer to the end of the year with one or more new iPad models, including the iPad mini 4th gen and a new iPad Air.



Microsoft Corporation Tipped To Introduce Two Versions Of Surface Pro 4 This October
Bidness ETC

Reports reveal the upcoming hybrid device will be powered by Intel's latest sixth generation Skylake Microsoft  Tipped To Introduce Two Versions Of Surface Pro 4 processors. Although Intel didn't reveal many details regarding Skylake at the IDF 2015, the company showcased a retrofitted Surface Pro 3, running on the new CPU alongside the integrated Gen9 graphics. This can be used to drive up to three different displays with 4K resolution at 60 frames per sec.

With Apple believed to target the enterprise market with its rumored iPad Pro, it would only viable for Microsoft to do the same, with its Surface Pro 4, considering the companies' growth potential in the market. A larger Surface Pro 4 could also compete against other Ultrabooks and 2-in-1 devices, having a 360-degree rotating hinge.

While consumer interest amongst tablets has declined in the recent quarters, the introduction of high-end devices such as the Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro seems to be productive options for consumers and businesses alike.

Microsoft is expected to conduct a media event somewhere in October, where the company will launch its highly awaited Windows 10 Mobile, new Lumia smartphones, a rumored Surface Phone and its latest iteration of its Surface series. While the Surface Pro 4's pricing is yet to be revealed, we expect it to fall in the $899-1,099 bracket.




August 26, 2015

Rumor: Microsoft developing two versions of Surface Pro 4

Last week we reported a new rumor that Microsoft will be announcing a couple of new devices this October. Among them are new Windows 10 Mobile devices, the Microsoft Band 2, possibly a new Xbox One, and the Surface Pro 4. However, there have been a great deal of Surface Pro 4 rumors over the past year as this has been one of the longer cycles of waiting for the next generation of Microsoft’s increasingly popular 2-in-1. So it is important to keep mind rumors are just rumors until Microsoft says otherwise, and accordingly take some grains of salt with SP4 rumor news in particular.

But now Digitimes, the Taiwanese electronics hardware news site, is reporting that Microsoft is developing not just one but two next generation Surface  2-in-1s. The only details provided are that one version would have a 12 inch display while the other has a 13 to 14 inch display. The report gives a timeline for production in the second half of the current year, but nothing specific such as a launch or when it would ship. Digitimes’ sources also say that Amazon s planning a 12 inch tablet in an efforts to test the waters for selling a larger portable device.




New app solves Windows 10's failure to hide the taskbar in Tablet Mode

Windows 10 is a great OS, but tablet users looking for a little extra screen space are stymied by the taskbar's refusal to fully disappear. Enter a new third-party utility.

Lots of people love Windows 10, and users are adopting the new operating system in record numbers. But one small problem that has been irritating users of Windows 10’s Tablet Mode: the taskbar. 

While you can easily auto-hide the taskbar on the desktop, that setting doesn't carry over to Tablet Mode. Windows 10 tablet users used to Windows 8's full-screen apps have been complaining about the taskbar marring the Tablet Mode experience. Though many Windows Store apps offer the ability to expand to the full-screen, that's handled on an app-by-app basis rather than being a universal setting.

But where Microsoft fails to deliver, third-party solutions inevitably do. A company called Nibbler Apps is selling a Windows 10 utility called Auto-Hide Taskbar that does exactly that, as first reported by Windows Central. In fact, it does a little bit more by giving you quick access to hiding the taskbar in desktop mode as well.

Auto-hide taskbar sits in your system tray/notification area.

We haven’t tested the app in Tablet Mode, but in PC mode it’s very easy to use (and the app's supposed to work the same way in Tablet Mode). The app sits in the notification/system tray area of your taskbar. When you double-click the icon—tablets probably only need a single tap—a window appears and gives you choices for hiding the taskbar in desktop or tablet mode. Click the one you want, or both, and let the magic happen.




August 25, 2015

iPad Pro To Be Released Commercially Before Christmas, Says Apple Insider
Venture Capital Post

Apple's iPad once dominated the tablet market but that was before. For six straight quarters, the Tim Cook with iPadonce-dominant iPad was declining in both popularity and sales, that is why Apple is planning to release an improved iPad Pro in the coming months, to hopefully regain the throne that once belonged to the iPad.

Apple dedicated website Mac World noted that the iPad Pro might be formally launched before Christmas, contrary to what CNET reported that it will be unveiled in September. Mac World cited the statement of KGI Securities Analyst Ming Chi Kuo that iPad Pro will be manufactured either September or October.  The website even went further by pointing out that the iPad's stylus will be supplied by Cheng Uei and will ship separately to the iPad Pro.

On the other hand, another Apple inspired tech publication, Mac Rumors, reported that the iPad Pro will sport a larger screen which is at 12.9 inches but, the website also reported that Samsung is also developing a tablet to compete with the iPad Pro and will rock a massive 18.4 inch screen.




Microsoft shows off Surface Pro keyboard cover with built-in touchscreen

With a new Surface Pro potentially on the horizon, we’re all ears for new Microsoft keyboard tech.

That’s why we’re pretty excited about the latest concept clacker to emerge from Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group.

It’s a keyboard cover for a Surface tablet, and it has a touch-sensitive e-ink display built into it.

The device is called the ‘DisplayCover’, and features a super-svelte 1,280 x 305 pixel panel that offers up app shortcuts.

It also displays live tiles, so you can quickly access information without putting serious strain on the device battery.

The thinking behind the DisplayCover is that adding a screen to the keyboard improves display real estate on smaller devices – think the Surface 3.

“Recently, touch-enabled portable computers have experienced a growing of interest as miniaturisation and increases in display resolution enabled manufacturers to produce lighter and more powerful devices with precise multi-touch displays,” explains Microsoft. “However, there has been little to no research targeting devices whose limited screen size is a concern (e.g. Surface).”



Surface App Gets Redesigned for Windows 10, Fixes Pen Issues
SuperSite for Windows

There's not much new in the redesigned Surface app from the Windows Store. The app has been Surface get the most out of your devicerevamped to offer a uniform, Windows 10-friendly experience. But, this version is also intended to fix a glaring issue where the Surface Pro 3 pen stopped working after the Windows 10 upgrade.

If you're a Surface Pro 3 user, you may have become accustomed to using the click-to-open OneNote feature of the Surface pen. After your upgrade to Windows 10, you may be one of many who experienced this feature to stop working.

This update should fix that problem and many have already reported that it has. So, you get a fix and UI redesign in one update.

The update should happen automatically, but if you don't have the app yet, you can snag it here: Surface App



LG jumps ahead of the trade show pack, announces new tablet

LG will show off a new tablet at the IFA trade show in Berlin in early September.

LG, the Korea-based conglomerate that makes everything LG G Pad II 10.1from refrigerators to smartphones, on Monday announced the new G Pad II 10.1. The Android-based tablet will boast a 10.1-inch screen, a 2.26GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera to complement its 2-megapixel front-facing lens. The tablet will run on Android 5.1.1. (Lollipop). LG said it will reveal full details on the tablet at IFA Berlin starting on September 4.

LG's decision to announce the G Pad II 10.1 ahead of IFA reflects the significant amount of competition companies face at the trade show. IFA is one of the world's biggest consumer electronics and home appliances trade shows. Many of the tech world's elite will be in attendance, including fellow Korea-based company Samsung, China-based Huawei and countless others. Nearly all companies are expected to announce new products at the event, and trying to get attention among the deluge can be difficult.



August 24, 2015


Why Samsung's rumored 18-inch tablet would be totally awesome
Network World

In the age of mobile everything, screen real-estate is becoming our most precious resource

Big-screen TV sets and hi-res 27-inch monitors are great, and they still find places of honor in homes and offices, but they are hardly portable. Wouldn't it be useful if there was a big-screen device you Samsung Galaxy Productscould actually move around, to share information, collaborate on work, and consume media in group environments?

Tablets go big!

That's why I was so excited about published rumors last week suggesting that Samsung is working on a truly GIANT new tablet. According to SamMobile, the Korean company is working on a tablet code-named Tahoe with an 18.4-inch screen. If my math is correct, that would offer almost four times the real-estate of a full-size iPad! (Yes, I've seen the rumors about an oversize iPad Pro coming this fall, but that thing would look tiny compared to this behemoth.)

Just think of the new tablet use-cases that could be empowered by such a device. According to the reports, the rumored device is intended for shared use in living rooms, offices, and schools, instead of as a personal device, which makes sense. You can't slip an 18-inch tablet in your pocket—maybe not even in your briefcase.

But what a great way to watch videos, or play multiplayer games, or give small demos, or present school reports, or do real-time collaboration, or… you get the picture. There's an endless list of tasks that regular tablets are almost big enough to pull off, and a tablet this size could handle them without breaking a sweat.



Dell Venue 10 7000 Series Review: Convertible Tablet
PC Perspectives

The Dell Venue 10 7000 Series tablet features a stunning 10.5" OLED screen and is designed to mate perfectly with the optional keyboard. So how does it perform as both a laptop and a tablet? Read on Dell Venue 10 7000 Series Tabletfor the full review!

To begin with I will simply say the keyboard should not be an optional accessory. There, I've said it. As I used the Venue 10 7000, which arrived bundled with the keyboard, I was instantly excited about this design. The Venue 10 is a device that is as remarkable for its incredible screen as much as any other feature, but once coupled with the magnetically attached keyboard becomes something more - and quite different than existing implementations of the transforming tablet. More than a simple accessory the keyboard felt like it was really a part of the device when connected, and made it feel like a real laptop.

I'm getting way ahead of myself here so lets go back to the beginning, and back to a world where one might consider purchasing this tablet by itself. At $499 for the 16GB model you might reasonably ask how it compares to the identically-priced Apple iPad Air 2. Well, most of the comparison is going to be software/app related as the Venue 10 7000 is running Android 5.1 Lollipop, and of course the iPad runs iOS. The biggest difference between these tablets (besides the keyboard integration) becomes the 10.5-inch, 2560x1600 OLED screen, and oh what a screen it is!

The Dell Venue 10 features a display so bright, so rich, so... OLED, that it could only have been made from that technology. Colors pop and blacks are infinitely black. It's an absolutely stunning display, and while I suspect the color is not as accurate as an iPad's well-calibrated IPS display (more on this later), I didn't care when I was using it. You need to see one of these Venue 10 displays in person to decide if you prefer the vivid, highly saturated colors and seemingly infinite contrast.





August 21, 2015


Why the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Could Be a Huge Leap Forward
Motley Fool

According to website WPDang, Microsoft is planning to launch the Surface Pro 4 at an event in October. Here's why this device might be a huge leap forward.Surface Pro 4

It's all about Skylake
Chipmaker Intel recently disclosed the technical details of its next-generation processor family codenamed Skylake, and it seems that many of the improvements Intel has made with these chips will bring tangible benefits to the Surface Pro 4 and devices like it.

Let's take a look at some of these improvements and how they'll make devices like the Surface Pro 4 significantly better than prior-generation devices based on older Intel silicon.

Better graphics and media engines
One of the big improvements in Skylake is the inclusion of Intel's next-generation "Gen. 9" graphics and media engine. Intel has made improvements to both the hardware that handles 3D rendering as well as the hardware responsible for encoding/decoding video.

The 3D graphics improvements should allow for more of the popular PC games in the market to run smoothly at higher-quality settings relative to older generations of Intel chips, increasing the versatility of the device.

The media improvements should allow for improved efficiency (potentially leading to longer battery life) when playing back advanced video streams as Intel has now included dedicated hardware to handle decoding of newer video-compression formats like HEVC and VP8.

Integrated image-signal processor
One of the interesting new additions to Intel's Skylake chip is a dedicated image-signal processor, a feature that is common in modern smartphone/tablet applications processors.




Surface Pro 4 Will Remove Notebooks From The Equation With This Crucial Feature

Surface Pro 4 Will Come In Different High Capacity Storage Models, Including 512 GB And 1 TB Ones

The latest hardware leak from China suggests that Surface Pro 4 will not only come big on processing power, but internal storage as well. According to the source, the upcoming slate will be available in several storage models, ranging from 128 GB to 1 TB of storage. However, the only thing that concerns us that as soon as the storage count starts to increase, the pricing of the tablet will shoot up too.

More details uncovered from the leak also suggests that the highest Surface Pro 4 model will also come with a whopping RAM count of 16 GB, along with a Core i7 processor. Naturally, consumers who have a ton of spare cash lying around will have the financial capacity to acquire one but seeing as how Microsoft has gone to extreme lengths to virtually remove the gap between bulky laptops and tablets shows that future mobile products will be much cheaper and sport better specs than this.

Surface Pro 4 Will Remove Notebooks From The Equation With This Crucial Feature

If the leak concerning the hardware of Surface Pro 4 ends up being true, then Apple’s large screen tablet will already be in heaps in trouble. Let us wait till the month of October and hope that Surface Pro 4 features ‘top of the line’ hardware and a price that caters to a large consumer market.



Vaio computers making a return: Vaio Corp. to sell new devices in the US through Microsoft
Vine Report

The new Vaio Canvas Z, coming to the US market through Microsoft this October. Sony Vaio Canvas Z Tablet

The previously discontinued VAIO line of computers will be making its comeback to the international market soon, as the now independent Vaio Corp. plans to sell new computers through Microsoft.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Vaio Corp. plans to release a series of new computers for the international market once more, and it will be sold through Microsoft's US retail stores in October, as announced by Vaio Corp. Chief Executive Yoshimi Ota.

Sony's failure with the VAIO series was blamed on their focus on mass-market appeal, but Ota said that now, they will be focusing more on providing high-end devices, in which he is confident that the new Vaio will find success.

"At the new Vaio, I ask every project team to make realistic goals and be accountable," Mr. Ota said.

To kick it off, Vaio Corp.'s first release in the US will be the Canvas Z. The Canvas Z is described as a 12.3-inch "monster tablet" greatly similar to the Microsoft Surface Pro series of Tablet PCs. It has a 2,560 x 1,704 display resolution, and will come running under a Intel Core i7-4770HQ processor. It will come with a massive 16GB worth of RAM, with 256GB worth of SSD storage capacity. The tablet PC will be released through Microsoft in the US on October 5 for $2,199. Pre-orders will start sometime in September.




August 20, 2015

Surface Pro 4, Band 2 and new Lumia phones set to debut at Microsoft's huge October event

It appears that Apple isn’t the only technology company hosting a massive hardware launch event Surface pro 3this fall. On Thursday, Chinese Windows blog WPDang revealed that Microsoft will hold a press conference in October during which the company will announce its upcoming slate of devices, including the Surface Pro 4, the Band 2 and two new Lumia phones.

The Verge has since confirmed these plans with its own sources, claiming that the Surface Pro 4 and the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL will be the focus of the event. A full list of specifications have been leaked for the Lumias in the past — it was just a matter of time before Microsoft unveiled the phones.

As for the Surface Pro 4, a major reconfiguration isn’t expected for the next-gen tablet, but rumors suggest that it might pack Intel’s new Skylake processor, a larger internal hard drive and a higher resolution display.




Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Gets Firmware Update for Improved Windows 10 Performance
Softpedia News

Even though it's believed that Microsoft is getting ready to introduce the brand-new Surface Pro 4, the company hasn't abandoned the Surface Pro 3, which continues to be its flagship tablet at this moment.

So today, Redmond rolled out a new firmware update for the Surface Pro 3 which is supposed to improve the overall and the graphic performance in Windows 10, thus fixing a number of bugs that have been reported by users after the July 29 launch of the OS.

The Surface Pro 2 has also received the same firmware update, so in case you own any of these two models, just fire up Windows Update and look for the new version to make sure that you get the most of the new operating system as soon as possible.




August 19, 2015

Apple Inc. iPad Pro To Come With Force Touch Stylus Support, Shipments To Reach 5.5 Million
Tech News Today

KGI Securities analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo has been reliable in the past when it comes to analysis and expectations. According to 9to5Mac, the analyst believes that Apple’s rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro will come with Force Touch Stylus support.

The rumors of the larger iPad carrying a stylus to rival Samsung Galaxy Tab’s offering were quite rampant. This analysis lends more credibility to the rumor that an optional stylus might be sold separately alongside the iPad Pro.

With the Force Touch technology being introduced in the Apple Watch and being carried to the new MacBooks, it can be expected that Apple might continue to incorporate the technology in its other upcoming devices.

With the iPad Pro, Apple might slowly be entering in Microsoft Surface territory and might even work to give strong competition to the latter. The optional stylus feature is also something that might be borrowing from Microsoft's strategy with its Surface lineup. Apple might also be gearing to announce the iPad Pro at the same time Microsoft comes out with its Surface Pro 4. It could even announce it before Microsoft does to capitalize on the market share.




VAIO Brand Returning To United States With 12.3-Inch Canvas Z Tablet
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Vaio computers are coming back to the U.S., but much has changed since Sony sold off its struggling PC business last year and the new owners, Japan Industrial Partners' Vaio Corp pulled the brand Vaio Canvas Z Tabletfrom the U.S. The company now feels prepared to reenter the U.S. market and will soon launch a tablet called the Vaio Z Canvas at Microsoft retail stores.

The Vaio Canvas Z is a 12.3-inch tablet with a built-in stand and a detachable keyboard. Expected to have an Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of memory, the tablet should be a performance beast. Vaio Corp also plans to load the Canvas Z with a 256GB SSD for storage.

Vaio Corpfaces a tough market, but it has a different strategy for the Vaio than Sony did. The new company plans to build high-end devices and leave the mainstream squabble to the established manufacturers. Sony, on the other hand, had devices ranging from mainstream to high(ish) end. With prices expected to start at about $2,199, the new Vaio devices seem to be targeted at the Apple crowd, but whether the company can convince Mac users to switch remains to be seen. The same goes for customers who would normally pick up Dell’s high end systems.




August 18, 2015

Microsoft trims $200 off a Surface Pro 3 tablet, but only for one day

Microsoft has again lowered the price of one of its Surface Pro 3 tablets.

In a sale good only for today, August 18, Microsoft has reduced the price of its i5 128GB Surface Pro 3 by $200 to $799 from $999. Powered by a 1.9GHz Intel Core i5 processor, this particular Surface Pro 3 model offers 128 gigabytes of onboard storage and 4GB of memory. So it lies around the middle of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 lineup in terms of power and storage.

Available in Microsoft retail stores in the US and Puerto Rico and the company's online store, the price is good only while supplies last. There's also a limit of three per customer, which isn't a bad deal if you want to dole out a couple as presents.




iPad Pro rumors: Larger 12.9-inch tablet likely to take center stage this year

One of this year's most anticipated releases for Apple fans is the company's answer to one of its fiercest competitors' products, Microsoft's Surface Pro series. Apple is reportedly planning to launch its iPad Pro this year, with speculations placing the rollout of a bigger tablet toward the end of the year.

The larger iPad Pro is said to be Apple's answer to Microsoft's business people-focused Surface Pro, making it more powerful than the iPad Air series. The iPad Pro is speculated to be rolling out with a 12.9-inch display with Force Touch features, NFC options, and to keep the tablet thin enough, a USB Type-C port. The larger iPad is also likely to come out using Apple's latest A9 processor with at least 2 GB RAM and Touch ID security. 

Meanwhile, rumors say that Apple is focusing it all on the supposedly 12.9-inch powerhouse, sacrificing another tablet in the series, the third-generation iPad Air. In a report by China-based Economic Daily News and picked up by tech site BGR, Apple will be shifting its focus into making the larger iPad the flagship product for the tablet lineup, pushing plans for the iPad Air 3 aside.  




August 17, 2015

Windows 10 Tip: Master Tablet Mode

Windows 10 is unique in that it works equally well on traditional PC form factors as well as newer tablet and 2-in-1 designs. The key to this success is a feature called Tablet mode, which is part of the Continuum technologies in Windows 10. Here’s what you need to know to master this feature.Windows 19 Action Center tiles

Tablet mode has its origins in Windows 8, of course, where Start and mobile apps always ran full screen. But some Tablet mode functionality, like the adaptive UI where on-screen elements are bigger and better spaces for touch—actually debuted first in Microsoft Office, which offers Mouse and Touch modes.

In contrast to the normal operating mode of Windows 10—in which Start appears as a menu by default, open apps and windows can float over the desktop, and the user interface is tailored for keyboard and mouse interaction—Tablet mode optimizes Windows for touch.

To configure Tablet mode to work the way you prefer, open Settings (WINKEY + I) and navigate to System, Tablet Mode.

Here, you can configure Tablet mode to be the default—particularly desirable on a mini-tablet, though such devices should be configured this way already—determine whether Windows 10 remembers your Tablet mode configuration each time you sign in, determine whether Tablet mode engages automatically, and choose whether to hide app icons when the PC or device is in Tablet mode.



Surface Pro 4 Release Date Rumors Suggest Oct. 4 Arrival, Could Be Major Upgrade Over Surface pro 3
International Business Times

Fresh rumors suggest that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be a major upgrade over the Surface Pro 3 from 2014. Even though Redmond-based technology giant has not revealed any official information about the device, latest rumors suggest that it will be unleashed on Oct. 4.

According to the recent tweets from Tom Warren, the senior editor with The Verge, the Surface Pro 4 will not be featuring Intel Core M chips and the device will be sporting a larger display. The forthcoming laplet is also expected to be thinner and lighter than the Surface Pro 3.

The Surface Pro 4 will appear different from its predecessor model. However, previous rumors suggested that the form factor of the Pro 4 will be very similar to that of the Surface Pro 3. The newer model is also expected to support the docking station of the SP3.

Warren claims that the Pro 4 will be an incremental upgrade over last year’s model, with rumors suggesting that it will be powered by the advanced Skylake chips. He has also tweeted that the Surface Pro 4 may not feature the latest USB Type-C connector. Instaed, the device may feature USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 ports.

Since Warren has mentioned “definitely wait for the 4. October” in one of his tweets, speculations are indicating the Surface Pro 4 may release on Oct. 4, according to Design & Trend. The device is also likely to come preinstalled with Windows 10.




Walmart Tablet Deals: Get As Much As $460 Off HP ElitePad, Dell Venue 8, Acer Aspire Switch And Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Tech Times

Walmart is offering as much as $460 off on the HP ElitePad. The retailer is also offering the Dell Venue 8, Acer Aspire Switch and the Microsoft Surface Pro at reduced prices.Walmart

The original price tag of the HP ElitePad 900 is $699.99. However, after a massive discount of $460.04, customers can grab the device for just $239.95.

The HP ElitePad 900 comes running on an Intel Atom Z2760 processor clocked at 1.8GHz and 2GB of RAM. The tablet has a 10.1-inch multi-touch display with a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels. The device has 64GB of built-in storage and users have the option to expand the memory to a further 32GB with a microSD card.

The HP ElitePad 900 comes preinstalled with Windows 8 Pro. A price tag of $239.95 is a good deal for customers who want to buy a 10-inch tablet.  

Walmart's original price for the Dell Venue 8 is $199.99 but the retailer is selling the tablet at a discount of $62.20, thereby reducing the price to $137.79.

The Dell Venue 8 has an 8-inch display with a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels. A 1.83GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3735G processor and 1GB of RAM power the device. The tablet comes running on Windows 8.1 and has 32GB of internal storage.




Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Features To Give iPad Pro A Run For Its Money?

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 features on release date will most likely threaten the upcoming iPad Pro.Microsoft Surface Pro 3 blue keyboard

Reports claimed that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will pack high end specs and features that will give devices a run for their money. One of the selling points of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the Skylake processor by Intel. The new chipset will be more powerful than Broadwell as it is the "tock" in Intel's "tick-tock" system.

The laplet will also run with the new Windows 10 operating system, which many consumers find faster and smoother than Windows 8.1.

Other rumored features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 are: 12-inch screen with 4K pixel resolution, stylus, and USB Type-C port. Other rumored features are keyboard accessory, Type Cover 3 and Docking Station. Other purported features of the tablet are 16GB RAM and up to 1TB internal storage.




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